30 Photographs That Will Change the Way You Look At Rajasthan

Land of camels, a place that is equivalent to an infinite dreary desert, or do you see it as a state which has less roads and more sand ? 😉 For starters, do you know that Rajasthan is the largest state of India with 3,42,269 sq km of land  ?

So before you limit your perception about Rajasthan to the serene deserts and gargantuan forts, let’s have a look at the other side of this lovely dreamland where jocund voices mark festivals, a garden of hues sprinkles joy in every corner, birds chirp in the morning euphoria and tigers roar to mark their territory, where you can fly in balloons and sit by a tranquil lake, ride breezily in the bucolic streets or find yourself lost in the hauntingly beautiful lanes of a fort, where there lies a story in everything that looks ordinary and a secret behind everything that looks static, and where photographs speak more words than there ever have been written about this beauty 🙂

  1. Panorama of Udaipur – The City of Lakes, clicked from Sajjangarh fort

IMG_6396 copy

2. Streets of Pushkar, Because why should boys have all the fun 😉

IMG_7486 copy

3. The Hauntingly Mesmerizing – Bhangarh Fort

IMG_2860 copy

4. Flamingo at Chandlai Lake during Sunset

IMG_6784 copy

5. Intricate Painting At Bundi

773A1329 copy


6. Rural and Urban at Narlai

773A1826 copy

7. Matka – race at Marwar Festival in Jodhpur


8. Amber Fort of Jaipur during the Light & Sound Show


9. Camel Ride At Sunset while a little kid plays Iktara at Pushkar

IMG_7552 copy

10. Albert Hall Museum often sighted with flying pigeons – Jaipur


11. Ladies weaving carpet at Dholpur

IMG_7451 copy

12.  Where religion is life – Pushkar

IMG_9960 copy

13. Kingfisher at Bharatpur – A Blood Red Sunset


14. Mehrangarh Fort seen midst the blues of Jodhpur

JBlue copy

15. A refreshing splash of nature at Smritivan in Jaipur

IMG_8203 copy

16. While this thing looks so huge here, once you’re in it, the world looks like a small place.

Hot air balloon in Pushkar 🙂


17. Hawa Mahal – The Palace of Winds in Jaipur


18. Rose farming in the rose garden of Rajasthan – Pushkar


19. A breathtaking sunrise of Udaipur


20. A man walking with a mixed herd of cattle at Ranakpur

IMG_8423 copy

21. Folk dancers dancing in Euphoria at the Elephant festival

IMG_0253 copy

22. The verdant greenery witnessed from a high hot air balloon in Rajasthan


23. Bird Banter at Narlai

773A1950 copy

24. The magic of Bundi Palace at night

IMG_7687 copy

25. The classic sign of development and urbanisation in Rajasthan Capital – World Trade Park

YDXJ0034 copy

26. When camels look as tiny as ants 😉


27. The architectural marvel – Ranakpur Temple

IMG_4324 copy

28. Vibrant streets of Jodhpur’s blues

IMG_1359 copy

29. Jal Mahal- an oasis of magnificence appears floating in the middle of Man Sagar Lake


30.  Wilderness of Ranthambhore National Park

773A0161 copy

With these marvelous images from Rajasthan we wish you a very Happy Rajasthan Day 🙂

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What Can A Fashion Lover Buy In Jaipur

Jaipur has the image of a conservative city for a lot of people. The fabrics and ornaments from Jaipur attract people from all over the world but some folks might think that they will not get trendy things in Jaipur. This thinking is anything but correct.

In Jaipur, you will find fashion items of all kinds. The big national and international brands have stores here but we are talking about authentic Jaipur work. The indigenous prints and cuts are very much here but there is a huge variety of voguish cuts in Rajasthani prints. Pink City is definitely a heaven for wedding outfits and jewellery but it has modern fashion as well. If you are also planning to come to Jaipur, you have to keep a day free for shopping to satisfy all your fashion-needs.

Big and small trinkets

Enamel work jewellery is probably the most well-known style. You will get everything from bangles to anklets in meenakari or enamel work in Jaipur. We also have gorgeous styles in Kundan and Jadau jewellery. Whether you want to shop for your wedding or for regular wear, there are many options for you.

birdhichand ghanshyamdas
Silver jewellery of Jaipur is for the modern fashionista as well as for ladies rooted in tradition. Girls will love the heavy and light funky jewellery pieces available here.
MI Road and Johari Bazaar are mainly for precious jewellery while imitation jewellery is available in every nook and corner of the four-walled-city.



Vibrant and colorful bangles made of lac are Jaipur’s identity. Lac is highly pliable and brittle but the beauty of lac bangles is just mesmerizing. You will find a lot of variety in Maniharon Ka Rasta and Hawa Mahal.




Fashion forward men need not lose heart as Jaipur has something for them as well. You will get traditional Jaipur Jootis regardless of your gender. Simple camel leather jootis are hot favorites for daily wear. Embellished shoes with colorful embroidery and shimmery sequins attract everyone whether they are Jaipurites or tourists.


Cotton Outfits


Cotton is the right fabric for every summer and in Jaipur, you get a really wide variety of trendy clothes. Jackets, palazzos, crop tops, trousers, scarves and every other style you want to keep your fashion game on point.


Traditional Prints


If you have ever been to Jaipur, you must have come across an astonishing number of ladies wearing similar prints. Leheriya and bandhej work from the city is famous all over the world. Sarees and salwar-kameez in these attractive prints have universal appeal.
These prints are also available on tops, skirts, leggings, dupattas and bags.

When it comes to Jaipur prints, block prints deserve a special mention. These colorful yet elegant prints are favorites among the fashion connoisseurs.

Whether you want to shop for clothes or shoes, Bapu Bazaar is the place to be.


6 Reasons Why You Must Spend Sunday Morning With Birds At Central Park

What are your Sunday mornings like? Are you an early riser ? Do you begin them with a morning walk or a hot cup of tea or do you spend it snoozing the alarm till 12 in the noon ? 😉 Let us today walk you through how birds spend their Sunday morning, which we witnessed on our Sunday visit to Central park of Jaipur 🙂

central park flag

  1. A Noisy Good Morning 🙂
    The common mynas, one of the most frequently found birds in India, are no shy fellows ! They are seen hopping around, calling out and incessantly chirping and talking to other birds of the feather 😉  You can see for yourself how this one is a people’s person, oops ! birds’ bird 😀talk
    While some are suspicious about someone clicking their morning pics 😉 Just like this rose-ringed parakeet, aka parrot 🙂


  2. Basking in SunJust like all of us, they love basking in the warmth of early morning rays and smelling the grass to feel the dew drops 🙂


  3. Morning WalkThere is nothing like strolling in the arms of nature, ain’t it ? But strolling is for the lazy lads, this red-wattled lapwing pulls off a brisk walk like a boss ! After all, health comes first.


  4. Breakfast First !
    As it’s synonymous to health 😉
    Who says you have to shower first and then eat ? We are the master of our lives and we’ll eat the brightest thing around, and we bet you will crave to taste it as well 😉parrot eating
  5. Hand pump lessonsFor we are independent and don’t depend on humans to feed us 😉
    P.S. Common mynas are generally found in pairs. Because teamwork.


  6. Open air bathTo pull that off, you either gotta be as carefree as a villager taking baths in lakes and near wells, or by paying a King’s ransom to a fancy resort, or, you just ought to be a bird and enjoy the cool water under the shining sun in summers 🙂

    bath bird
    Because two is company 😀

    image1 (16)

    So how about spending this Sunday with these energetic birds in the arms of nature and starting your day on a high note ?


8 Types Of Interesting People You Meet On Holi

All year round, you celebrate festivals with full energy and high fervour, some of you love Diwali, some of you wait for Rakhi to meet your brothers while some of you sleep on the night of 24th Dec in hope to wake up to Santa’s gift by your side ! But how many of these festivals actually give you a chance to embrace your wild side 😉 Let’s be honest, none ! And so, especially for your wild side to break the barriers and celebrate with ecstasy (No, we ain’t talking about turning into Christian Grey), there is a festival specially created to rock your world – Holi !!

So let’s set some ground rules here. Holi has no rules. So let us brief you about these varied species you shall encounter on this day and you might as well take it all in stride and give it back, but not take offense: D

  1. The Stranger We know that Mumma told you to not talk to a stranger, but Holi holds no such rule. So if a stranger is coming to color you and not doing anything inappropriate, just color him/her back with the same zeal and laugh about it !


  2. Streetsmart KidsYou leave your house on your cycle/bike/car and some kids on the street or that little naughty kid on the balcony in your neighborhood drops a water balloon at you hurting you a little bit and obviously leaving you dripping in colors, don’t frown ! Make a strategy to do it back to them 😀

    Holi - water balloons

  3. Bhaang MixersOh the classic sign of Holi ! Someone mixing bhaang in your thandai when you least expect it and the after effects are horrible, for you ! While those watching you are having a gala time 😉 Let it go and enjoy the craziness 😀


  4. The Black HandedLike every year, you swore to play with gulaal and some water this year, but who will explain this to the wild freaks who are black handed and are going to turn you in a blackface with ‘pakka rang’ in few seconds ! Just keep your home made face packs ready and bring it on 😉

    Holi - pakka Color

  5. The Bouncers 

    By bouncers, we sure don’t mean the ones who would protect you, what we mean is the strong ones who are waiting for the right moment to spot the easiest prey and throw them in a bucket or a tub or a tank of water on Holi 😀 Don’t hold it against them and rather lay a trap 😉Holi 2

  6. PrankstersThey can start from people ganging up on you to something as disgusting as throwing ketchup and eggs at you 😉 Pranks don’t stop and so shouldn’t you 😀

    Holi prank

  7. The 3 p.m. VisitorsThe time around 3 p.m. when after an hour’s shower, you think you are going to eat and melt into your dear bed, you have a surprise visitor who came to wish you a bit late and won’t leave without coloring you all over again ! Be prepared 😉

    Holi 7

  8. Forceful Draggers 

    Just when you thought you will take a break from Holi this year, a doorbell rings and before you know, someone with colored face drags you out and breaks your dry spell 😉Holi - 7
    Bura Na Maano Holi hai !!

    *Images without logo has been taken via Google

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Some Do’s & Don’ts To Make Holi Special This Year!

With holi just a few days away, Jaipurites are all ready to play pranks. The water balloons are filled, white clothes ironed and kept, gulal and other colors all set in a plate and pichkaris filled with the right quantity of pakka rang mixed with water. The mood has already been set in the pink city but with these preparations, there are some do’s and don’ts that one must keep in mind while playing holi in the city 🙂


  • Dress appropriately in white or pastels (but remember to carry a colorful dupatta as it gets transparent) and get colored 😉 Be stylish but moreover comfortable.
  • Its preferred to wear normal flip-flops which are waterproof and not slippery.
  • Cover your skin by applying coconut oil and sunscreen. Also take care of you nails by putting the right nail paint 🙂
  • Carry your sunglasses as the color may be irritating to the eyes and may be allergic.
    HoliImage credit: ww.hercampus.com
  • At the end, don’t forget your cellphones. No matter how much ever water resistant it might be, its better to get it safe in a waterproof case or a zip lock, because you never know someone might push you in the pool 😉


  • Its best to keep it simple and avoid jewellery.
  • Holi seems to be the festival where one can go carefree without makeup as at the end you have to get wet and colored 😉
  • Avoid wearing nice clothes of silk and nylon, rather prefer cotton and linen as they dry fast.
  • It’s provided not to wear quirky and fashionable footwears as you might feel bad once they get wet and colored 🙂




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6 Things to Eat and Enjoy on Holi

Think of Holi celebrations and the delicious stuffed gujiyas, crispy mathris and shakkar paras automatically start tempting your taste buds. Remembering the times when our dadi nani used to lay out a drooling platter of Holi snacks already a day before the celebrations and we could not hold our temptations till the day.  Here we are listing out some of the most signature Holi snacks and cuisines that’ll make your celebrations even more fun. And if you are planning to host a holi party at home, then this handy list will help you.
Enjoy these toothsome and lip smacking signature cuisines while enjoying the frolic and festivities of holi !

1) Gujiya

No one can imagine a Holi bash without the ever delicious sugar syrup dripping gujiyas.
Native to Rajasthan, gujiyas are sweet dumplings made of all purpose flour and filled with yummy cardamom flavoured mawa and dry fruits. Wait no more, and order it from LMB that will leave your mouth relishing its taste forever. Order now !

2) Phirniphirni 2
The inviting smell of condensing milk and cardamom is a total bliss. Phirnis and Holi always go hand in hand, isn’t it? Well how do you like your phirni? With nuts, Fruits and berries, Roses or Plain… do let us know in the comment box

3) Crisp handy snacks

Holi is the festival where everyone gets hungry after every round of color playing. Stacking up the plates with besan garlic papad, some shakkar Paras and Namak Paras has always been the best holi munching treat.

4) Bhaang and thandai



Bhaang is a popular intoxicating drink termed as the best prashaad from Lord Shiva. Our Bollywood has made it even more prominent drink during the festival of Holi.  Other delights prepared from bhang can be Bhang ke Pakodey, Bhang ki chutney, Bhang Ice cream and Bhang Thandai.


5) Chaat Twister


The younger version of crunchy golgappe, sizzling tikkis and cottony bhallas are hard to resist on Holi. A sweet cheat too helps vodka lovers; it is always fun to substitute the paani with our preferred brand.
Don’t worry, elders would never know this 😉


6) Sweets

Can’t really resist from having sweets on the festival of Holi? Relish on gulab jamun, shahi tukda or moong dal ka halwa and make your festival hip and happening.

sweets at holi.jpg

If your favourite holi treat did not make it to our list, do let us know in the comment box below.

Happy Holi 🙂

Disclaimer: Images without Jaipur Beat logo are sourced from google.co.in


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15 Bollywood Songs Of 2015 To Dance On This Holi

You have invited all your friends to your Holi bash, colors are ready, menu is ready but is your dance playlist ready? Chances are that you have forgotten this super important detail! If you do not have a peppy dance playlist for a Holi party then the party will lose half of its fun. After all what’s a party without some heavy duty music?

We Jaipurites listen to all kinds of music but when it comes to electric events, Bollywood dance numbers are our jam. We are sure that you liked our Holi songs list but there’s no rule that only Holi songs have to be played in a Holi party. It’s the festival of multiple colors so you should also have all kinds of songs with you. There are so many amazing dance songs in Bollywood and here are 15 of the top foot-tapping numbers from this year and last year to set the mood of your party-

1. High Heels- Ki And Ka

The old version of this song by Honey Singh has been renewed this year to give us a brand new dance number. It has sassy beats and funky lyrics.


2. Kar Gai Chull- Kapoor And Sons

Another popular song remixed to suit the boho tastes. This song is everywhere these days and even we can’t get enough.


3. Kheech Meri Photo- Sanam Teri Kasam

The movie might have gone unnoticed but not this quirky number! This one is perfect for the selfie-obsessed generation.


4. Humne Pee Rakhi Hai- Sanam Teri Kasam

Everybody gets drunk with the joy of Holi and to add to the fun, there is bhang- a Holi essential! We are not saying that you should not be afraid of ‘100 Number’ but you should enjoy for sure.


5. Sooraj Dooba- Roy

This peppy number perfectly conveys the party-spirit. Parties are meant to have fun and forget about the real-life problems, right?



6. Afghan Jalebi- Phantom

We wish there was a Gujiya song too but this Jalebi song is no less. It might make you crave for the sweet-treats but at least you will be burning those calories while dancing to this song.


7. Dard Karaara- Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Add a dash of nineties to your Holi with this number. Show some silly old-time moves and dance like there is no tomorrow.


8. Gallan Goodiyan- Dil Dhadakne Do

A party song for the whole family! This one is also great for variation- play it when you are tired to restore your energy.


9. Gulabo- Shaandaar

Splash pink all around while dancing with Alia and Shahid on this one!


10. DJ Waley Babu

We know that this is not a Bollywood song but can you imagine any hip-party without this number by Badshah? We certainly can’t.


11. Nachan Farratey- All Is Well

Pump it up to the dhol and shake your body to the beats. This is a superb song to perk up your spirits.


12. Banno Tera Swagger- Tanu Weds Manu Returns

You will need all the energy in the world to keep up with the pace of this song. Everybody has swag after all!


13. Birthday Bash- Dilliwali Zalim Girlfriend

This song is perfect for not only birthdays but for any party. It will make you dance whether you agree with the lyrics or not.


14. Aj Ki Party- Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Any list referring to Bollywood is incomplete without Salman Khan so here is a funky number for all the party goers.


15. Daddy Mummy- Bhaag Johnny

Let Johnny run away while you groove to this one. We are not sure if you would want your Daddy Mummy to see you though!





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Want to start your day with fruits but too lazy? Let ‘Frubox’ take care of it :)

Don’t we all want to get up and begin our day on a healthy note, have some fruit salads, fresh juices, green tea and feel healthy and happy ? But the question is ‘Who will take the pain !’ So we just grab the first thing we see be it a packet of chips, slices of bread with butter and a fried item is a treat 😉 How would you feel if someone actually cared about your laziness and has come up with a solution for that ? 😉

A newly launched website plus app Frubox.in has come up with a refreshing concept where of fruits in boxes like the name suggests! A unique start-up by a group of 4 engineers from MNIT Jaipur- Vivek Bansal, Rishabh Jaroli, Neeraj Bagra, Vivek Gulati, this is a delicious and fresh fruit salad subscription service which keeps you closer to your nutrients without moving an inch. Imagine having a fruit salad delivered at your doorstep every morning, bliss !!

image2 “During our college, we realized that healthy food and/or refreshment options were not available near our workplace. Even with the few options available, such as juices there was a problem with the hygiene. As students and corporate employees there is also an issue with just purchasing the fruits and the pre work required for preparing them”, said Vivek Bansal, Ex employee Birla group, B.Tech, MNIT Jaipur.

With their head office based in Jaipur, these men are not restricting to few areas, but are covering all the important areas in town especially targeting the ones where there are more Corporate organisations and students residing. Malviya Nagar, Mansarovar, Raja Park, Sitapura, C- Scheme, Tonk Road are some areas where they deliver a wide plethora of fruits and salads, all you have to do is one click !


When asked about when was the first time they tried implementing this healthy idea, Vivek Gulati said , In our final year we tried to provide fruits and juices in our college events and everyone seemed to like the concept. Even while working in corporate sector we provided fresh cut fruits salads and sprouts to everyone. It turned out that people want to consume healthy food, but there wasn’t any option available.”
Living in a 4BHK apartment, these B.Tech engineers, started with Frubox in January 2016. They immediately made their presence felt on social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and are soon going to be seen on Instagram.

After quitting our jobs, we developed our Application and Website for the subscriptions. In the first week, we had 12 subscriptions and within 8 weeks of our inception we have about 100 live subscribers. We have delivered over 5000 fruboxes till date. We are replacing unhealthy traditional snacks like samosa & kachori with our frubox” , said the young Rishabh Jaroli.

With a weekly subscription under which they are delivering fresh cut fruits every day for 7 days @ Rs 250.00 at your door step, these young entrepreneurs are surely cultivating a healthy food culture which is a dire need of the day.

frubox ss

“We are adding new healthy products and targeting over 1000 live subscribers per day in Jaipur and over 2 lakh deliveries in the next six months. Eventually, we are aiming to promote health the easiest way in all over India.”

We wish them all the best in this healthy yummy venture 🙂

Vivek Gulati and Vivek Bansal at the office of Jaipur Beat.
Vivek Gulati and Vivek Bansal at the office of Jaipur Beat.

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9 Superb Holi Songs Bollywood Has Blessed Us With

balam pichkari

Colorful faces, frenzy spirit of Bhaang and some crazy Naach Gaana, Holi is the festival of colors which is commemorated with healthy flirting and some popular Bollywood numbers. Our hindi film industry has captured the spirit of festivals very beautifully and Holi aces all through vibrant and lively songs produced over the years, which have always been a hit among all generations together! When it comes to holi, these songs capture the true spirit of the festival of colors. We bet, haven’t you every year imagined yourself be Amitabh Bachchan dancing and flirting with some Rekha in your society? Be it Amitabh Bachchan’s Rang Barse Bheege Chunar wali… or Ranbir’s Balam Pichkaari jo tune Mujhe Maari….  these Holi songs have always kept the crazy spirit of Holi high !!

So here we bring you the all time hits to pump up your adrenalin with Bollywood’s best Holi Songs. Pick your favorite number from the menu or just play them all back to back and have fun playing this colorful festival.

Happy Holi.

  1. Holi Khele Raghuveera

Holi khele raghuveera

The modern day Holi anthem, which was sung by Amitabh Bachchan, has a rugged charm. This holi song instantly strikes a chord with the listeners.


2. Soni Soni Akhiyo Waali

soni soni

A charming song from Shahrukh Khan’s Mohabbatein, springs the spirit of playfulness amongst youngsters.


3. Do me a favour Lets Play Holi

do me a vafor lets play holi

Yet another beautiful holi song filmed on Akshay Kumar to emerge in the fervor of this festival of colors. This song emanates a foot-tapping rustic feel in the ambiences.


4. Balam Pichkaari


A beautiful dance number to set the mood of Holi, this song is the modern day favourite among youngsters and kids both 😉

5. Arre Ja Re Natkhat

For the beautiful aunti’s of the society, who don’t shy away to flaunt their charming expressions while dancing one this epic Holi song.  This is a great classic composition and a riot of colours.


6. Ang Se Ang Lagana  

ang se ang lagana

Probably the most raunchiest track on the list, when the girl insists “make sure you hug me my love when you douse color on me” this Juhi Chawla and Sunny Deol  song is  a huge favourite among Holi revellers.


7. Rang Barse

rang barse

The best of the bests, the folkish holi is song sung by superstar Amitabh Bachchan that sets the dancing stage on fire. The song wonderfully showcases the oozing undercurrents among lovers, and secret lovers. You know what I mean 😉


8. Holi Ke Din


The most cheerful holi song, which is one of the most loved Holi song among all! The song captures the emotions of people who forget all the differences and celebrate the festival of colors together with joy.


9. Aaj Na Chhodenge

aaj na chhodenge bus

The evergreen playful Holi song ‘Aaj Na Chhodenge’, went on to become a huge hit and still remains one of the most played tracks during holi parties.


Enjoy Holi and play responsibly.
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