Jawahar Kala Kendra of Jaipur Gets Bolder & Prettier In This Revamped Look

“Be the change you want to see.” This saying by Mahatma Gandhi is truly being followed by Pooja Sood, the JKK Director General as she has overwhelmed Jaipurites by changing the mood of Jawahal Kala Kendra to a happier one while still protecting the phenomenal architecture by late Mr. Charles Correa, the Architect of JKK.

IMG_0693 copy

The entire structure has been painted in the fresh and joyous hue of terracotta pink so that it instantly draws a tourist and makes the locals fall in love with it all over again ! Be it the amphitheater where all the plays and cultural festivals like Lokrang are held, or the other parts of JKK where exhibitions, book fairs, or any art or literature related events take place, they have all been bathed in a new look now 🙂

IMG_0700 copy

IMG_0739 copy

With a marvelous architecture, comes a risk of losing your way 😉 In order to cure the direction syndrome, the revamped look offers a map of Jawahar kala Kendra on the center table placed at the entrance of main hall.

Map of JKK placed on the center table
Map of JKK placed on the center table

Now comes the most nostalgic and eternal part of JKK, – Indian Coffee House. The restaurant which was among the pioneers in serving one of the best South Indian food in town and of course some amazing coffee to have while catching up with your friends or family. You will be more than elated to see how this cafe has gone through a complete makeover !!

JKK Jaipur Beat

Beginning with a classy entrance and reception, your eyes will find a paradise in these sprightly colors that have replaced the rugged benches at Indian Coffee House. The painted roof, polished shining tables and colorful seats makes this a rage as far as a hangout place is concerned along with the delicious food that stays the same 😀

JKK Jaipur Beat

After its revamp, JKK has become ‘NAV’ that implies new in true aesthetic sense and thus has commenced with ‘NAVRAS’, which is the festival of Performing Arts to be held between March 15 to March 22, 2016. 

The setup where minstrels will sit and perform in ‘The Manganiyar Seduction’
The setup where minstrels will sit and perform in ‘The Manganiyar Seduction’

There are also talks about having a library for children above the reading room for elders, where the library will have story books and there will be a separate activity section with toys.

Come down and watch JKK turn into a place where every person with varied interests would love to visit !


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