Want to start your day with fruits but too lazy? Let ‘Frubox’ take care of it :)

Don’t we all want to get up and begin our day on a healthy note, have some fruit salads, fresh juices, green tea and feel healthy and happy ? But the question is ‘Who will take the pain !’ So we just grab the first thing we see be it a packet of chips, slices of bread with butter and a fried item is a treat 😉 How would you feel if someone actually cared about your laziness and has come up with a solution for that ? 😉

A newly launched website plus app Frubox.in has come up with a refreshing concept where of fruits in boxes like the name suggests! A unique start-up by a group of 4 engineers from MNIT Jaipur- Vivek Bansal, Rishabh Jaroli, Neeraj Bagra, Vivek Gulati, this is a delicious and fresh fruit salad subscription service which keeps you closer to your nutrients without moving an inch. Imagine having a fruit salad delivered at your doorstep every morning, bliss !!

image2 “During our college, we realized that healthy food and/or refreshment options were not available near our workplace. Even with the few options available, such as juices there was a problem with the hygiene. As students and corporate employees there is also an issue with just purchasing the fruits and the pre work required for preparing them”, said Vivek Bansal, Ex employee Birla group, B.Tech, MNIT Jaipur.

With their head office based in Jaipur, these men are not restricting to few areas, but are covering all the important areas in town especially targeting the ones where there are more Corporate organisations and students residing. Malviya Nagar, Mansarovar, Raja Park, Sitapura, C- Scheme, Tonk Road are some areas where they deliver a wide plethora of fruits and salads, all you have to do is one click !


When asked about when was the first time they tried implementing this healthy idea, Vivek Gulati said , In our final year we tried to provide fruits and juices in our college events and everyone seemed to like the concept. Even while working in corporate sector we provided fresh cut fruits salads and sprouts to everyone. It turned out that people want to consume healthy food, but there wasn’t any option available.”
Living in a 4BHK apartment, these B.Tech engineers, started with Frubox in January 2016. They immediately made their presence felt on social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and are soon going to be seen on Instagram.

After quitting our jobs, we developed our Application and Website for the subscriptions. In the first week, we had 12 subscriptions and within 8 weeks of our inception we have about 100 live subscribers. We have delivered over 5000 fruboxes till date. We are replacing unhealthy traditional snacks like samosa & kachori with our frubox” , said the young Rishabh Jaroli.

With a weekly subscription under which they are delivering fresh cut fruits every day for 7 days @ Rs 250.00 at your door step, these young entrepreneurs are surely cultivating a healthy food culture which is a dire need of the day.

frubox ss

“We are adding new healthy products and targeting over 1000 live subscribers per day in Jaipur and over 2 lakh deliveries in the next six months. Eventually, we are aiming to promote health the easiest way in all over India.”

We wish them all the best in this healthy yummy venture 🙂

Vivek Gulati and Vivek Bansal at the office of Jaipur Beat.
Vivek Gulati and Vivek Bansal at the office of Jaipur Beat.

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