6 Things to Eat and Enjoy on Holi

Think of Holi celebrations and the delicious stuffed gujiyas, crispy mathris and shakkar paras automatically start tempting your taste buds. Remembering the times when our dadi nani used to lay out a drooling platter of Holi snacks already a day before the celebrations and we could not hold our temptations till the day.  Here we are listing out some of the most signature Holi snacks and cuisines that’ll make your celebrations even more fun. And if you are planning to host a holi party at home, then this handy list will help you.
Enjoy these toothsome and lip smacking signature cuisines while enjoying the frolic and festivities of holi !

1) Gujiya

No one can imagine a Holi bash without the ever delicious sugar syrup dripping gujiyas.
Native to Rajasthan, gujiyas are sweet dumplings made of all purpose flour and filled with yummy cardamom flavoured mawa and dry fruits. Wait no more, and order it from LMB that will leave your mouth relishing its taste forever. Order now !

2) Phirniphirni 2
The inviting smell of condensing milk and cardamom is a total bliss. Phirnis and Holi always go hand in hand, isn’t it? Well how do you like your phirni? With nuts, Fruits and berries, Roses or Plain… do let us know in the comment box

3) Crisp handy snacks

Holi is the festival where everyone gets hungry after every round of color playing. Stacking up the plates with besan garlic papad, some shakkar Paras and Namak Paras has always been the best holi munching treat.

4) Bhaang and thandai



Bhaang is a popular intoxicating drink termed as the best prashaad from Lord Shiva. Our Bollywood has made it even more prominent drink during the festival of Holi.  Other delights prepared from bhang can be Bhang ke Pakodey, Bhang ki chutney, Bhang Ice cream and Bhang Thandai.


5) Chaat Twister


The younger version of crunchy golgappe, sizzling tikkis and cottony bhallas are hard to resist on Holi. A sweet cheat too helps vodka lovers; it is always fun to substitute the paani with our preferred brand.
Don’t worry, elders would never know this 😉


6) Sweets

Can’t really resist from having sweets on the festival of Holi? Relish on gulab jamun, shahi tukda or moong dal ka halwa and make your festival hip and happening.

sweets at holi.jpg

If your favourite holi treat did not make it to our list, do let us know in the comment box below.

Happy Holi 🙂

Disclaimer: Images without Jaipur Beat logo are sourced from google.co.in


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