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8 Events In Jaipur to Bookmark Your Calendar This May

The month of May is always extra hot but that doesn’t stop Jaipurites from having fun. As usual, there are many events that you can attend next month. There are many events for Kids as summer vacations will be starting. We have compiled some events that we think, you will love to be a part of-


  1. Bookaroo: Children’s Literature Festival

IMG_0700 copy

If you are always looking for ways to make your kids read more and good books, Bookaroo is the place for you. Bookaroo is India’s first and largest literature festival for children. The event will be held in Jawahar Kala Kendra on 30th April and 1st May between 10 am to 5 pm. Kids will find amazing books here and can listen to speakers like Wendy Cooling, Bina Kak and Deepak Dalal. The entry to the event is free.


2. Parvarish 2016

The event meant for moms and kids will take place at SMS Convention Centre on 30th April and 1st May. There will be exhibitions of apparels, jewellery, toys, books and crafts etc. There will also be fun activities and workshops. The timings will be 11 am to 8 pm and entry charges are just rupees 50.


3. Rang Rajasthan

IMG_0739 copy

This week-long theatre festival will be held in Jawahar Kala Kendra between 2nd May and 8th May. The festival aims to connect people with the culture of Rajasthan and is solely about Rajasthani culture and language. You can be there be there between 9 am and 9 pm.


4. Boost Your Business


A meet for women entrepreneurs is being organized at Diggi Palace on 5th of May. Women who want to learn about leveraging social media to give a fillip to businesses. You can participate in the workshop whether you are a startup founder, social media manager, work from home entrepreneur or small business owner. The timings will be 10 am to 1 pm and you need to register online to participate.


5. Laughter with Sapan


Enjoy some light moments with stand-up comedian Sapan Verma at Hotel Ramada in Raja Park. The 30 minute will be held on 14th May from 7 pm. Book your tickets now to ensure some fun time for yourself.


6. MOA Summer Carnival 2016

jaipur events in may

You can make your kids’ summer vacations more fruitful by making them a part of this summer carnival being held at St. Edmunds School, Malviya Nagar. Kids can learn photography, singing, dancing, bottle art, painting, blogging and acting among many other activities. The Master Of Arts Summer Carnival will be held from 16th May to 19th June. Fees for the workshop starts from 150 rupees and the timings will be 7 am to 2 pm.


7. Rajasthan Taekwondo Festival

events in jaipur

Rajasthan Taekwondo Association is organizing the first Taekwondo Festival in Rajasthan at Mahaveer Public School, C Scheme. The events here include 2nd Mahaveer National Open Taekwondo Championship 2016, Rajasthan Taekwondo Annual Award Ceremony 2016, Tag Team Competition and Black Belt & Dan Promotion Test among others. The festival is on 17th May from 11 am.


8. Rajasthan Fashion Festival

birla audi

This fashion festival will be organized at Birla Auditorium on 27th May from 6 pm. Buyers and sellers will meet at the event where professional Fashion designers will showcase their collections.


Inside The Secret World Of A Book Lover

book day


The moon was dangling bright outside
Falling from an angel’s ear
As sky went dark and stars multiplied
She flipped one more page in drowning fear

Will she survive the bullet attack?
Will he make it to his dream pyramid?
The lamp light flickers and clock ticks
Becoming the only calm in that night so livid

Eyes open and far he flew
Not reminiscing the morning loo
To the world of demise and land of snow
Will he find his way back home?

Deep slumber
Chaos within
Angels lie
Demons kill
The answers lie
With foe and kin

They ran so fast
Off the hook
Reaching the last page
Of the mischievous book


Happy World Book Day !

Keep reading 🙂



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6 Parks for Cool Morning Walks in Jaipur

As we celebrate World Earth Day today, let’s take out some time to appreciate nature and remind ourselves of what Leonardo DiCaprio quoted in his Oscar winning speech “Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.”

Our city has a culture of enjoying rich food as well as burning the calories the first thing in the morning. In Jaipur, you see morning walkers at 5 in the morning even during cold weather. Whether you want to stay in shape or just calm your senses, a quiet morning walk is a must. There are many well-maintained gardens in Jaipur that are thronged by Jaipurites in the morning. You too should definitely walk or run around in any of these naturally beautiful places. These are the top 6 gardens in Jaipur to revive you in the early hours of the day-

1. Central Park

This is the favorite morning-walk place of Jaipur people. The lush greenery, the chirping birds, the nutritious juices and our high-flying national flag, all make Central Park an ideal spot for fulfilling mornings.


2. Kulish Smriti Van

Located on JLN, the Kulish Van is a forest turned into a walking/jogging place. Early in the morning, you can see people doing yoga in the garden near entrance. The walking track here is not hard and cemented so the feeling of wild is still there. You will see peacocks roaming around and lotuses blooming. You can also enjoy healthy juices available near the entrance or just dash to Saras Dairy for a hearty breakfast.

smriti van


3. Jawahar Circle Garden

This garden is famous for lip smacking Pav Bhaji available here but it is also a great place to feel refreshed in morning. This huge garden is the biggest circular park in Asia. Walk inside the garden or just roam around the circle admiring the greenery and flowers.

IMG_7463 (1)

4. Ram Niwas Garden

The garden famous for its zoo is an ideal place to stretch your body and get ready for the day. Hear to the chirping birds and jog around. Enjoy the site of pigeons flying around Albert Hall with the cool morning air.

JB (VD) - Albert hall

5. Kanak Vrindavan

If you are lucky to live near the old city, Kanak Vrindavan is the best place to enjoy a blissful morning. This garden is full of verdant greenery to rejuvenate your senses. You can walk to Jal Mahal as well to enjoy the serene mornings.


6. Talkatora Lake

Newly restored and developed Tal Katora and Pondrik Uddyan has now become a wonderful place. With colorful fountains reaching a height of 70 ft., array of flowering pots is surely adding to the terrific beauty of the abode. People of all ages are visiting this place now and enjoying hot summer evenings sitting over the lush green grass next to the soothing fountains.

Happy Worth Earth Day 🙂

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10 Summer Coolers To Keep You Hydrated In Jaipur

This just can’t be summer love…

If Justin Timberlake were Indian, he would know that summer-love lasts really long in India.

There is no escaping the heat that has decided to burn us to bones this year. ACs, coolers and Fans run all day making you feel better but the cold feeling that comes from within has to be the best. When you eat or drink something cool in summer, the satiating feeling is out of this world. Keeping ourselves on the cooler side is required for good health as well. All these things simply mean that we must keep loading ourselves with refreshing drinks and foods that keep us going at this time of the year. Here are our favorite coolers for this summer and we are sure that they are your favorite too-

1. Fresh Fruit Juice
This has to be on top! Juicy fruits are a delight to eat but when we drink just the fresh juice, we get many benefits- thirst quenched, body hydrated, taste achieved and some sugar high as well. Please ignore the low fibre content for sake of the fulfilling feeling. Juices definitely keep our juices flowing!

Juice Pic -Blog (1).png


2. Kulfi and Faluda
Either you love faluda or you hate it but kulfi is everyone’s favorite. The creamy, rich kulfi from Ramchandra needs no introduction but even the hawkers sell good kulfi in Jaipur. It makes us feel good instantly. The cool quotient of kulfi can be enhanced with a few smooth strands of faluda and assorted sugary syrups.

faluda jaipur

3. Coconut Water
We get plenty of coconuts in Jaipur thanks to our neighbor Gujarat. The subtly sweet and amazingly yummy water from the hard fruit has the power to keep us going in hot weather. Coconut water is rich in nutrients that replenish our bodies. The pleasure of eating the malai after finishing the water cannot be described in words.

Coconut Water.jpg


4. Chaach
Or buttermilk as it is known in English is a summer staple in Rajasthan. Chaach with a dash of roasted cumin powder and salt is delicious and helps in digestion as well.


5. Lassi
This sweet treat full of cream is a must have during summers. Some like it with salt too but the sweet lassi is one of the most refreshing drinks. It even helps in alleviating the hunger pangs as well.



6. Aam Panna
If you want to feel refreshed instantly, nothing comes close to a glass of chilled panna. Raw mangoes and mint come together in the best way to create this indigenous drink that everybody loves.

Aam panna

7. Ganne Ka ras
We know your heart might sink a little when the street side vendor grinds the freshly cut sugarcane from fields and squeezes it in a glass of juice as it comes across a bit unhygienic but trust us it’s delicious and damn healthy for skin and body in summers !

ganne ka ras

8. Fresh Lime Soda
Soda brings our senses alive and when it is coupled with lime, it’s a winning combination for sure. This simple drink has a very Indian counterpart in Shikanji (lemonade) which is made with plain water, sugar and salt.


9. Shakes
Smoothies and shakes made with fruits and milk or yogurt are super healthy for us. There is no one way of making a shake. Take your favorite fruits and blend with milk or yogurt, an all rounder cooler is ready.


10. Virgin Mojito

Mint and lime makes up the base for this refreshing summer cooler, Virgin Mojito. A kick-start to the day, Virgin Mojito ensures that the nutrients are entering the body super quick and are boosting you with fresh energy to prepare you for the day.

virgin mojito 1.jpg

Which of these tops your favorite list?

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Fashion Designers from Jaipur Are Making The City Proud

Our colorful city is no stranger to fashion. We have our own Fashion Week and top Indian designers can’t get enough inspiration from Jaipur. Fashion’s top lady Anita Dongre keeps gushing about Jaipur and many other well-known designers keep thronging our city. The traditional Jaipur styles have been modified by designers and have been shown on ramps many times.

No wonder then that Jaipur based fashion designers are making waves in the fashion industry. This year not one but two famous designers from Jaipur participated in Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort. This fashion extravaganza sees who’s who of the fashion industry not only on the ramp but also in the audiences. The talented designers who showcased their collections in LFW this year are- Pallavi Jaipur and Chirag Nainani. Apart from these two, Jaipur is home to some other big fashion names. Have a look at them-
Pallavi Jaipur

Pallavi Jaipur designer from Jaipur

Pallavi Jaipur is already well known for her timeless designs. She participated in LFW S.S’09 and LFW F.W’09. Her collection at Wills India Fashion Week 2012-13 was also highly appreciated.
Her collections carry the art and culture of Jaipur forward. Pallavi’s label was launched in 2007 and her designs are classic & luxurious.
Pallavi Jaipur launched her new collection Jaipur Se at LFW this year.


Chirag Nainani

chirag nainani fashion designer from jaipur

Chirag Nainani from Jaipur debuted at LFW this year. He made the Pink City proud under the ‘Gen Next’ category at LFW. Chirag presents indigenous art with modern twists. He has worked with United Colors of Benetton and designer Samant Chauhan in the past. His own label is just two years old.
Chirag specializes in indigo dyeing and printing. Indigo is hot this season and so we can’t wait to grab a few pieces from his collection.


Rohit & Abhishek

rohit abhishek fashion designers from jaipur

Designer duo Rohit and Abhishek Kamra are men’s wear designers. They have worked with many popular celebrities including Irrfan and Riteish Deshmukh. They have also worked with IPL team Rajasthan Royals. They take their inspiration from Indian cultural heritage. They want to put Jaipur on International fashion map. The label also participated in Van Heusen Men’s Fashion week and showcased their collection “Regalia of the Chivalric”.


Rasa Jaipur

rasa fashion designer from Jaipur

Rasa is a fashion brand from Jaipur. Their specialty is hand block print. The brand participated in Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 and enthralled fashion lovers.

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Top 10 Getaways from Jaipur

Hello Jaipur vaasiyo !! We know that it’s hot in & around Jaipur right now, but ab monsoon door nahi 😉 So don’t wait and plan a getaway for the coming weekend now !

Alsisar- The entire Shekhawati region has mesmerized millions of tourists and
has been aptly dubbed as the ‘Open Art Gallery’ of Rajasthan. The region, which is approximately 200 kms from Jaipur is replete with palaces, minor castles, wells and also a deer sanctuary. As the region is said to be a mini desert, we advice to you travel on a horse or a camel to enjoy the semi desert feel and watch for the well preserved wall painted havelis.

Alsisar 10 copy


How about hiking on a blissful and adventurous break at Bhangarh and discovers the secrets of the Haunted Ruins of Rajasthan along with heritage sceneries?
Flanked among three Aravali Mountains, 52 km. away from Jaipur, Bhangarh is situated in Alwar district of Rajasthan and is known to be India’s most haunted place. The remains of Bhangarh Fort are informative enough to take you on a mesmerizing journey, of the reminiscence from the past. Entry to the place is closed after sunset due to paranormal activities reported inside. It’s just not the place, but the route also gives whimsical experience.

Bhangarh 10 copy


With a majority of blue houses, Bundi, loacted 219.7 km away from Jaipur via NH 12, is surrounded by the Aravali Hills. Lazy and narrow
lanes, Lakes, around 60 step wells (Baories), temples and mosque dominate the town. Not many knew this fact that Jodhpur- the blue city and Bundi have a strong affinity to the color blue. Get to the top of Bundi Fort to get a glimpse of the beautiful Blue City. A picturesque Nawal Sagar man made lake in the heart of the town, add more beauty to the place, especially during sunset when it soaks the reflection of the two-storied fortified complex ‘Garh Palace’. Garh Palace is host to ‘Chitrashala’ where the walls and ceilings are embellished with miniature paintings. Bundi miniature paintings depicted on the walls are still in its original form.

Bundi 10 copy

Deeg Palace-

Relatively less explored in Eastern Rajasthan, Deeg Water Palace is an
awe-inspiring visual masterpiece, 192 km from Jaipur in Rajasthan.
Built in 1772, Deeg palace was a luxurious summer resort for the rulers of Bharatpur State. It is open 9 am to 5 pm except on Fridays.
Stay the night at Bharatpur, just 32 km away from here !

Deeg 10 copy



Rambling between the mighty Mehrangarh fort and Umaid Bhawan, the sun
kissed city of Jodhpur is situated 337 km away from Jaipur. Founded by Rao Jodha in 1459, Jodhpur is dotted with soaring forts and palaces
shimmering in sandstone while the narrow lanes lead to an alluring world of antiques and handicrafts. The blue of houses renders an
alluring “Blue City” especially to be seen at sunrise and sunset. The other places to visit include Sheesh Mahal, and Osiyan Temple that are some of the most imposing architectural works of ancient times and the Osiyan sand dunes will take you away from all the hustle bustle. Jodhpur Sweets, Gatta, Chakke ki sabzi and Mirchibada are not be
missed !Jodhpur 10 copy


Mount Abu is the only hill station in the dry arid lands of Rajasthan, which can be reached through a 7 hour drive from the capital city of Jaipur. This hill station provides a great tourist destination owing to its picturesque land. Some of the main attractions of the city are Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temple, Mt. Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. Capture a perfect sunset from the Sunset Point in Mt. Abu

Mt Abu 10 copy


Situated 115 km from Jaipur, Nawalgarh is better known as the ‘Open Air Art Gallery’. It is a small town where the vibrant streets depict the true blend of
architecture smoothly fusing the Hindu, Mughal, Persian and British facets together. As you walk down this “Open Air Art Gallery” you will
be amazed to see how the painted havelis and frescoes have captured the culture,customs and royal lifestyle of the Shekhawatis. The Roop Niwas Kothi , Murarka Haveli, Bhagton Ki Choti Haveli are some architectural gems which illustrate an impeccable mélange of Rajput and European architecture.

Nawalgarh 10  copy


Situated 14 km (8.7 mi) northwest of Ajmer, Pushkar is one of the oldest cities in India and is also one of the five pilgrimage sites for the Hindu. The town has hundreds of temples, including 14th-centuryJagatpita Brahma Mandir, a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma- creator of the world. People from all over the world visit
Pushkar especially for Pushkar Fair, the largest cattle fair of the country. Set on Pushkar Lake, Pushkar is a sacred Hindu site with 52 ghats (stone staircases) where pilgrims bathe. You can also drive to the Dargah in Ajmer !

Pushkar 10  copy

Ranthambhore- Once a hunting preserve of the Maharajas of Jaipur and now a Project Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore National Park or Ranthambhore is one of the largest national parks in northern India, covering an area of 392 km². It is situated in the Sawai Madhopur district of southeastern Rajasthan, about 160 km southeast of Jaipur. Ranthambore gives a unique flavor of nature, history and wildlife and houses a large number of Bengal tigers that can be easily observed hunting and taking care of their young ones during the jungle safari.
The destination pulls the attention of myriad wildlife lovers and photographers every year. The legendary Machli or T-16, is probably
the oldest and world’s most photographed Tigress alive who also has a postal stamp on her.

Ranthambhore 10  copy


65 kms. away from Jaipur city, Shahpura, offers a life that is unhurried, a beautiful town of friendly people un-spoilt by the creepy fingers by modernity. The real charm lies in visiting its quaint village and experiencing a feel of authentic rural Rajasthan with all its charming eccentricity. Exquisite and discreet, the 300 years old impressive Shahpura Haveli is a tribute to the glorious past.

Shahpura 10  copy

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Our Tribute to Lady of the Harley through her pictures

Love for bikes is something meant for boys only. But this woman changed the game.

Veenu Paliwal, a resident of Jaipur, the 44-year-old bike enthusiast was named the Lady of Harley (Dunes Harley-Davidson) and HOG Rani since she was the only female biker in Jaipur, that too one driving a Harley Davidson. Shockingly, she died in a tragic accident. The daredevil biker was famous for driving her Harley Davidson bike at 180 kmph.

Our tribute to Veenu Paliwal through these pictures-

12400945_10154251313656165_2888509806250178707_n12119016_10154133457981165_5458088856892706979_n12241462_10154133458016165_7699974144212035953_n12654278_10154290553221165_8233665078423059730_n12742464_10154297719566165_701692895474401187_nVeenu Paliwal3veenu-3-1460452193veenu-4-1460452193veenu-5-1460452193Veenu-biker-7-Nerul

May your soul rest in peace Veenu, though we lost you too soon 😦

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6 Events In Jaipur to Bookmark This April!

Jaipur is a city where some or the other special event is always taking place. If you are a Jaipurite, your calendar must be full at all times. If you want to visit Jaipur then these events are the perfect invitations. April is no exception and you will be able to enjoy traditional as well as contemporary events this month. Here is what you should look forward to in days to come-

  1. Nayaab

nayaab exhibition jaipur
This is a fashion and lifestyle exhibition that will be held at World Trade Park from 8th to 12th April. Here, you will find not only Indian but designers from Sri Lanka, Dubai and Pakistan as well. A treat for shopping lovers, the exhibition will be open from 10 am to 5 pm.

2. Kalascima Live

kalascima band in jaipur
Head to Bar Palladio on April 9 to enjoy some Italian music! Kalascima band is performing for the first time in Jaipur. The best part is that entry to this rocking event is free. Be there at 11:30 in the night.

3. Jaipur Dog Show

jaipur dog show 2016
A variety of breeds of dogs will make your day on 10th April at SMS Investment Ground. There will be many ‘doggy’ competitions like Fetch Your Luck and Dogster Chef (Master Chef anyone?). You can participate only if you are Indian but you can enjoy the cuteness overload regardless of your nationality. The timings are from 2 pm to 6 pm.

4. Rock Rulez Chapter 5

rock rulez chapter 5 jaipur
The popular hangout place Forresta Kitchen and Bar is hosting Rock Rulez Chapter 5 on 16th of this month. You can sway to performances by DemiGod, Daira, Night Wings 3, SaaR and Joker Aims For Rabbit. Get there anytime between 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

5. Startup Weekend Jaipur

startup weekend jaipur

Have a unique idea for your startup? You can share it and get feedback in Startup Weekend on APR 22, 2016. This prestigious event is held all over the world and this time Jaipur is also getting an opportunity to host it. The event will be held from 05:00 pm – 09:00 pm at Startup Oasis in Sitapura Industrial Area.

6. Jaipur Models Audition

dellywood model contest jaipur

If you want to make career in glamour industry, Dellywood is giving you the opportunity. You can audition for this modelling contest on April 30. For more details, checkout their Facebook page.


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5 Places To Eat In Jaipur During Navratri

When Jaipurites are always looking for new food joints and cafes, it’s that time when mostly no one even looks for 9 days at these cafes and restaurants. With the beginning of Navratri tomorrow, lets gear up for festivities and fasting both.

Though earlier the food taken during fasting days was entirely prepared at home but now a days, we don’t have to lot of time to spend on cooking specialities like Kuttu ke aataa ki puri, Sabudaane ki Khichdi, Makhane ki kheer and many more.

So, we have listed 5 places to eat during Navrartri in Jaipur and savour yummy food during fast also.

  1. Falahaar

Falahaar is one of the oldest chain serving falahari food which people savor during fasts. It offers a wide variety of fasting food and specializes only in this. One must try sabhudhana kichadi and fruit cream. Falahaar has outlets at major points of the city viz C-scheme, Rajapark, MI Road, Tonk Road, Vaishali Nagar and Mansarover.


Image Credits: Falahaar

  1. Sattviko

With the most innovative and fusion of dishes as the name itself explains, the restaurant specializes on satvik food, that is, without onions and garlic. It provides enhanced flavors to the dishes and serves wholesome meal. The restaurant is located at GT Central Mall.

sabudana-fruit-parfait - Sattviko

Image Credits: Sattviko, Jaipur

  1. Frubox

It is especially for those who are strict to fruit diet during the nine day period of Navratri. Frubox is a new start –up in the pink city which works on subscription basis. Subscribe yourself with Frubox app and get fresh fruits for at least 7 days during Navratris.


  1. Cravings

During Navratri, if you really crave for some yummy food and juices, Cravings Café and Restaurant in Malviya Nagar is the place as it offers some fresh juices like blood enhancer, body cooler, blood purifier and many more to make you hydrated in the scorching summer heat.


Image Credit: Cravings Cafe & Restaurant

  1. Lassiwala

When you are on fast you need some energy and a glass of fresh Lassi from Lassi Wala located at MI road is going to be the full meals day.

The 'Original' Lassiwala

You decide whether you want to fast or feast during Navratri as these places have some amazing food to have during fasts 🙂