5 Places To Eat In Jaipur During Navratri

When Jaipurites are always looking for new food joints and cafes, it’s that time when mostly no one even looks for 9 days at these cafes and restaurants. With the beginning of Navratri tomorrow, lets gear up for festivities and fasting both.

Though earlier the food taken during fasting days was entirely prepared at home but now a days, we don’t have to lot of time to spend on cooking specialities like Kuttu ke aataa ki puri, Sabudaane ki Khichdi, Makhane ki kheer and many more.

So, we have listed 5 places to eat during Navrartri in Jaipur and savour yummy food during fast also.

  1. Falahaar

Falahaar is one of the oldest chain serving falahari food which people savor during fasts. It offers a wide variety of fasting food and specializes only in this. One must try sabhudhana kichadi and fruit cream. Falahaar has outlets at major points of the city viz C-scheme, Rajapark, MI Road, Tonk Road, Vaishali Nagar and Mansarover.


Image Credits: Falahaar

  1. Sattviko

With the most innovative and fusion of dishes as the name itself explains, the restaurant specializes on satvik food, that is, without onions and garlic. It provides enhanced flavors to the dishes and serves wholesome meal. The restaurant is located at GT Central Mall.

sabudana-fruit-parfait - Sattviko

Image Credits: Sattviko, Jaipur

  1. Frubox

It is especially for those who are strict to fruit diet during the nine day period of Navratri. Frubox is a new start –up in the pink city which works on subscription basis. Subscribe yourself with Frubox app and get fresh fruits for at least 7 days during Navratris.


  1. Cravings

During Navratri, if you really crave for some yummy food and juices, Cravings Café and Restaurant in Malviya Nagar is the place as it offers some fresh juices like blood enhancer, body cooler, blood purifier and many more to make you hydrated in the scorching summer heat.


Image Credit: Cravings Cafe & Restaurant

  1. Lassiwala

When you are on fast you need some energy and a glass of fresh Lassi from Lassi Wala located at MI road is going to be the full meals day.

The 'Original' Lassiwala

You decide whether you want to fast or feast during Navratri as these places have some amazing food to have during fasts 🙂

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