Our Tribute to Lady of the Harley through her pictures

Love for bikes is something meant for boys only. But this woman changed the game.

Veenu Paliwal, a resident of Jaipur, the 44-year-old bike enthusiast was named the Lady of Harley (Dunes Harley-Davidson) and HOG Rani since she was the only female biker in Jaipur, that too one driving a Harley Davidson. Shockingly, she died in a tragic accident. The daredevil biker was famous for driving her Harley Davidson bike at 180 kmph.

Our tribute to Veenu Paliwal through these pictures-

12400945_10154251313656165_2888509806250178707_n12119016_10154133457981165_5458088856892706979_n12241462_10154133458016165_7699974144212035953_n12654278_10154290553221165_8233665078423059730_n12742464_10154297719566165_701692895474401187_nVeenu Paliwal3veenu-3-1460452193veenu-4-1460452193veenu-5-1460452193Veenu-biker-7-Nerul

May your soul rest in peace Veenu, though we lost you too soon šŸ˜¦

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