10 Summer Coolers To Keep You Hydrated In Jaipur

This just can’t be summer love…

If Justin Timberlake were Indian, he would know that summer-love lasts really long in India.

There is no escaping the heat that has decided to burn us to bones this year. ACs, coolers and Fans run all day making you feel better but the cold feeling that comes from within has to be the best. When you eat or drink something cool in summer, the satiating feeling is out of this world. Keeping ourselves on the cooler side is required for good health as well. All these things simply mean that we must keep loading ourselves with refreshing drinks and foods that keep us going at this time of the year. Here are our favorite coolers for this summer and we are sure that they are your favorite too-

1. Fresh Fruit Juice
This has to be on top! Juicy fruits are a delight to eat but when we drink just the fresh juice, we get many benefits- thirst quenched, body hydrated, taste achieved and some sugar high as well. Please ignore the low fibre content for sake of the fulfilling feeling. Juices definitely keep our juices flowing!

Juice Pic -Blog (1).png


2. Kulfi and Faluda
Either you love faluda or you hate it but kulfi is everyone’s favorite. The creamy, rich kulfi from Ramchandra needs no introduction but even the hawkers sell good kulfi in Jaipur. It makes us feel good instantly. The cool quotient of kulfi can be enhanced with a few smooth strands of faluda and assorted sugary syrups.

faluda jaipur

3. Coconut Water
We get plenty of coconuts in Jaipur thanks to our neighbor Gujarat. The subtly sweet and amazingly yummy water from the hard fruit has the power to keep us going in hot weather. Coconut water is rich in nutrients that replenish our bodies. The pleasure of eating the malai after finishing the water cannot be described in words.

Coconut Water.jpg


4. Chaach
Or buttermilk as it is known in English is a summer staple in Rajasthan. Chaach with a dash of roasted cumin powder and salt is delicious and helps in digestion as well.


5. Lassi
This sweet treat full of cream is a must have during summers. Some like it with salt too but the sweet lassi is one of the most refreshing drinks. It even helps in alleviating the hunger pangs as well.



6. Aam Panna
If you want to feel refreshed instantly, nothing comes close to a glass of chilled panna. Raw mangoes and mint come together in the best way to create this indigenous drink that everybody loves.

Aam panna

7. Ganne Ka ras
We know your heart might sink a little when the street side vendor grinds the freshly cut sugarcane from fields and squeezes it in a glass of juice as it comes across a bit unhygienic but trust us it’s delicious and damn healthy for skin and body in summers !

ganne ka ras

8. Fresh Lime Soda
Soda brings our senses alive and when it is coupled with lime, it’s a winning combination for sure. This simple drink has a very Indian counterpart in Shikanji (lemonade) which is made with plain water, sugar and salt.


9. Shakes
Smoothies and shakes made with fruits and milk or yogurt are super healthy for us. There is no one way of making a shake. Take your favorite fruits and blend with milk or yogurt, an all rounder cooler is ready.


10. Virgin Mojito

Mint and lime makes up the base for this refreshing summer cooler, Virgin Mojito. A kick-start to the day, Virgin Mojito ensures that the nutrients are entering the body super quick and are boosting you with fresh energy to prepare you for the day.

virgin mojito 1.jpg

Which of these tops your favorite list?

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