6 Parks for Cool Morning Walks in Jaipur

As we celebrate World Earth Day today, let’s take out some time to appreciate nature and remind ourselves of what Leonardo DiCaprio quoted in his Oscar winning speech “Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.”

Our city has a culture of enjoying rich food as well as burning the calories the first thing in the morning. In Jaipur, you see morning walkers at 5 in the morning even during cold weather. Whether you want to stay in shape or just calm your senses, a quiet morning walk is a must. There are many well-maintained gardens in Jaipur that are thronged by Jaipurites in the morning. You too should definitely walk or run around in any of these naturally beautiful places. These are the top 6 gardens in Jaipur to revive you in the early hours of the day-

1. Central Park

This is the favorite morning-walk place of Jaipur people. The lush greenery, the chirping birds, the nutritious juices and our high-flying national flag, all make Central Park an ideal spot for fulfilling mornings.


2. Kulish Smriti Van

Located on JLN, the Kulish Van is a forest turned into a walking/jogging place. Early in the morning, you can see people doing yoga in the garden near entrance. The walking track here is not hard and cemented so the feeling of wild is still there. You will see peacocks roaming around and lotuses blooming. You can also enjoy healthy juices available near the entrance or just dash to Saras Dairy for a hearty breakfast.

smriti van


3. Jawahar Circle Garden

This garden is famous for lip smacking Pav Bhaji available here but it is also a great place to feel refreshed in morning. This huge garden is the biggest circular park in Asia. Walk inside the garden or just roam around the circle admiring the greenery and flowers.

IMG_7463 (1)

4. Ram Niwas Garden

The garden famous for its zoo is an ideal place to stretch your body and get ready for the day. Hear to the chirping birds and jog around. Enjoy the site of pigeons flying around Albert Hall with the cool morning air.

JB (VD) - Albert hall

5. Kanak Vrindavan

If you are lucky to live near the old city, Kanak Vrindavan is the best place to enjoy a blissful morning. This garden is full of verdant greenery to rejuvenate your senses. You can walk to Jal Mahal as well to enjoy the serene mornings.


6. Talkatora Lake

Newly restored and developed Tal Katora and Pondrik Uddyan has now become a wonderful place. With colorful fountains reaching a height of 70 ft., array of flowering pots is surely adding to the terrific beauty of the abode. People of all ages are visiting this place now and enjoying hot summer evenings sitting over the lush green grass next to the soothing fountains.

Happy Worth Earth Day 🙂

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