5 Fruity Colors To Wear This Summer

Summers are here and even though we never get tired to bleat on about the heightening heat, we get to eat some delicious fruits that get through these blazing summers ! If we look carefully, these juicy fruits give us some vibrant and gorgeous colors which totally make for some super cool fashion trends which you ought to try this summer:)

1. Mango

In this ‘aam’ ka season, while you find all the mango drinks ads echoing in your ears every minute, the splash of this color on your outfit is something you surely must try this summer. Mango colored dress, top, skirt, jumpsuit, are some options to explore, stay away from mango pants though😉


2. Watermelon

A fruit which is supposed to be 90% water and a refreshing treat after a long tiring day, imagine how wearing the watermelon color will feel to yourself as well as those who are lucky enough to meet you on the day you wear it ?😉 This combination of watermelon colored skirt and white top is totally invigorating, and remember, the brighter the better:)


3. Melon

Melon or ‘Kharbooza’ as we call it, a sweet and low calorie fruit especially relished in summers, is definitely balming to eyes when it renders its soft green hues to an ensemble. Check it out yourself !


4. Orange

Rich in vitamin C, this citrus fruit is everyone’s favorite as a fruit as well as a juice flavor ! So dive into this juicy fruit and get bathed in the rejuvenating shades of orange this season😀

orange copy

5. Lychee

The lychees come for a very short reason. Covered in various shades of pink, the ivory colored, delicious lychees are loved by each and every person. It’s almost needless to say that white/ivory is a basic need as well as a quintessential desire for the summer season, so don’t ignore it for it has magical powers to always look good😉



30 Shades of Jaipur

Pink city, city of colors, capital of Rajasthan, the first planned city of India, isn’t Jaipur known to people all across the world for its various shades ?  Unlike Christian Grey, all the shades of Jaipur are gorgeous and worth watching 😉 So here you go !

1. Metro

One of the fastest implementations in the Metro sector, Jaipur Metro is the first metro in India to run on Double-storey elevated road and Metro track. The first line of the Jaipur Metro, called Phase 1A, comprising 9.63 kilometres of route from Mansarovar to Chandpole Bazaar, was opened to public by Vasundhara Raje, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, on 3 June 2015, and thus, it became the sixth rapid transit system in India. Now, we proudly call ourselves a Metro city !

1 metro - Copy (2)
2. Jaipur Literature Festival

World’s largest free literary festival happens in Jaipur ! Every year, everyone, not just in Jaipur, but from all around the world visits the pink city especially for this magnetic festival that keeps getting better every time like the old wine. To get a taste and a glimpse of the literary geniuses from all genres, people swarm in to the Jaipur Literature Festival with a footfall of around 2 lakh in 5 days. Apart from literature, one gets to witness the latest fashion trends, the best eateries, all kinds of cuisines, and a whole new shopping experience at JLF.

3. Makar Sankranti

Celebrated on 14th Jan every year, Makar Sankranti is a festival that brings out the highest level of zeal and voices especially in the city of Jaipur ! While some men and women gang up at the roof tops and fly their kites as soon as the sun rises, a lot of women are seen passionately cooking the delicious dishes for the day. Friends come together for the day and even strangers meet at the flying get-togethers and are seen having the time of their lives.

Sankranti pic
4. Gigantic Forts & Palaces

Amber (pronounced Amer), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated about 11 kilometres from Jaipur, is the classic fort-palace with a magnificent aura. Along with an elephant ride to the fort , you will see its various shades every evening when an exemplary saga of culture & heritage of Rajasthan comes to life with its Sound & Light Show and now it’s also open for night tourism 🙂

6 elephants

34 Light and Sound show


The highest fort in Jaipur where Aamir Khan shot ‘Pathshaala’ from the famous Rang De Basanti and also the shot from where they all fall down 😉  Nahar meaning Tiger and Garh meaning fort makes this name as Tigers used to roam in the area and people say that you can still spot a leopard or a tiger if you are lucky ! From the top of this fort, Jaipur looks like a twinkling gem at night.

29 Nahargarh
Jalmahal Palace

A water palace as it is called in a more English way, Jalmahal rests in the middle of Man Sagar lake like the pearl of its soul. Although it looks beautiful in the day time with birds by the side of lake and flying all the way to the palace to alight on its strong walls, the real magnificence of Jalmahal is witnessed under the blue starry sky at night when the water shimmers and the palace gives a perfect fairy tale feel to the beholder.

jal mahal night

5. India Ka Flag

Don’t get confused now because we Jaipurites fondly call the Indian flag in Central Park by this name. This fluttering flag is the tallest in India with a height of 206 feet and makes us feel proud every time we pass by it.

40 India Flag

6. Museums

Jaipur has some quaint museums to attract everyone. Albert Hall Museum is the oldest one in Rajasthan and is always bustling with curious tourists and guess what? It is now even open for Night Tourism ! The grand City Palace also houses a museum- Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum. Both these museums have artifacts, costumes, armors and musical instruments etc. from the eras of different rulers.

33 Albert Hall

7. Jaipuri Razai

When the temperature drops in Jaipur, these special quilts come to rescue 😉 These razai or quilts have the power to keep you warm even in bitter cold. Brightly colored Jaipuri quilts are anything but boring. Buy them in cotton, chenille or silk to grace your home.


8. Jawahar Kala Kendra

If you are a Jaipurite, it has to be one of your favorite places to hang out. Jawahar Kala kendra aka JKK is the cultural hub of the Pink City. It hosts cultural fests, theatre festivals and art exhibitions. Not only this, you can taste Jaipur’s famous dal, bati, churma at Madhuban here 😀 For the lovers of South Indian food, Indian Coffee House of JKK is the coolest place !!

47 Jawahar Kala Kendra
9. Sarga Suli

A symbol of Jaipur’s victory , Sarga Suli is a tower located in Aatish Market that was once the highest in Jaipur ! Originally known as Ishar Lat., King Ishwari Singh got it built after defeating Madho Singh. Going to the top gives an amazing 360 degree view of the city and when it’s lit during Diwali, it looks beautiful with all the colors oozing out and spreading on the walled city.

46 Sarga Suli
10. Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani – Chokhi meaning ‘good’ and Dhani meaning ‘village’, is probably the most popular ‘modern’ and visited tourist place in Jaipur. Tourists from across the globe come to Jaipur specially to visit Chokhi Dhani which is like an amusement park designed like a village. It gives you a glimpse of the culture of Rajasthan. You can enjoy camel rides here and dance with Kalbeliya dancers. It has a really huge variety of delectable Rajasthani food on offer. Here the food especially Dal Baati is served with lots of love and ghee just like you are dining at a village 😉

45 chokhi-dhani-jaipur

11. Panch Batti

It literally means ‘5 lights’. It is basically a traffic signal that is too busy. Panch batti is a symbol of Jaipur just like its pink walls. You will find big showrooms, classy restaurants and high-end hotels near this point. And this is how it looks on a rainy day 🙂

panch batti
12. Baoris

Baoris aka Stepwells, are one of the most dramatic places seen in a lot of Hindi movies where lots of dance sequences have been shot. The most popular Baori is at Abhaneri near Jaipur. This one is called Chand Baori and is the biggest step-well. Hindi movie fans must have seen the beauty of this Baori in the movie Paheli.


13. Temples

Jaipurites are simple God-fearing people and this is proved by the large number of temples in city. Moti Dungri temple and Birla Mandir are full of devotees all the time. The huge Govind Dev temple is a landmark that is especially amazing on Janmashtami. If you want to see temples on hills, head to Galta Devi, Shila Mata at Amer, Khole ke Hanumanji, Choolgiri and Garh Ganesh temples.

14. Jantar Mantar

We have electronic clocks now but Jaipur had its very own clock way before. Jantar Mantar looks intriguing but is a popular place among tourists and locals alike.

37 jantar-mantar
15. S.M.S Stadium & Arjuna Statue

This is the latest jewel in the crown of Pink City. An imposing statue of warrior Arjuna has been erected outside SMS stadium. Even many Jaipurites might not be able to tell you the full form, so popular is the name SMS. It is Sawai Man Singh Stadium where many sports events are organized including international cricket matches. SMS stadium is not limited to sports and witnesses a lot of other activities as well. The statue symbolizes sportsman spirit and is a sight that you simply cannot miss.


16. Vivid Festivals 

Teej festival falls during monsoon where women swing on swings decorated with flowers and processions are also taken out from Tripolia Gate to Chaugan Stadium while Gangaur sees large processions of ladies carrying earthen pots with lamps glowing inside on their heads. The seven day festival is especially visible inside the four walled city where people gather to see performances by Rajasthani artists.


30 teej

17. Hawa Mahal

Created in the shape of Lord Krishna’s crown, with 953 windows, this mesmerizing airy palace is one of a kind !! People come here to experience the wind. You need to walk quite a lot here and the wind feels really good afterwards. The palace is surrounded by shops now that sell everything associated with Jaipur 🙂

18. Jaipuri Prints

Whether it’s the block prints, leheriya, bandhej or Sanganeri prints, you will love each of them. Leheriya and bandhej are mostly bright while the block prints are more subdued and extremely classy.

21 26 bandhej leheriya

19. Walled City 

We have come halfway discussing the shades of Jaipur, so well, Pink has to be the most prominent one ! The walled city is all pink, whether it’s the walls or shops. In 1876, the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited India on a tour. Since pink denotes the color of hospitality, Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur painted the whole city pink in color to welcome the guests and since then, Jaipur came to be known as the pink city 🙂

25 Pink CIty
20. Mojri

The traditional-style shoes from the city are called mojris. They can be worn with all kinds of outfits though. Mojris are mostly made of camel leather. Famous for being peppy and comfortable, you can buy some plain pairs or something that has multiple colors to suit any outfit !!

24 Mojri
21. Raj Mandir

Once called as the Asia’s most beautiful cinema hall, Raj mandir is the temple for cine-goers. It’s beautiful from outside and royal from inside. The carpeted floor and shining chandeliers make you feel like a royal. Even non-Hindi speakers come here to watch Bollywood movies just to experience the magnanimity of Raj Mandir.

23 Raj Mandir

22. Jaivanna

The biggest cannon in the world lies in Jaipur and it goes by the name Jaivanna. It is kept at Jaigarh fort and the gigantic cannon astonishes everyone and reminds us of the old glorious days 🙂


23. Blue Pottery

Blue pottery is associated with Jaipur and you will see a lot of it here. The colors are not limited to just blue and you can sometimes see green, yellow and even brown. The fragile and lively pottery has the power to change the look of any room with its rich look !


24. Jewellery

A lot of to-be brides come to Jaipur to shop for their jewellery. This is proof enough of how exquisite our jewellery is. From Kundan and jadau to Meena work, everything is available here. Silver jewellery and gemstones from the city are also hugely popular and the most visited are the jewellery fairs especially JJS i.e. Jaipur Jewellery Show where visitors from all over the world come to see various types of jewellery displayed.

16 jewellery
25. Statue Circle

Built as a tribute to Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur, Statue Circle is one of the most popular landmarks also seen as a very calm sight in the city. This circle isn’t ordinary and is surrounded by balloon sellers, coffee shops, ice cream stalls and a garden which is always beaming with people having a fun time with family and friends.

sunset at statue


26. Lassiwala

This is an iconic shop famous for its lip-smacking lassi. It is always full of people who want to have a taste of this cooling drink.

12 lassiwala
27. Meetha Khana

Jaipur people have strong sweet teeth. Ghevar is the most loved sweet here. All kinds of Indian sweets are made extra yummy in the city but Churma from Jaipur is one of a kind. Food is incomplete without desserts here.

28. Spicy Food – Mirchibada & Pyaaz ki Kachori 

Every food item is a little extra spicy in the city full of sweet people. Whether you like kadhi or mirchibade, be sure that it has the power to make your face go red. Make sure to try the famous Sev from the shops on the streets that lead to Amer fort and the spicy Jaipuri treat – Pyaaz Kachori from Rawat !


22 pyaaz-kachori


29. World Trade Park

World Trade Park is the symbol of modern Jaipur. The sprawling blue and silver building houses the biggest fashion brands. It has a stylish food court where youngsters and even the older generation love to hang out.


30. Lakes

Jaipur may not be the city of lakes but our Man Sagar Lake is a popular tourist spot. A palace is situated in the middle of lake and is rightly called Jal Mahal. People come here to just stroll here and soak in the beauty. We also have Chandlai Lake and Ramgarh Lake which need a little more care.


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Jaipur Author Launches Her New Book “Fall of a Bride”

Every girl dreams of having a life similar to the fairy tales that she has grown up reading; the fantasy of a perfect house, lovable parents and a spouse to protect, respect and love her till eternity. How would it end up being if things do not happen as per the fantasies? Reality will strike and things will appear crystal clear and fairy tales would become just fictional tales that have nothing to do with reality. A similar case of a young girl Sayra has been discussed in the newly published book Fall of a Bride by Noush, which will give you a whole new perception to what Life can be if not a fairy tale.


Fall of a Bride_3D cover


Born and brought up in the culturally rich heritage city of Jaipur, an educator by vocation and a writer by passion,Noush aka Anoushka Singh is all set to set a benchmark in the field of writing with the launch of her new book.Going candid about her work and experience, Anoushka shares the journey of Fall of a Bride with us.

authors picture

The dilemmas of a perfect life beautifully presented with love, respect and dignity is something that every girl knits but life has already kept a harsh reality in the attic for each one of them where ignorance cannot be a bliss. They want to grow happily with their parents learning new things, they want to fall in love, want to sing songs and write poetry for their lovers and finally get married to them and have a lovely family. Not everyone gets what they want. Sometimes, they become a victim of disrespect and hatred which breaks them brick by brick. Something no one would ever dream of.

Fall of a Bride_cover 2_rev3.indd

She even believes that writing for a genre which supports feminism is not easy as it gives voice to the unheard and change is not something which is readily accepted by all. Adding further to it, she said that people talk about it but they are ignorant to the miseries that girls go through in their own house and reading this book will make them think about the same. “Speaking about someone else’s pinnacle of success and not letting your own daughter to develop is one major issue”, said the author.

Fall of a bride is one piece of art that speaks for a bride brought up in an environment of disputed parenting and her journey of her dilemma towards life. “Writing means giving words to your emotions. Years of experience and observation have compelled me to pen down my thoughts in form of this book”, quoted the emerging writer from Jaipur when asked about what writing means to her. Sharing her experience and journey of writing the book, she even spoke, “The thought of bringing out such stories to the world made me write the story of Sayra (the protagonist) because not everyone knows about these things. Writing about them is like giving them platform to bring it to the notice of others.”
Fall of a Bride_cover_Final_5x8_106pages_NoMRP.indd
Jaipur Beat wishes Noush the very best for her new book.
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Taste the flavors of Delhi at ‘Dilli Ke Chatkare’ in Jaipur

What would be a better news for Jaipurites than having the taste of Dilli right in their own city. Yes, you’ve read it right. The Delhi street food festival “Dilli ke Chatkare” is here and we are very sure that you don’t want to miss it.


Starting from May 22 and lasting up to May 30, this amazing food festival promises to bring the desi zest of the street food from Delhi. The festival organised at Baluchi, the Pan Indian Destination, The Lalit, Jaipur by executive chef Ajay Mathur along with Sous chef Jaspratap Bindra will be bringing to you a plethora of Dilli’s traditional, tempting, irresistible and mouth watering dishes.



From the irresistible Dilli Khomcha, the mouth watering combo meals, the scrumptious meals for non veg lovers to the inescapable meethi gali serving the best desserts, Dilli ke Chatkare is the right place for all foodies, chaat lovers, Jalebi and kulfi maniacs and to all the ones missing Dilli’s street food wale chatkare.
Nobody would be able to resist Dilli ke Chatkare’s inevitable Khasta Papdi Chaat served with sweet sauces and yogurt, the soft, juicy dahi bhalle and the chatpati fruit chaat, with the most important dish-the Gol Gappe without which any Dilli khomcha would be incomplete. The Gol Gappe will be served right at your table in a moving cart. How convenient! What’s more is the interesting fusion of Gol Gappa with Vodka… Vodka lovers? Are you listening? The Kulhad system of serving the golgappa will definitely make you go nostalgic about the Delhi streets.
The “Dukan Se…” section will bring you the most scrumpilitious (which is actually scrumptious plus delicious) dishes of Delhi including Rajma Chawal, Kadi Chawal, Pav Bhaji, Matara Patila Kulcha, Cholley Bhature, Kachori Saag ke Saath. Feeling the urge to have them already? Well, you just need attend the festival to taste it all and if you love spicy food, this is exactly where you should be from May 22 to May 30.
Just in case the non veg lovers are feeling that they are been left untreated, Dilli ke Chatkare brings the Non Veg Gali with Mutton Quorma and Rumali, Chicken Changezi and Khamiri Roti and of course the most lovable Butter chicken with tandoori roti. Triple the delight for the chicken and mutton lovers of Jaipur.

And it has not ended as yet. After all the chatpata and spicy, you need to make room for some sweet delicacies because the festival will take you the amazing world of KulfiFaluda, Rabri Faluda and Jalebi. Something without which Delhi Street Food is incomplete.


In an interactive session with the media on May 21, in Hotel Lalit, The sous chef behind Dilli Ke Chatkare, Jaspratap Bindra even shared his experiences and inspirations behind the whole concept of the festival and how he has worked with chefs of different regions including Rajathan, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi to bring the zest of these regions together in one platter.
“The main idea behind this festival is to bring the taste of Delhi’s street food to Jaipurites and to promote those flavors.” – Jaspratap Bindra
You don’t have to leave Jaipur to enjoy Dilli Ke Chatkare as they will be served right at your table only at Baluchi and this will be legendary.

Jaipur Artist Contributes For A Noble Cause At An Event Organised In Pink City Today

Spreading the art and culture of Rajasthan, noted artist from Jaipur – Suvigya Sharma is all set to take another giant leap by joining hands with eminent chefs and cricketers of the country.


An interactive event was organised in House of People, Hotel Las Vegas, Jaipur on May 20 where Suvigya discussed his two major upcoming projects and their relevance. The artist, who has even done restoration works at the famous Jal Mahal, Jaipur City Palace and a few havelis at Udaipur and Kishangarh, thinks that the art of miniature painting is perishing in the country. His love and devotion towards Rajasthan and the conservation of its rich culture and heritage has acted as an inspiration for spreading the art of miniature paintings across the globe.
Passionate towards keeping the art form of Rajasthan alive and promoting it worldwide through art works and auctions, the artist discussed how he will be contributing for the same with the help of his two major events-
1. Raising funds for Social Hash and NDMCT through an art and photo exhibition ‘Canvas For A Cause’ in Mumbai on June 11.
2. Inaugural ceremony for “Utsav”, the coffee table book by the very famous Vikas Khanna, for which the artist has designed the cover page portrait.

Suvigya considers art is like meditation and intends to recreate and preserve it with the help and support of the youth of the nation.  Having worked with some of the big names like Ambani, Birla, Binani and the most loved Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Rani Mukherji, he will now be working with our very own celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, heartthrob of the nation Virat Kohli and Charitable trusts like Social Hash, Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust (NDMCT) and Smile Foundation.

WhatsApp-Image-20160519Hand painted ceiling in 24 karat gold as a part of heritage restoration done by Suvigya


The artist, who has even done restoration works at the famous Jal Mahal, Jaipur City Palace and a few havelis at Udaipur and Kishangarh, thinks that the art of miniature painting is perishing in the country. His love and devotion towards Rajasthan and the conservation of its rich culture and heritage has acted as an inspiration for spreading the art of miniature paintings across the globe.

“It is said that charity begins from home but in my case I will probably have to go the other way round. I am in talks with a few NGOs in the city and once I am back from Mumbai I am keen on doing something for a cause here in Jaipur.” – Suvigya Sharma
We think that nothing can be better than spreading the art and culture of Rajasthan with the help of art works and paintings and Suvigya Sharma has been able to keep it alive through his work showing his love for the state.
Event covered by 2 New Interns at Jaipur Beat – Milind Thapar & Somya Aggarwal
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9 Reasons Why 45 Degrees In Jaipur Can Be Exciting

Though you hate it when the heat goes a notch up or when you think there is no point of taking a shower as you will be drenched in sweat by the time you get dressed, there are some things that make these hot months worthwhile:)

1. Sleep till late
The reason being summer vacation, no one wakes you up early morning and by the time you wake up, half of the blazing day is gone😀

Girl lazying in bed on a Sunday morning

2. Go To World Trade Park and settle there
No electricity ? No problem ! World Trade Park hai na😉 Just go there and chill in the air conditioned mall along with some window shopping and snacks for as long as you want to stay😉

3. Slap anyone and blame it on mosquitoes
Try this one at your own risk😉
4. No one says no to Cold Drinks

cold drink
5. Perfect excuse to run through the water sprinklers in gardens
Let the child inside you jump out and run through the water sprinklers till you are drenched😀

6. Throw snowballs at Snowpark in Jaipur
Summers are here, and there is no better time to visit Snow Planet which opened last to last year in Jaipur in Malviya Nagar.

7.  The electricity department definitely gains a lot
Due to the high usage of electricity especially air conditioners, electricity department has a gala time in summers !

image1 (17)

8. Heatstroke is an all-time excuse for not showing up at work/school
Don’t want to go to office tomorrow? Heat stroke is your favorite excuse😀heat-stroke9. Your parents won’t ask you to go out and play
So you get a chance to stick to your lazy bed/sofa and play games on your mobiles and laptops as your parents would be scared to send you outside due to loo !

kids inside



*Written by young school students – Rishabh, Pranay, Bhavya, Aryan who were interning with us at Jaipur Beat.

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6 Unknown Facts and Unseen Pictures of Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur

On World Museum Day today, let us tell you a little story about the oldest museum of Rajasthan which is also the state museum – Albert hall. Along with the story, we will take you through some different kinds of pictures of Albert Hall, Jaipur clicked in its different moods 🙂

  1. Dreamy
    When the foundation stone of Albert Hall was laid during the visit of the Prince of Wales, to Jaipur in 1876, it had yet to be determined what use it would be put to. Finally in 1880, Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh II approved a suggestion by Dr. Thomas Holbein Hendley, Resident Surgeon (whose interests extended beyond his medical responsibilities) to open a museum of Industrial Arts to display products of local craftsmen.

    albert dreamy

  2. Sunny
    Albert Hall was completed in 1887 by the architect and director of Jaipur PWD – Samuel Swinton. 

    albert blue sky

  3. Thunderous
    Its Indo-Saracenic architecture and stone ornamentation, became a source of reference for varied classical Indian styles of design from Mughal to Rajput.

    image1 (17)

  4. Busy 
    It is named after King Edward VII (Albert Edward), during whose visit to the city as the Prince of Wales, its foundation stone was laid on 6 February 1876.

    albert vintage

  5. Night at the Museum
    Also called the Government Central Museum, Albert Hall Museum opened for Night tourism in 2015 and has been seeing a rise in visitors ever since. It also hosts a lot of musical concerts and events attracting a huge crowd.


  6. A Peaceful sight
    However, the most amazing sight of Albert Hall Museum is when a large kit of pigeons rests here, feed on their food and fly away giving an unforgettable picturesque view !!

    33 Albert Hall

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10 Refreshing Summer Camps In Jaipur

A refreshing environment and interesting activities are all that your kid needs this summer. Blazing heat and constantly fluctuating temperature of the city should not be a reason to bring down the energy level of your child because this is the time for Summer Camps. Packed with fun, excitement, adventure and a lot to learn, summer camps are being organized all around the city to keep your child involved in power-packed activities and keep the over load of holiday homework off its shoulder (Well, for a few hours). Since holidays are far more than just completing the homework, it is time for you help your kid to enjoy and make the best of this time.

We bring you the most exciting workshops and summer camps of the city. Take a look…

  1. The Junior Summer Program

A summer training camp organized only at the Jawahar Kala Kendra. The camp started from May 15 will last up to June 20. The amazing activities being offered by this camp include personality development, photography, diction and art of debating and creative writing. Something your kid shouldn’t miss!


  1. Star Gazer Summer Camp for Kids

If you are looking for a summer camp on B-7a Motilal Atal Road offering art and craft, camping, jungle party, cooking classes, etiquette classes, movies and storytelling and rhymes then Star Gazer is the right place for your child. The camp will be starting from May 17 and will last up to May 22.


  1. Summer Camp and Hobby Classes

Organized by Saaz Music and Dance academy, this summer camp will surely help your child enjoy art and craft, Dance, Vocal and music. Lasting from May 16 to June 25, Saaz has organized this camp in different localities of the city including Plot 1, Jhulelal Marg, Near Vikas School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar along with Chitrakoot, Shyam Nagar and Malviya Nagar. Just the right place for music and dance lovers.


  1. Super Kids Summer Camp

To all the parents living in or near Main Calgiri Road, Malviya Nagar, Super Kids Summer Camp is just right for your kids because it offers exciting activities including painting, calligraphy, dance, martial arts, nail art, skating, yoga and aerobics and basketball.  The camp has already started its batches form May 12 and May 16.


  1. Junior Einstein Camp (Patrika Group)

Patrika in Education (PIE), 2016 brings you the much awaited summer camp including aerobics, mad science, abacus and robotics. Starting from May 16 in SV Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar, the camp will last up to May 28. If your kid loves science and books, Junior Einstein can help him to think and work like Einstein.


  1. Yearly Summer Training Camp

The annual summer training camp is all set to be organized at the City Palace, Jaipur. The camp will last for a month and will offer Dance, Drama, Music and photography at a whole new level.


  1. Acting Workshop

Darshak Sanstha (Academy of Music and Arts) will be organizing a one month workshop (May 30 – June 30) in Darshak College, Malviya Nagar specifically on acting theory, sound design, etc. If your kid loves acting or designing, this workshop can help him excel in this field.


  1. Junior Picasso Camp (Patrika Group)

For the love of Dance, Theatre, Drama, Drawing, Sketching, Painting and Music, Patrika in Education (PIE), 2016 brings you Junior Picasso Camp from May 16 to May 28 only in SV Public School,Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar.


  1. Summer Camp 2016

The Poppins pre-primary school has brought the most exciting summer camp for the kids starting from May 16 to June 4 in 71/262 Paramhans Marg, Mansarovar along with centers in Siddharth Nagar and Jagatpura. Whether it is martial arts, western dance, yoga and aerobics, art and craft, skating, music, cooking, calligraphy, spoken English, drama, French basics or sketching and painting, this summer camp will offer the best of everything.


  1. Junior Explorer Camp (Patrika Group)

From art and craft, mind development, games, imagination development to knowledge improvement, Patrika In Education (PIE), 2016 brings you Junior Explorer from May 16 to May 28 only in SV Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar for helping your child to discover himself.


Go out and help the kids join their favorite camp because the sun is shining and so are they !


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6 Saviors to Protect You from Heat and Tan this Summer

When the temperature crosses the 40 degrees mark, it gets more than we can take. Going out becomes a ‘daymare’ (We wish that it were a word)! All fears aside, there is no way that you can escape the heat unless you are some Richie-rich who doesn’t need to expose even a finger to the sun if you don’t want to.

It is really important this time that you keep yourself safe from the heat. Heat can affect your health adversely and make you sick. Not only this, the ever-shining sun wrecks havoc on your skin too. We are talking about tanning which not only makes you look dull but harms your skin as well. Today we are sharing some tips that will make sure that the harm from heat is minimal-



The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated at all times. Heat makes us sweat more and dehydrates our bodies. If you take inadequate amounts of liquid then you are prone to exhaustion and even fainting. The 8 glass water rule needs to be doubled up if you are under sun for a long time.




The other thing that you need to remember while out in the sun is to keep your head covered. Wear a cap, hat or scarf to keep you protected. When you are covering up, do not forget your eyes. Always wear sunglasses that ward off UV rays. It makes you look stylish too! If you wear spectacles, get anti-UV lenses.




Now the part about beauty! Begin with slathering on a good sunscreen. A good sunscreen means something that is non-greasy and has an SPF of 30 or more. Apply it all over your face and body. Pay special attention to the exposed areas. With sunscreen application, comes the rule of reapplying it every 2-3 hours.

If you still get sunburn, wash the area with cold water. Apply Aloe Vera gel as soon as possible. If the irritation persists, it is best to see a doctor.


4.Socks and Gloves


It’s tough to avoid tan in this weather but make sure that most of your body is covered when you are outside. Wear gloves, socks, scarf to cover up as much as possible to take care of your skin in summer.



Jaipur Beat Umbrella Monsoon

Umbrellas are some kind of love-symbols in India thanks to our movies. You can carry an umbrella to hide from the angry sun and to move your love story forward!


6.Avoiding Sun


Avoid sun when it is at its fiercest. If possible then don’t go out between 11 am and 4 pm in this hot Jaipur summer. It’s not always possible to avoid these hottest hours so follow the above tips.

Little tips like these will help you spend a safe summer. Rains are on their way anyway!