6 Malls in Jaipur to Shop and Hang Out in Summer

All Jaipurites must be singing the rain song like- Summer Summer Go Away, Never Ever Come Again!

The wrath of sun is melting everyone right now. It’s that time of the year when the generally bustling streets of the city are deserted. People go out late in the evening and the hot daytime becomes boring. Well, we know that Jaipur is anything but boring and there are places you can be during noon without sweating. We are talking about the swanky malls in the city, Peeps!

Malls are the best places to get respite from the heat while shopping and eating. These air-conditioned havens become busier during summers and for all the right reasons. Young and old people of the city come to spend time here whether they shop or not. Jaipur has many malls but only some of them get the max love of the citizens. The hottest yet the coolest malls of Jaipur are-



Ask younger Jaipurites and they will pick this one as their favorite place to be. GT means Gaurav Tower in case you are wondering. The underground market at this mall is like Sarojini Nagar of Jaipur. Girls come here to shop latest fashion trends at dirt cheap prices. You also get great street food at the oldest mall in the city. Adjacent to GT is crystal court which is shopping and food joint as well.

The latest addition to the family is GT Central nearby, a hipper mall which is also getting popular. All these malls are situated near Malviya Nagar Puliya.


2.Pink Square Mall

Pink Square Jaipur Beat

Cross the always jammed Raja Park and you will arrive in this cool mall. Pink Square is a great place for shopaholics as it has some of the top fashion brands inside. Not only high-street but Pink Square has kiosks for street shopping too. You can indulge in window-shopping with your friends while enjoying yummy ice-creams and coffees available at this mall in Adarsh Nagar.


3.City Pulse Mall

city pulse jaipur

The name of this mall gives you the feel that it is always pulsating with crowd and that’s true. This huge mall is a cool place to hang out with your buddies. Whenever you are feeling bored, head to this mall at Narain Sing circle to feel happy.




World Trade Park is an impressive name and the sprawling building does full justice to it. Whether you want to shop makeup, skincare, bags, western wear or Indian wear; WTP has it all. There is never a dull moment here. The food court here is humongous and you will find all kinds of cuisines to satiate your taste buds. This place is like the father of all other malls in the city as it has many exclusive brands. WTP is in Malviya Nagar on the scenic JLN Marg.


5.MGF Metropolitan

mgf metropolitan mall jaipur

This mall has some pretty amazing restaurants to begin with. Located near Bais Godam Circle, Metropolitan is one classy mall with inviting ambiance. Not to mention that it’s a shopper’s paradise.


6.Triton Mall

triton mall jaipur

Triton is located near Jhotwara Pulia and makes an imposing structure. It looks uber cool from the exterior and is equally good from inside. Scary House here attracts lot of people and so does the shopping experience.

Image Source- Triton

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