A Unique Film Festival in Jaipur

Pink City of Jaipur will be hosting a mega cinema event of 16 International Film Festivals simultaneously later this month.

The gala event, the first experiment of its kind in the world, is being organized jointly by the Jaipur International Film Festival Trust and the Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) at the prestigious Golcha Cinema daily from May 15 to 22 (5pm to 9pm).

16IFF logo

A total of 975 films were submitted from 60 countries for the festivals, out of which 65 movies have been selected for screening in the festivals. The elected films include seven Feature films, five Documentary feature films, nine Documentary short films, 28 Short fiction films, two Animation feature films, seven Short animation films and seven Advertisement films. (Total – 22 films from India and 43 films from abroad)

Definition of Fear

The mega event will cover 16 different subjects. Each of the 16 festivals will be dedicated to a specific subject like Development, Democracy, Human Rights, Women Issues, Art and Culture, Children, Politics and Corruption besides Animation and Horror Films etc.

Jews Step Forward

Screening of each film will preceded by a discussion on issues related to films and the film’s screening will be followed by a discussion of film appreciation.

Family Member

Founder of the JIFF and 16IFF – Hanu Roj, said the main objective of the simultaneous film festivals is to create awareness about the issues raised in the selected films. Discussions during the festivals have been designed taking into account intellectual needs of film goers in all age groups.


Some of the films that will be screened during the festival are- Babai (Kosovo, Bridge (India), Jews Step Forward (USA), Waiting For The Train (France), The Beach Boy (Germany), The Coltrane Code (Italy), Jhelum (Rajasthan) and Help The Farmer (India).

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