11 Funny One Liners All Indian Mothers Say

She was the one who taught us how to hold the spoon and who would get excited seeing us walk and talk for the first time and surely welled up when she heard the word ‘Maa’ from our tiny mouths. But as we grew up, her affection grew multifold and the way to express herself kept changing. Although every mother is different, there are two things that are common in each one of them – Her selfless love for her child and these funny signature one liners which we hear on a daily basis 😉

      1. Kitna dubla ho gaya hai ! Hostel waale kuch khilaate nahi kya?

For all you guys who have come back home for a summer vacation, no matter how many kilos you might have gained or lost, your mom will always think you are being deprived of food when away from her !


2. Sudhar jao, abhi bhi waqt hai !

As long as Baba Ramdev believes in the success of Patanjali, your mom believes that there is a scope for repair in her child 😉


3. Almari ki safai holi diwali pe hi hogi kya?

Every mother’s strife – your dirty and unorganised room /cupboard !


4. Khaane ke time agar mobile haath mein dikha toh faik dungi !

In the digital age that we are living in right now, we stay on our cellphones all day, and our parents bear with that. But the moment, you touch your cell phone while you are eating, trust us your phone is never more endangered a specie as in that moment 😉

155. Beta main teri bhalai ke liye hi keh rahi hoon !

She would never get tired of trying to make you a better person, and that happens when you keep your things in the right place, learn to take care of your finances and set your routine in place ! And when you give her the ‘Mom please don’t lecture me look’ that’s when she says ‘ Beta main teri bhalai ke liye hi keh rahi hoon’ !


6. Jab main tumhaare jitni thi, poora ghar sambhal liya tha !

And here you can’t even cook a meal for yourself ! You do one irresponsible thing, and she will let you know how naturally amazing she was at your age while you are nearly just a burden on earth (it’s partially true).


7. Shakal pe baara baj re hai ! Roz raat ko der se sone se yahi hoga !

Well, if they saw you awake at 3 in the night once in a week, be ready to hear about it for the entire month !


8. Main toh keh keh ke thak gayi, par tumhaare dimaag mein koi baat ghusti hi nahi hai.

The stubborn child that you are, don’t listen to her right now, and trust me you will understand when you have your own children :p


9. Padhai likhai karo mat, bas din bhar TV aur mobile mein ghuse raho. Homework kaun karega?

The line that you have grown up hearing as frequently as Shaktiman’s speech after his episode. And all you end up saying to your Mom is ‘Sorry Shaktiman’. 😉


10. Subah jaldi uthna shuru karo, life ki saari problem solve ho jaayegi.

But what do you do waking up at 7 a.m. unless there is a chirpy Mickey Mouse singing you the Good morning song !

lakshya14 11. Beta, mujhe mat bana, main teri maa hoon !

The last but not the least, the daily introduction 😀 Be it the melodramatic moms in movies, or our real smart ones in our lives, this line will find its way into the dictionary of all moms 😉

14 2


 And all these things make you the most adorable person on this planet Mom, Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

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