Skylights Café Review: Jaipur’s New destination for All Things Quirky

We at Jaipur Beat are always up for some yummy treats so when we heard of this new café Skylights, we had to try the place out. The location of the café is quite posh. It is located at Hathroi Chowk and you can get a glimpse of Hathroi Fort from this rooftop café.

As the lift opened on the top floor, we entered in a quirky world. The first thing that greeted us was a photo-booth. Taking selfies always excites us so we made a beeline for the colorful booth. It took us some time to leave the photo-booth and we were again in for something new. The door to the café is a heavy vintage door with an old and worn-out look. Now we knew that this café is not going to be like the regular ones.

rooftop cafe in jaipur

First look at the rooftop made us totally excited. Beautiful gold and silver cages with flowers were hung tastefully and the walls had prints of birdcages. We were all ready to get caged at such a lovely place! There was more- bar stools facing metro station at a distance, colorful cushions, wooden couches, cane chairs, cute cots and green plants. The uniqueness of the interior also lies in the rope fencing around the roof.

best cafe in jaipur

Next to the rooftop café is the indoor setup and it’s the suitable extension of what you see outside. Basic tables with exposed wood, quaint chairs with floral cushions and embroidery frames instead of the regular paintings made us admire the creativity. The indoor café has a little corner where you can sit secluded from others and enjoy some ‘me’ time. If you forget to bring a book, pick a read from the corner bookshelf. We had to skip the books for lack of time but we indulged in board games kept there and relived our childhood memories. The ceiling of the café is covered with criss-crossing ropes to lend an exclusive look. Even when you are inside, you can catch glimpse of outside weather thanks to a huge glass window.

best restaurants in jaipur

When the place is so amazing, the food has to be great. First we enjoyed Paneer Tikka and Egg-Jackets to whet our appetite even more. There was an astonishing variety of mocktails and we treated ourselves to mojito, cold coffee, Iced Tea and Blue Sky. Now we were hungry for more!

best food in jaipur

For the main course we ordered Skylights Pizza, Mafia Pizza, Handi Meat and Tandoori Rotis. Skylights pizza was loaded with cottage cheese and the melting mozzarella meant that we couldn’t wait to grab the slices. What a feast it was! The Mafia Pizza had sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, fragrant basil and mouth watering mozzarella. Another treat! Both the pizzas had thin crusts and were really crunchy. The sumptuous Handi meat had the right blend of spices.

best drinks in jaipur

We really loved the place. What makes it more attractive is that it offers everything from breakfast to dinner. You can come here at 7:30 in the morning to enjoy a hearty breakfast or any other time of the day to sink your teeth in the vast array of cuisines. Enjoy flavors of Mumbai or authentic delights of Italy and everything in between. The place is perfect to spend time with family or to hang out with friends.

cafes in jaipur

This is the coolest place in Jaipur to organize birthday parties or any other little party you want. Once you experience the place you will never be short of reasons to keep coming back!

Find the café at- 56, Hathroi Fort, Hari Krishna Somani Marg, Ajmer Road, Jaipur, India 302001


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