6 Saviors to Protect You from Heat and Tan this Summer

When the temperature crosses the 40 degrees mark, it gets more than we can take. Going out becomes a ‘daymare’ (We wish that it were a word)! All fears aside, there is no way that you can escape the heat unless you are some Richie-rich who doesn’t need to expose even a finger to the sun if you don’t want to.

It is really important this time that you keep yourself safe from the heat. Heat can affect your health adversely and make you sick. Not only this, the ever-shining sun wrecks havoc on your skin too. We are talking about tanning which not only makes you look dull but harms your skin as well. Today we are sharing some tips that will make sure that the harm from heat is minimal-



The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated at all times. Heat makes us sweat more and dehydrates our bodies. If you take inadequate amounts of liquid then you are prone to exhaustion and even fainting. The 8 glass water rule needs to be doubled up if you are under sun for a long time.




The other thing that you need to remember while out in the sun is to keep your head covered. Wear a cap, hat or scarf to keep you protected. When you are covering up, do not forget your eyes. Always wear sunglasses that ward off UV rays. It makes you look stylish too! If you wear spectacles, get anti-UV lenses.




Now the part about beauty! Begin with slathering on a good sunscreen. A good sunscreen means something that is non-greasy and has an SPF of 30 or more. Apply it all over your face and body. Pay special attention to the exposed areas. With sunscreen application, comes the rule of reapplying it every 2-3 hours.

If you still get sunburn, wash the area with cold water. Apply Aloe Vera gel as soon as possible. If the irritation persists, it is best to see a doctor.


4.Socks and Gloves


It’s tough to avoid tan in this weather but make sure that most of your body is covered when you are outside. Wear gloves, socks, scarf to cover up as much as possible to take care of your skin in summer.



Jaipur Beat Umbrella Monsoon

Umbrellas are some kind of love-symbols in India thanks to our movies. You can carry an umbrella to hide from the angry sun and to move your love story forward!


6.Avoiding Sun


Avoid sun when it is at its fiercest. If possible then don’t go out between 11 am and 4 pm in this hot Jaipur summer. It’s not always possible to avoid these hottest hours so follow the above tips.

Little tips like these will help you spend a safe summer. Rains are on their way anyway!

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