9 Reasons Why 45 Degrees In Jaipur Can Be Exciting

Though you hate it when the heat goes a notch up or when you think there is no point of taking a shower as you will be drenched in sweat by the time you get dressed, there are some things that make these hot months worthwhile:)

1. Sleep till late
The reason being summer vacation, no one wakes you up early morning and by the time you wake up, half of the blazing day is gone😀

Girl lazying in bed on a Sunday morning

2. Go To World Trade Park and settle there
No electricity ? No problem ! World Trade Park hai na😉 Just go there and chill in the air conditioned mall along with some window shopping and snacks for as long as you want to stay😉

3. Slap anyone and blame it on mosquitoes
Try this one at your own risk😉
4. No one says no to Cold Drinks

cold drink
5. Perfect excuse to run through the water sprinklers in gardens
Let the child inside you jump out and run through the water sprinklers till you are drenched😀

6. Throw snowballs at Snowpark in Jaipur
Summers are here, and there is no better time to visit Snow Planet which opened last to last year in Jaipur in Malviya Nagar.

7.  The electricity department definitely gains a lot
Due to the high usage of electricity especially air conditioners, electricity department has a gala time in summers !

image1 (17)

8. Heatstroke is an all-time excuse for not showing up at work/school
Don’t want to go to office tomorrow? Heat stroke is your favorite excuse😀heat-stroke9. Your parents won’t ask you to go out and play
So you get a chance to stick to your lazy bed/sofa and play games on your mobiles and laptops as your parents would be scared to send you outside due to loo !

kids inside



*Written by young school students – Rishabh, Pranay, Bhavya, Aryan who were interning with us at Jaipur Beat.

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