Jaipur Author Launches Her New Book “Fall of a Bride”

Every girl dreams of having a life similar to the fairy tales that she has grown up reading; the fantasy of a perfect house, lovable parents and a spouse to protect, respect and love her till eternity. How would it end up being if things do not happen as per the fantasies? Reality will strike and things will appear crystal clear and fairy tales would become just fictional tales that have nothing to do with reality. A similar case of a young girl Sayra has been discussed in the newly published book Fall of a Bride by Noush, which will give you a whole new perception to what Life can be if not a fairy tale.


Fall of a Bride_3D cover


Born and brought up in the culturally rich heritage city of Jaipur, an educator by vocation and a writer by passion,Noush aka Anoushka Singh is all set to set a benchmark in the field of writing with the launch of her new book.Going candid about her work and experience, Anoushka shares the journey of Fall of a Bride with us.

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The dilemmas of a perfect life beautifully presented with love, respect and dignity is something that every girl knits but life has already kept a harsh reality in the attic for each one of them where ignorance cannot be a bliss. They want to grow happily with their parents learning new things, they want to fall in love, want to sing songs and write poetry for their lovers and finally get married to them and have a lovely family. Not everyone gets what they want. Sometimes, they become a victim of disrespect and hatred which breaks them brick by brick. Something no one would ever dream of.

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She even believes that writing for a genre which supports feminism is not easy as it gives voice to the unheard and change is not something which is readily accepted by all. Adding further to it, she said that people talk about it but they are ignorant to the miseries that girls go through in their own house and reading this book will make them think about the same. “Speaking about someone else’s pinnacle of success and not letting your own daughter to develop is one major issue”, said the author.

Fall of a bride is one piece of art that speaks for a bride brought up in an environment of disputed parenting and her journey of her dilemma towards life. “Writing means giving words to your emotions. Years of experience and observation have compelled me to pen down my thoughts in form of this book”, quoted the emerging writer from Jaipur when asked about what writing means to her. Sharing her experience and journey of writing the book, she even spoke, “The thought of bringing out such stories to the world made me write the story of Sayra (the protagonist) because not everyone knows about these things. Writing about them is like giving them platform to bring it to the notice of others.”
Fall of a Bride_cover_Final_5x8_106pages_NoMRP.indd
Jaipur Beat wishes Noush the very best for her new book.

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