5 Fruity Colors To Wear This Summer

Summers are here and even though we never get tired to bleat on about the heightening heat, we get to eat some delicious fruits that get through these blazing summers ! If we look carefully, these juicy fruits give us some vibrant and gorgeous colors which totally make for some super cool fashion trends which you ought to try this summer:)

1. Mango

In this ‘aam’ ka season, while you find all the mango drinks ads echoing in your ears every minute, the splash of this color on your outfit is something you surely must try this summer. Mango colored dress, top, skirt, jumpsuit, are some options to explore, stay away from mango pants though😉


2. Watermelon

A fruit which is supposed to be 90% water and a refreshing treat after a long tiring day, imagine how wearing the watermelon color will feel to yourself as well as those who are lucky enough to meet you on the day you wear it ?😉 This combination of watermelon colored skirt and white top is totally invigorating, and remember, the brighter the better:)


3. Melon

Melon or ‘Kharbooza’ as we call it, a sweet and low calorie fruit especially relished in summers, is definitely balming to eyes when it renders its soft green hues to an ensemble. Check it out yourself !


4. Orange

Rich in vitamin C, this citrus fruit is everyone’s favorite as a fruit as well as a juice flavor ! So dive into this juicy fruit and get bathed in the rejuvenating shades of orange this season😀

orange copy

5. Lychee

The lychees come for a very short reason. Covered in various shades of pink, the ivory colored, delicious lychees are loved by each and every person. It’s almost needless to say that white/ivory is a basic need as well as a quintessential desire for the summer season, so don’t ignore it for it has magical powers to always look good😉


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