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10 Refreshing Summer Camps In Jaipur

A refreshing environment and interesting activities are all that your kid needs this summer. Blazing heat and constantly fluctuating temperature of the city should not be a reason to bring down the energy level of your child because this is the time for Summer Camps. Packed with fun, excitement, adventure and a lot to learn, summer camps are being organized all around the city to keep your child involved in power-packed activities and keep the over load of holiday homework off its shoulder (Well, for a few hours). Since holidays are far more than just completing the homework, it is time for you help your kid to enjoy and make the best of this time.

We bring you the most exciting workshops and summer camps of the city. Take a look…

  1. The Junior Summer Program

A summer training camp organized only at the Jawahar Kala Kendra. The camp started from May 15 will last up to June 20. The amazing activities being offered by this camp include personality development, photography, diction and art of debating and creative writing. Something your kid shouldn’t miss!


  1. Star Gazer Summer Camp for Kids

If you are looking for a summer camp on B-7a Motilal Atal Road offering art and craft, camping, jungle party, cooking classes, etiquette classes, movies and storytelling and rhymes then Star Gazer is the right place for your child. The camp will be starting from May 17 and will last up to May 22.


  1. Summer Camp and Hobby Classes

Organized by Saaz Music and Dance academy, this summer camp will surely help your child enjoy art and craft, Dance, Vocal and music. Lasting from May 16 to June 25, Saaz has organized this camp in different localities of the city including Plot 1, Jhulelal Marg, Near Vikas School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar along with Chitrakoot, Shyam Nagar and Malviya Nagar. Just the right place for music and dance lovers.


  1. Super Kids Summer Camp

To all the parents living in or near Main Calgiri Road, Malviya Nagar, Super Kids Summer Camp is just right for your kids because it offers exciting activities including painting, calligraphy, dance, martial arts, nail art, skating, yoga and aerobics and basketball.  The camp has already started its batches form May 12 and May 16.


  1. Junior Einstein Camp (Patrika Group)

Patrika in Education (PIE), 2016 brings you the much awaited summer camp including aerobics, mad science, abacus and robotics. Starting from May 16 in SV Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar, the camp will last up to May 28. If your kid loves science and books, Junior Einstein can help him to think and work like Einstein.


  1. Yearly Summer Training Camp

The annual summer training camp is all set to be organized at the City Palace, Jaipur. The camp will last for a month and will offer Dance, Drama, Music and photography at a whole new level.


  1. Acting Workshop

Darshak Sanstha (Academy of Music and Arts) will be organizing a one month workshop (May 30 – June 30) in Darshak College, Malviya Nagar specifically on acting theory, sound design, etc. If your kid loves acting or designing, this workshop can help him excel in this field.


  1. Junior Picasso Camp (Patrika Group)

For the love of Dance, Theatre, Drama, Drawing, Sketching, Painting and Music, Patrika in Education (PIE), 2016 brings you Junior Picasso Camp from May 16 to May 28 only in SV Public School,Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar.


  1. Summer Camp 2016

The Poppins pre-primary school has brought the most exciting summer camp for the kids starting from May 16 to June 4 in 71/262 Paramhans Marg, Mansarovar along with centers in Siddharth Nagar and Jagatpura. Whether it is martial arts, western dance, yoga and aerobics, art and craft, skating, music, cooking, calligraphy, spoken English, drama, French basics or sketching and painting, this summer camp will offer the best of everything.


  1. Junior Explorer Camp (Patrika Group)

From art and craft, mind development, games, imagination development to knowledge improvement, Patrika In Education (PIE), 2016 brings you Junior Explorer from May 16 to May 28 only in SV Public School, Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park and Gyan Ashram School, Shipra Path, Mansarovar for helping your child to discover himself.


Go out and help the kids join their favorite camp because the sun is shining and so are they !


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6 Saviors to Protect You from Heat and Tan this Summer

When the temperature crosses the 40 degrees mark, it gets more than we can take. Going out becomes a ‘daymare’ (We wish that it were a word)! All fears aside, there is no way that you can escape the heat unless you are some Richie-rich who doesn’t need to expose even a finger to the sun if you don’t want to.

It is really important this time that you keep yourself safe from the heat. Heat can affect your health adversely and make you sick. Not only this, the ever-shining sun wrecks havoc on your skin too. We are talking about tanning which not only makes you look dull but harms your skin as well. Today we are sharing some tips that will make sure that the harm from heat is minimal-



The most important thing to remember is to stay hydrated at all times. Heat makes us sweat more and dehydrates our bodies. If you take inadequate amounts of liquid then you are prone to exhaustion and even fainting. The 8 glass water rule needs to be doubled up if you are under sun for a long time.




The other thing that you need to remember while out in the sun is to keep your head covered. Wear a cap, hat or scarf to keep you protected. When you are covering up, do not forget your eyes. Always wear sunglasses that ward off UV rays. It makes you look stylish too! If you wear spectacles, get anti-UV lenses.




Now the part about beauty! Begin with slathering on a good sunscreen. A good sunscreen means something that is non-greasy and has an SPF of 30 or more. Apply it all over your face and body. Pay special attention to the exposed areas. With sunscreen application, comes the rule of reapplying it every 2-3 hours.

If you still get sunburn, wash the area with cold water. Apply Aloe Vera gel as soon as possible. If the irritation persists, it is best to see a doctor.


4.Socks and Gloves


It’s tough to avoid tan in this weather but make sure that most of your body is covered when you are outside. Wear gloves, socks, scarf to cover up as much as possible to take care of your skin in summer.



Jaipur Beat Umbrella Monsoon

Umbrellas are some kind of love-symbols in India thanks to our movies. You can carry an umbrella to hide from the angry sun and to move your love story forward!


6.Avoiding Sun


Avoid sun when it is at its fiercest. If possible then don’t go out between 11 am and 4 pm in this hot Jaipur summer. It’s not always possible to avoid these hottest hours so follow the above tips.

Little tips like these will help you spend a safe summer. Rains are on their way anyway!

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A Filmy Week To Begin In Jaipur Tomorrow

As theatres keep overflowing with new movie releases, Jaipur brings for you a pool of sensible cinema that you have never experienced before.

Yet another Film festival is opening in Jaipur from Sunday named “16 International Film Festivals”. It is being organized by the internationally acclaimed Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) from May 15 to 22 at the Nile screen of the prestigious Golcha Cinema. Festival films would be screened daily in the evening from 5.00 Pm to 9.15 Pm.


Film personalities from India and abroad have started arriving at the Pink City to participate in the simultaneous 16 film festivals.

Bilal Taheri from Iran, Stela Pelin from Romania and Hasan Nazar from Afghanistan are among the prominent personalities reaching Jaipur who would be taking part in the inaugural session of the festival.

‘Special Talks’ would be held daily at 5 PM which would be followed by film screenings from 6 PM.

jaipur international film festival

Different subjects like women issues, human rights, democracy, politics and corruption, and development issues, art and culture would be discussed and films based on these themes would be screened besides Children and animation films. Cine goers in Jaipur would have a chance to watch world’s top selected films in the festival.

films in 16 iff

A total of 975 films were submitted for the festivals from 60 countries of which top 65 films have been elected for the screening. Among them are seven feature films, five documentary feature films, nine documentary short films, 28 short fiction films, two animation feature films, seven short animation films and seven Advertising films.

film festival in jaipur

The event will be opening with Political and Democracy Film Festival. The schedule of JIFF will be as follows-

On 15th May senior journalist Tribhuvan would talk on democracy.

On 16th May Chairperson of FICCIFLO Preeti Saboo and film maker Gajendra Shrotriya will discuss the subject “Women in Current Era with special reference to Science and Environment” with Ritu Verma and Pragya Rathor.

On 17th May Hariram Meena and Dr. D.P. Agrawal would discuss the subject “Tribals”.

On 18th May there would be open dialogue on “Rajasthani Cinema : Film Makers, Audiences and Government.

On 19th May Dr. Dushyant and Ish Madhu talwar will discuss “Love and Romentic Cinema”, while Gagan Mishra will discuss Children films, Dr. Vibhuti Pandey and Devesh Sharma would discuss with Ritu Verma and Pragya Rathor the subject of increasing scope in Animation films.

On 20th May Dr. M.K. Devrajan, Kavita Shrivastava and M. Hasan would discuss Human Rights.

On 21st May Ranveer Singh, Dharmendra Kanwar, and Sarvesh Bhatt will discuss with Vinod Bharadwaj on Art and Culture.

16 iff

People from all age group can attend the festival. The only film for adult only is ‘Project Marathwada’, based on suicides of farmers. Om Puri plays the lead role in the yet unreleased film.

Founder of the JIFF and 16IFF Hanu Roj said the main objective of the simultaneous film festivals is to create awareness about the issues raised in the selected films. Discussions during the festivals have been designed taking into account intellectual needs of film-goers of all age groups.

16 iff jaipur


Bhajiya Awards 2015


Now that the numerous award functions are done appreciating and awarding the immense talent in Hindi cinema, it’s our turn to acknowledge the ones who hit and missed their luck this year. Some of them were actually unlucky, some made bad choices, and some deliberately tried their luck on crap which ultimately did not sell. So let’s hereby welcome the Bhajiya Awards 2015 😀


  1. Audience toh ch**** hai award

  2. Pappu can’t act saala award

    Katti Battikatti batti
  3. Thomas Cook award

  4. Tum Waapas Kyu Aaye Award

    Prem Ratan Dhan Paayoprem ratan dhan payo
  5. Zero Award

  6. Dance pe Chance award

    ABCD 2abcd
  7. Half cooked award

    Humari Adhuri KahaaniHamari-Adhuri-Kahani

  8. Alia’s first bikini moment award


  9. King of Bad Times awardCalendar Girlscalendar girls
  10. Ranbir’s Ek Hi Bhool award


  11. Kaash Kashyap ye na banaata award

    Bombay Velvetbombay velvet

  12. Eleven Minutes Award

    Ek Paheli LeelaEk-paheli-leela

  13. Finding Humor award

    Welcome Backwelcome-back

  14. ‘Con’ Sa Award

    Dolly Ki Dolidolly ki doli

  15. Saif’s Annual Appearance Award


  16. Invisible at Box Office award

    Mr. Xmr-x
    Despite this being one of the best years of Hindi cinema, the winners stood out fair and square. This is what a few winners had to say after winning the award :

    Shahrukh Khan – Working with Kajol was a fair and lovely moment for me. Anyhow my favourite remains to be the remake of Suraj Hua Madham. In fact I would get so overwhelmed that I would start lip syncing to the original song’s lyrics and then Kajal will prompt me ki rang de mujhe Gerua hai !

    Ranbir Kapoor – I am gonna get drunk tonight ! I mean 3 awards in one year? I think they should take me as the lead actor in the sequel of 3 mistakes of my life. And I thought Roy would go unnoticed if I won’t go for its promotions.

    Suraj Pancholi – Although I felt that audience had accepted me as Zero right from my controversy and the emotional hug moment with Salman Bhai. But the way Bhai pulled off the midnight studio stunt and sang ‘Main Hoon Savior Tera’, I knew that now no one can take this honor away from me.

    Kangana Ranaut – I am the unconquerable queen of Bollywood now and Hrithik will agree with that. Moreover, name one person in Bollywood who has the nerve to say yes to working opposite Imran Khan after ‘Tanu weds Manu Returns’?

    Salman Khan – I did not want to let any girl think that I am actually a Bajrangi Bhaijaan, while the truth is that deep inside my heart and behind my aging face lies a secret that  ‘Main Prem tha, Main Prem hoon aur Main Prem hi rahunga’, yakeen nahi aata toh wait for my next movie ‘Aaya Prem Jhoom ke’.

    Sonam Kapoor – When Abhishek and Suraj Uncle showed me the wardrobe for Dolly ki Doli and Prem Ratan, I knew that this will be my chance to show my audience that I am not just a gorgeous plastic doll but can also catch eyes without looking attractive at all.

    Alia Bhatt – We all know that the only thing Shandaar about Shandaar was my walk on the beach in the bikini for which I worked out so much that I can beat Mary Kom with one hand now.

    Emraan Hashmi – I have kept my promise of being the Serial Kisser in Bollywood whether I am visible or not. Thank you all !

    Shraddha Kapoor – To me, this film industry has started to feel like a summer camp. I mean all I ever wanted to do was singing and dancing and jump around being so chirpy that people around start to wonder why is she grinning all the time ! Acting will find its way to me eventually 😀

    Note : Contents of this post are a work of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse it as genuine and true. All characters in this post-–even those based on real people–-are entirely fictional.

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Skylights Café Review: Jaipur’s New destination for All Things Quirky

We at Jaipur Beat are always up for some yummy treats so when we heard of this new café Skylights, we had to try the place out. The location of the café is quite posh. It is located at Hathroi Chowk and you can get a glimpse of Hathroi Fort from this rooftop café.

As the lift opened on the top floor, we entered in a quirky world. The first thing that greeted us was a photo-booth. Taking selfies always excites us so we made a beeline for the colorful booth. It took us some time to leave the photo-booth and we were again in for something new. The door to the café is a heavy vintage door with an old and worn-out look. Now we knew that this café is not going to be like the regular ones.

rooftop cafe in jaipur

First look at the rooftop made us totally excited. Beautiful gold and silver cages with flowers were hung tastefully and the walls had prints of birdcages. We were all ready to get caged at such a lovely place! There was more- bar stools facing metro station at a distance, colorful cushions, wooden couches, cane chairs, cute cots and green plants. The uniqueness of the interior also lies in the rope fencing around the roof.

best cafe in jaipur

Next to the rooftop café is the indoor setup and it’s the suitable extension of what you see outside. Basic tables with exposed wood, quaint chairs with floral cushions and embroidery frames instead of the regular paintings made us admire the creativity. The indoor café has a little corner where you can sit secluded from others and enjoy some ‘me’ time. If you forget to bring a book, pick a read from the corner bookshelf. We had to skip the books for lack of time but we indulged in board games kept there and relived our childhood memories. The ceiling of the café is covered with criss-crossing ropes to lend an exclusive look. Even when you are inside, you can catch glimpse of outside weather thanks to a huge glass window.

best restaurants in jaipur

When the place is so amazing, the food has to be great. First we enjoyed Paneer Tikka and Egg-Jackets to whet our appetite even more. There was an astonishing variety of mocktails and we treated ourselves to mojito, cold coffee, Iced Tea and Blue Sky. Now we were hungry for more!

best food in jaipur

For the main course we ordered Skylights Pizza, Mafia Pizza, Handi Meat and Tandoori Rotis. Skylights pizza was loaded with cottage cheese and the melting mozzarella meant that we couldn’t wait to grab the slices. What a feast it was! The Mafia Pizza had sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, fragrant basil and mouth watering mozzarella. Another treat! Both the pizzas had thin crusts and were really crunchy. The sumptuous Handi meat had the right blend of spices.

best drinks in jaipur

We really loved the place. What makes it more attractive is that it offers everything from breakfast to dinner. You can come here at 7:30 in the morning to enjoy a hearty breakfast or any other time of the day to sink your teeth in the vast array of cuisines. Enjoy flavors of Mumbai or authentic delights of Italy and everything in between. The place is perfect to spend time with family or to hang out with friends.

cafes in jaipur

This is the coolest place in Jaipur to organize birthday parties or any other little party you want. Once you experience the place you will never be short of reasons to keep coming back!

Find the café at- 56, Hathroi Fort, Hari Krishna Somani Marg, Ajmer Road, Jaipur, India 302001

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A Sweet & Salty Tale of Sambhar Lake

For a moment, close your eyes and imagine a vast stretch of land with gleaming moonlight falling on its body and making it look like a white night right out of a mystical fantasy tale that could just exist in your vivid imagination.

But what if that came to life ? Watch the stars shining down on a land as white as snow, a place that’s a muse for the Hindi cinema and a getaway for flamingos; In the royal state of Rajasthan, lies India’s Largest Saline Water Lake – Sambhar. And yes, this place goes beyond your imagination and comes with a vista that looks like a picture postcard sans the greens and the hills 😉

sambhar flamingo

Photo Credit – http://www.thehindu.com/

Elliptical in shape, with a length of 35.5 km and breadth varying between 3 km and 11 km, Sambhar extends in three districts of Jaipur, Nagaur and Ajmer. Sambhar lake is a magnificent array of bird life, both native and migrant, making it one of the best places in India for bird-watching, but most of all, just sitting out there in quiet and watching the sun go down as night draws itself into a white noise.



Like they say, the real magic lies not in the destination, but in the journey itself. The drive from Jaipur to Sambhar proves exactly that. While the road has surely gotten better, but as soon as you enter the village area, the ride is sort of bumpy, so fasten your seat belts and get ready for an adventurous ride to the salty terrain !!


Make sure you’re as alert as a chamois on your way to this water wonder, as roads take a plunge in the unspoiled countryside and amaze you with its pure beauty and hard life. A village lady donning neon orange saree, carrying water or fodder in a traditional pot or baskets is a sight often found in paintings of renowned artists, but here you will see it with your naked eyes along with some turban men riding cycle merrily along the country roads.


Waiting to meet you with open arms, are the kachcha roads which you can’t escape but have to cross to meet your final destination 😉


If you are even a little bit of a movie buff, the enormity of Sambhar will remind you of the war scene in Jodha Akbar and the controversial nude transistor picture shot of Aamir Khan in the first poster of PK 😉 And remember that scene in Imtiaz Ali’s Highway where they kidnap Alia Bhatt and she tries to run away on a land which seems to be endless ? Well that was none other than Sambhar. Also, the ‘Iodized Sambhar salt’ print ad? Where do you think it got its name from 😀



Sambhar is not just the largest salt lake but it also is the largest in India producing thousand tonnes of salt every year. Sambhar Lake has been producing salt for centuries and Sambhar salt is recognized for its good quality salt and you can see tractors moving around there loaded with heaps of salt 😀


With Rajasthan Government planning to start Light & Sound show at Sambhar, you have something more to look forward to as you plan a road trip to Sambhar next time you visit Jaipur, or just need a weekend getaway as a local of pink city 🙂




11 Funny One Liners All Indian Mothers Say

She was the one who taught us how to hold the spoon and who would get excited seeing us walk and talk for the first time and surely welled up when she heard the word ‘Maa’ from our tiny mouths. But as we grew up, her affection grew multifold and the way to express herself kept changing. Although every mother is different, there are two things that are common in each one of them – Her selfless love for her child and these funny signature one liners which we hear on a daily basis 😉

      1. Kitna dubla ho gaya hai ! Hostel waale kuch khilaate nahi kya?

For all you guys who have come back home for a summer vacation, no matter how many kilos you might have gained or lost, your mom will always think you are being deprived of food when away from her !


2. Sudhar jao, abhi bhi waqt hai !

As long as Baba Ramdev believes in the success of Patanjali, your mom believes that there is a scope for repair in her child 😉


3. Almari ki safai holi diwali pe hi hogi kya?

Every mother’s strife – your dirty and unorganised room /cupboard !


4. Khaane ke time agar mobile haath mein dikha toh faik dungi !

In the digital age that we are living in right now, we stay on our cellphones all day, and our parents bear with that. But the moment, you touch your cell phone while you are eating, trust us your phone is never more endangered a specie as in that moment 😉

155. Beta main teri bhalai ke liye hi keh rahi hoon !

She would never get tired of trying to make you a better person, and that happens when you keep your things in the right place, learn to take care of your finances and set your routine in place ! And when you give her the ‘Mom please don’t lecture me look’ that’s when she says ‘ Beta main teri bhalai ke liye hi keh rahi hoon’ !


6. Jab main tumhaare jitni thi, poora ghar sambhal liya tha !

And here you can’t even cook a meal for yourself ! You do one irresponsible thing, and she will let you know how naturally amazing she was at your age while you are nearly just a burden on earth (it’s partially true).


7. Shakal pe baara baj re hai ! Roz raat ko der se sone se yahi hoga !

Well, if they saw you awake at 3 in the night once in a week, be ready to hear about it for the entire month !


8. Main toh keh keh ke thak gayi, par tumhaare dimaag mein koi baat ghusti hi nahi hai.

The stubborn child that you are, don’t listen to her right now, and trust me you will understand when you have your own children :p


9. Padhai likhai karo mat, bas din bhar TV aur mobile mein ghuse raho. Homework kaun karega?

The line that you have grown up hearing as frequently as Shaktiman’s speech after his episode. And all you end up saying to your Mom is ‘Sorry Shaktiman’. 😉


10. Subah jaldi uthna shuru karo, life ki saari problem solve ho jaayegi.

But what do you do waking up at 7 a.m. unless there is a chirpy Mickey Mouse singing you the Good morning song !

lakshya14 11. Beta, mujhe mat bana, main teri maa hoon !

The last but not the least, the daily introduction 😀 Be it the melodramatic moms in movies, or our real smart ones in our lives, this line will find its way into the dictionary of all moms 😉

14 2


 And all these things make you the most adorable person on this planet Mom, Happy Mother’s Day 🙂