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Along with the Monsoon Showers, Jaipur gets a new park- Sawan Bhado !

Ram Niwas Bagh was built by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh in the 19th century. From that time, the exotic garden had been subjected to numerous new introductions, adding to its elegance and charm. The luscious green parks, majestic structures held the park together firmly. But with time, it started losing its charm when people began interfering with maintaining the cleanliness and harmony of the Bagh.

Under the smart city project, an old garden of Ram Niwas Bagh was renovated by the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) which is named as Sawan Bhado Park. It was inaugurated by the Chief Minister on 25th June, 2016. Located near Albert Hall Museum, the garden has been creatively crafted, and has several attractions.

Albert Hall

Walk with Jaipur Beat to get a first look of this newly done ‘Sawan Bhadon‘ park-


As soon as you enter, you can notice that trees have been given various forms and shapes such as of elephant, swan which adds a picturesque effect to it.


Properly drafted maps with areas alphabetically marked and information boards have been put up to guide the joggers and visitors about the way. Also, the fact gallery helps them to know more facts about plants and trees.


It doesn’t just provide a jogger’s path to walk on, but also has separate flowerbeds for roses and palms. You think this is it? No. There is a “Garden of Seasons”, as they call it, which will have seasonal plants sown there.To retain the beauty and freshness of these flowers, long and circular fountains have been made. The visitors can comfortably walk or sit around and bathe themselves in the serenity and calmness of the park.


The rich tapestry of green hue is added to the garden with the greenhouse area provided for trapping of sun rays for plant kingdom.


Not only joggers get to have fun but also bird watchers and photographers find themselves surrounded with exorbitant fleets of birds and kingdom of plants.

IMG_0820.JPG IMG_0864.JPG

Keeping alive the age old tradition of Rajasthani chhatris, or pavilions, they have built them here with architectural balance.These chhatris and sitting spaces are given incredible designs that add poetic oneness to it!


Alongwith taking care of their visitors, they have shown generosity towards birds by building them birdhouses for shelter.


Isn’t it incredible? But this needs to be taken care of so that this gem persists. Let’s take a pledge to take care of it this time and assist in keeping it maintained while we spend some time in nature’s unruffled arms!

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Jaipur’s Famous Pandit Pav Bhaaji

You say Pav Bhaaji, I say Pandit Pav Bhaji!

No matter where you come from, no matter where you live; if you are in Jaipur and want to have the best pav bhaaji that is being served in the city, Pandit Pav Bhaaji in front of Birla Mandir is the name that you’ll get to hear from a true Jaipurite. A place that needs no introduction, it is a true paradise for all the foodies and especially pav bhaaji fanatics. 😉
The love of spices, mouth watering Bhaaji and the finger licking buttery pav served with the zest of sizzling hot chutney and lemon are only a few of the major reasons that attracts people to hang out at this amazing food joint.
IMGA0443 (1)
What can be better than hanging out with your friends or loved ones outside the beautiful Birla Mandir and having the time of your life enjoying the most heavenly pav bhaaji of Jaipur? A bingo combination of a perfect location and amazing food, Pandit Pav Bhaaji has it all. Something a true foodie and pav bhaaji maniac would never be able to resist! 😉
Started with the love and passion of serving people in Mumbai, Pandit Pav Bhaaji was able to create magic in Jaipur as well and has been doing it since the last 25 years. Bringing all the generations together, it has been a hub for family outings, selfie corner for friends and a joint to bring lovers together.
IMGA0452 (2)
Whether it is hot sunday afternoon of May – June, or pleasant evening in the month of October, the streets of Jaipur are flooded with tourists from all across the world. Nothing will be able to stop you from visiting this food joint and you cannot leave the place without having a bite. 😉 Believe us, once you have a bite you will not be able to leave before having the entire plate full of the divine pav bhaaji of Jaipur.
One of the major reasons behind the success of Pandit Pav Bhaaji apart from the irresistible pav bhaaji, is the love with which it’s prepared and served from morning till evening to every single Jaipurite. And this is something that will compel you to visit the joint again and again 🙂

Things You Should Know About Smart City Mission

To mark the first anniversary of the launch of smart city mission, Pink city is all set to get its Jaipur smart city project inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow i.e on June 25, through video-conferencing.

The day of 25th June is going to mark an exciting chapter to the lives of Jaipurites. With the Inauguration of the Smart City Project, there are many new schemes which are going to start and hopefully will be fruitful in a lot of ways. Let’s get acquainted with some schemes here-


# Launch of  the Public Bicycle Sharing scheme (PBS)


This project will not only help people to commute from a place to another but will also motivate use of eco friendly vehicles.

#Implementation of Solar Street Light System

LightWith the replacement of old lights at Walled City with solar ones, the city is going to be illuminated at night by the natural source Sun and help in saving the energy. The solar panels will generate 100 KV electricity to illuminate solar lights.

# Renovation of Step Wells


The renovation of 14 stepwells will ensure the judicial utilisation of water and also saving it during monsoon. With the severe shortage of water Jaipurites faced during Summer months, this is going to be of crucial importance.

Apart from these, there are additional eight infrastructure projects for the city which will be inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan Smt. Vasundhra Raje.

So gear up you guys and get ready to find some amazing changes within the city and be sure that Jaipur with Smart City Mission promises to make our life easier and more pleasant 🙂

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The Faluda Trail of Jaipur

Blazing heat and soaring temperature accompany summers especially when you are in Rajasthan but they have their own boon. Since it is the time of the year when you just want to become best friends with your air conditioners, Jaipurites have an alternative which will bring down their body temperatures within minutes. Yes, you have read it right! The scrumptious and mouth watering Faluda ice creams act as the most effective summer coolers and are found all across the city, but have you tried having your most loved summer cooler at the following places?

 1. Jal Mahal Ice Cream, M.I. Road

Serving varieties of tempting Faluda ice creams for more than 25 years, Jal Mahal ice cream parlour has been one of the most loved places in the city. And if you are there, you just cannot afford to miss the special gulkand faluda ice cream 🙂 So just in case you are planning to have this desi ice cream for a refreshing break from this heat, Jal Mahal Ice Cream is the place for you.


2. Indian Ice Cream, Link Road

What can be a better place to have the delicious faluda ice cream than the Indian Ice cream which has been serving us with amazing summer cooler for more than 35 years? Being one of the oldest in the city, it is unique in its own way. Serving Faluda with special Rabri and this is not all, various sizes and flavors of ice creams are there too to make you want more.


3. Sahu Matka Kulfi and Ice Cream, Tonk Road

For all the lovers of Matka Kulfi, this ice cream parlor can be your next paradise. Its special faluda kulfi is one of its kind serving faluda with ice cream, matka kulfi, rabri and fruity syrups all in one. It is not only yummy but even beautiful to look at. Who would want to miss the chance to have all the delicious stuff being served in one cup?Apart from the special faluda kulfi, the parlour also offers a great variety of this desi delight which is so tempting that you would never wish to step out 😀

Beat the heat with these amazing faluda ice creams because summer is a lot more than air conditioners. What are you waiting, step out of your house and relish this Indian Ice Cream 🙂
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Let’s Barter India Brings Jaipur’s Bookworms Together

Let’s Barter India and Truly Madly, with Jaipur Beat as their digital media partners, came together to bring an interesting and unique event Book Barter Social. The event, organized on June 18, at Jaipur Marriott, was open for all Jaipurites. The main idea behind this extraordinary event was not only to barter books, but to meet book-lovers from all around the city, interact and share the love of books with one another and barter thoughts. Quite unique 🙂


After attaining grand success in Delhi, Let’s Barter India decided to bring an event for all the hidden nerds and book-lovers of Pink City and gave them a chance to barter their books and thoughts with people of their own kind.


The event started at 7 p.m. with people coming with some of the best books ever written, leaving them for others to read, discuss and socialize over beer and snacks. And how would you feel if you come across a person, sitting and reading your favorite book, willing to discuss it with you? Only a true Kitabi-keeda would understand the feeling that Book Barter Social gave rise to inside many.  As they say, a lot can happen over books and beer 😉 Jaipurites were seen having the time of their life while spending time with book-nerds having same interest like theirs.


And the fun doesn’t end here. A social event is incomplete without some masti and no Jaipurite would ever say no to it ;). To make the evening all the more fun and groovy, activities like arm wrestling and beer race were also organized for our lovely book-lovers. Okay! Gone are those days when people used to call readers boring. They surely knew how to enjoy and they proved it by winning 😉


“We aim to bring people close by this barter system. And nothing is better than books because you not only share your book, you share the thoughts too. And it gives book-aficionados a platform to come forward and meet people whom they have never met before”, quoted Pooja Bhayana, CEO of Let’s Barter India when asked about the main reason behind the idea of the event. Adding further to it, she said,” We have received an overwhelming response from Jaipur. We’re hoping to return with some similar events very soon.”


Along with books, some exciting gifts were in store too. The nerds of Jaipur surely loved the event since they got to take the books home for free! An opportunity a book-lover would never miss 😉

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Breathe in the Aroma of Colors at Alsisar Mahal this Weekend!

The best aspect about living in Jaipur is that, there are a lot of locations around Jaipur that you can visit for a small and relaxing weekend. After all, we all need a short but rejuvenating vacation away from the hustle of the city life. In times like these, we suggest you Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati. The desert town of Alsisar caught our attention for many wonderful reasons!

Just 200 kms away from Jaipur city, Alsisar offers a life that is unhurried, a town, un-spoilt by modernity. The real charm lies in visiting its quaint village and experiencing a feel of authentic rural Rajasthan with all its charming eccentricity, where the ray of sunshine beaming down on you.

Roof Wide

The 17th century battle hardened Alsisar Mahal after renovation stands tall in the desert and exudes a glorious history.

Alsisar Mahal1.jpg

A marvelous blast of colors in the barren land of Rajasthan, Alsisar Mahal bears jaw dropping frescoes and paintings; each speaking with full-throated ease about the grandeur of royal Rajasthan. The palace holds some mesmerizing settlements and arcades to magnificently define the illustriousness of colors in this oasis.

Mirror Gallery

Badal Mahal or “Palace of Clouds”, which is festooned with bright and vibrant hues of paintings, glass chandeliers, vivid lamps and numerous window glasses in almost all luminous colors.  A first glance at Badal Mahal, will transport you into an arena of magical colors, like those in fairytales.

Dining Wide

The impressive dining hall within Alsisar Mahal renders some supreme display of colors! Embellished with intricate, rich gold work and time honored paintings of the medieval heroes on the walls are amazing 🙂

Dining Close up

When you gaze your eyes through hand painted rooms, vibrant courtyards and hand knotted rugs each delivers an extraordinary display of colors with different moods. Then be it a jail themed slightly spooky Dungeon Bar, the World War II Lounge replete with a half cut US Army Jeep and British flag with influenced artifacts or the canvas of multiple colors at Badal Mahal, Alsisar Mahal is a mesmeric, unbelievable and fascinating blast of colors in the barren land of Shekhawati, Rajasthan!

Dungeon BarUS Army Sitting

Folks get ready to discover all that mystical about Alsisar at the heritage hotel Alsisar Mahal. And believe us, they  welcome guests with open arms.

So, be there and live a life like never before…

For details- visit their website





11 June Events In Jaipur That You Should Not Miss

June, the month of holidays and relaxation (well for most of the people), is too precious to be wasted by sitting at home in front of your air conditioners drowning in the puddle of gadgets. Some people might want to sit and watch repeated episodes of their favourite TV series, trying to avoid the heat while some look for opportunities and events around the city to go out, have fun and beat that heat. So, if you are one of the latter lot of people looking for a month full of heterogeneous activities, here’s a list of events happening around Jaipur that you might want to explore. 😉

  1. Jaipur Poetry Slam

What can be a better evening for poetry lovers than having it spent with the same group of people, reciting and performing original works? Or you can just attend and enjoy the art of writing and reciting lovely poems on June 11 from 6:30 p.m. onwards in Uno Dos Tres, T 4, Ramesh Marg, C scheme, Ashok Nagar East.


  1. Bartending Sessions

Love for drinks and bartending can surely compel you to attend these amazing, fun and interactive sessions to bartending course organized at The Lalit, Near Jawahar Circle from June 10, 11 a.m. onwards every weekend. Sounds refreshing! 😉


  1. Jashn-e-gulzar

A paradise for admirers of Gulzar, Jashn-e-gulzar is the event being organized on June 12 at Jai Club, Mahaveer Nagar to talk, discuss and appreciate his outstanding contributions to world of poetry, gazals and lyric writing. Do not miss as the event will only last from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 🙂


  1. Rajasthan Fashion Festival

Being held on June 22, 6 p.m. onwards at Birla Auditorium, Statue Circle, and Rajasthan Fashion Festival should be on the top of your bucket list. You surely don’t want to miss the latest trends in fashion and different shades of Rajasthan. The event will take you to the colorful world of Rajasthan’s emerging fashion.

fashion fest

  1. International Yoga Day

International Yoga day is all set to celebrate its first anniversary on June 21 and Jaipur will be celebrating it with equal pride in SMS Stadium from 7 a.m. onwards. Who knows! Attending this event might awake the health freak inside you whom you were trying to wake up since a very long time. 🙂

yoga day

  1. Pool Party

Summers and pool party! Bingo combination. Who would say no to a pool party providing a breath of relief in this blazing heat? If Drinks, Rain Dance, DJ and pool party is all you need to beat the heat then pool party at Zone by the park, Bani park, on June 12, 1 p.m. onwards is the right place for you to hang out.

pool party

  1. Book Barter Social

Attention book lovers! We have a unique and interesting event for you. Being organized in Lounge 18, Jaipur Marriott, 7 p.m. onwards and having Jaipur Beat as its digital partner, Book Barter Social is the event for you to barter your books in exchange of other books and to interact with booklovers around the city. Who knows! You might just exchange your old books and get new ones you’ve eyeing since forever.  A lot can happen over books. 😉



  1. Re-Launch Night of club OHM

If clubbing and partying all night is what you need this Saturday, Club OHM, Theme Hotel is organizing its re-launch party on June 11 from 9 p.m. onwards. With DJ, partying, drinks and food, it will be a weekend well spent. What are you waiting for? Get ready to enjoy the Saturday- Saturday. 😉


  1. Jaipur Gem and Jewelry Show 2016

Being organized in JECC, Sitapura Industrial Area from June 17-19, 9 a.m. onwards, the Jaipur Gem and Jewelry show 2016 will offer you the best three days of your life. With all those glittering and shimmering gems and jewels, you wouldn’t want to go back home. What’s more is the portrayal of Jaipur’s rich culture and artwork via amazingly trendy jewelry designs. 🙂


  1. Saturday Day Party

No late night partying? Not an issue because Fortune Park Bella Casa is bringing you a Saturday day party on June 11, 1 p.m. onwards where you can enjoy clubbing during the day time. Refreshment in the peak hours of blazing summer heat is something no Jaipurite would ever say no to.  Food and drinks cannot be over-looked.

bella casa

11.A night at F Bar

The new hang out place of Jaipur, F bar and Lounge is giving you an opportunity to have an amazing Saturday night with DJ Julia Bliss on June 11, 9 p.m. onwards.  To get the live experience of having fun with amazing DJ, drinks and food, get your gang to attend this event which will make you have the best weekend of your life. 😉



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A Unique Event For All Book Lovers In Jaipur – Book Barter Social

Are you one of those who would hide under a blanket and read through the night in just a flash of torchlight ? Or are you the one who would wait for holidays just so that you could sit in your bed all day and finish reading all your favorite books? When you pick out an old book from your little beautiful library today, do you sometimes wish that you could talk about it with someone as vividly as you talk about it to yourself? Well, here’s your chance 🙂


Yes you heard it right ! With Jaipur Beat as the digital media partner, an event called ‘Book Barter Social’ is being held in Jaipur for all the bibliophiles who will get to be in one room with a mind full of stories and a heart full of life along with some beer and snacks to keep them going 😉


You might have talked about your books with a friend or a sibling, but to truly bond over book love, there is nothing like discussing it with a stranger 🙂 In partnership with Truly Madly – one of India’s best dating and matchmaking apps and Let’s Barter India Facebook which runs  to revive the age old tradition of bartering and provide a platform for like minded individuals to connect, this event is taking place at Marriott Hotel on 18th June.

cover photo-01

The event is a golden chance for all you bookworms sitting in the pink city to step out with your favorite book, and get ready to meet a lot like you who are awaiting to share their stories, journeys and their beloved books with you !!

So what exactly do you have to do? 

You don’t have to pay anything and just register on the following link and we will get back to you with a confirmation.

So pick up your favorite book and come down to Lounge 18, Marriott hotel from 7 pm-10 pm on 18th June, Saturday to gift your darling book to someone and walk away with the beginning of a new story for yourself 🙂

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7 Best Places for Chocolate Ice Cream in Jaipur

“A little chocolate a day keeps the doctor at bay.” If you don’t believe us, try it now 😉 Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day and this day is celebrated on 7th June to make you eat even more chocolate 😀 We can never have enough of the bittersweet flavour so this day provides another excuse to indulge. You have to get your fix of chocolate ice-cream today and we are making it easier for you. Jaipur has many amazing chocolate ice-cream spots, head there today and you can thank us later for a heavenly treat in this summer 😉

  1. Jalmahal Ice Cream parlor

    Be it in the form of a small cup, or a huge meal equivalent Chocolate pizza, the chocolate ice cream of Jalmahal – Jaipur’s oldest ice-cream parlor at MI Road offers really yummy ice-creams. Jalmahal might be very old but the admirable part is that you will see it as crowded as ever and taste of their chocolate ice cream is totally drool-worthy 😀


  2. Flavors

    You will find this ice-cream heaven in MGF Mall. The tastes and variants of chocolate ice-cream here justifies the name of the parlor. The serving style makes ice-creams here even more appetizing, and for best mood results, try the Sundaes 🙂


  3. Statue Circle

    Statue Circle is not just about coffee! The chocolate ice-cream from small shops here is truly delightful especially when dipped in the chilled cold coffee 😀  Not to mention the feel of Statue Circle that comes free with the ice-cream 😉

    Satue Circle

  4. Igloo

    Cute name, ain’t it? Well yes Igloo is a snow hut in reality, and here it is a place where you can go and cool off ! This newly opened ice cream place near Panchvati circle, is innovative and serve some delicious ice cream ! When the owner is a lady who loves ice creams, you know how passionately she will love to prepare them and serve you 😀 .

    igloo zomato

  5. Saras Parlor

    The good old Saras Parlour never fails. It is the best place to enjoy yummy and pocket-friendly food. The chocolate ice-cream here comes in basic cones but the taste is definitely superb. Indulge your chocolate ice-cream fantasies at Saras Parlour in Malviya Nagar or C Scheme!

    Saras Parlour

  6. NIBS

    Nibs is all about chocolate so the chocolate ice-cream here has to be incredible. The rich chocolate flavor at Nibs Café will satiate your taste-buds like no other ice-cream. The good thing is that there are two Nibs Cafes in Jaipur- one in Hotel Ratan Niwas Hathroi and the other new one near MGF Metropolitan Mall in Baisgodam !

    image1 (19)

  7. Softy Corner

    This popular place is located in the narrow lanes of Raja Park. Softies are reminders of our childhood and a chocolate ice cream entices too much. Their chocolate chips ice cream is definitely the highlight and will cool you down just at its first sight.

    Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 😀