11 Things You Did Not Know About Jaipur Metro

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Jaipur Metro completes one full year today. Our Metro runs between Chandpole and Mansarovar providing hassle free commuting to a lot of Jaipurites. We are very happy with the successful completion of a year and wish many more to Jaipur Metro!
Now that it has been running for quite some time, we thought that you would like to get acquainted with some facts about our beloved Jaipur Metro that you might or might not know 🙂 Here they are-

1.Number of commuters is quite high

Initially, many people were apprehensive about the number of passengers in Metro considering Jaipur is not that big a city and traffic is not too bad. All of them were proved wrong very soon as 96 lakh people traveled in Metro in its first year.

2. Revenue
A high number of travelers translates to high revenue and Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation (JMRC) earned a revenue of rupees 10.12 crores in first year.
JMRC’s average daily revenue is 2.77 lakh rupees. We are impressed!

3. First Metro in a tier II city
It is believed that all the modern development takes place only in the 6 metros in India. Jaipur proved it wrong and became the first tier II city to get a Metro train.

4. No Mishaps
Well, touchwood! There have been no accidents in the first year of Jaipur Metro and we hope that it will always stay this way.

5. On time every time
Yes, in a country where trains are infamous for impunctuality, Jaipur Metro has been punctual 99.9% time. We are sure that 0.1% will be covered this year!

6. Empowering Women
Jaipur is the first city to have a Metro station where the staff consists of only women. Shyam Nagar Metro station is taken care of by women from cleanliness to running every other operation.

7. Unique Fare Model
This model won Jaipur Metro the ‘Best Emerging Metro 2015’ award. Ours is the only metro that has separate fares for peak and non-peak hours.

8. Peak Hours make it a good earner
The ridership in Metro during the peak hours is 33% so the higher fare charged during this time gets more revenue. Revenue of Jaipur Metro has increased by 30% during the rush hours.

9. Cheaper Operations
The swanky Jaipur Metro operates at a very nominal cost. Our Metro’s Operational Cost is just Rs. 4 crore/km compared to Rs. 10 crore/km in Delhi and Rs. 7 crore/km for Bangalore.

10. Women Friendly
Jaipur Metro has not only empowered women but it is also more supportive. There are two rooms for lactating mothers on 2 Metro Stations. We are sure that more will come!

11. It’s Strict
The Metro in Pink City is serving people at its best but it doesn’t mean that there is no penalty. Littering at stations is strictly prohibited and there is fine for litterers. 1200 commuters have been fined for littering so far. It will really help in maintaining the cleanliness.

Happy birthday Metro ! Wish you a long and safe life ahead 🙂

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