7 Best Places for Chocolate Ice Cream in Jaipur

“A little chocolate a day keeps the doctor at bay.” If you don’t believe us, try it now 😉 Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day and this day is celebrated on 7th June to make you eat even more chocolate 😀 We can never have enough of the bittersweet flavour so this day provides another excuse to indulge. You have to get your fix of chocolate ice-cream today and we are making it easier for you. Jaipur has many amazing chocolate ice-cream spots, head there today and you can thank us later for a heavenly treat in this summer 😉

  1. Jalmahal Ice Cream parlor

    Be it in the form of a small cup, or a huge meal equivalent Chocolate pizza, the chocolate ice cream of Jalmahal – Jaipur’s oldest ice-cream parlor at MI Road offers really yummy ice-creams. Jalmahal might be very old but the admirable part is that you will see it as crowded as ever and taste of their chocolate ice cream is totally drool-worthy 😀


  2. Flavors

    You will find this ice-cream heaven in MGF Mall. The tastes and variants of chocolate ice-cream here justifies the name of the parlor. The serving style makes ice-creams here even more appetizing, and for best mood results, try the Sundaes 🙂


  3. Statue Circle

    Statue Circle is not just about coffee! The chocolate ice-cream from small shops here is truly delightful especially when dipped in the chilled cold coffee 😀  Not to mention the feel of Statue Circle that comes free with the ice-cream 😉

    Satue Circle

  4. Igloo

    Cute name, ain’t it? Well yes Igloo is a snow hut in reality, and here it is a place where you can go and cool off ! This newly opened ice cream place near Panchvati circle, is innovative and serve some delicious ice cream ! When the owner is a lady who loves ice creams, you know how passionately she will love to prepare them and serve you 😀 .

    igloo zomato

  5. Saras Parlor

    The good old Saras Parlour never fails. It is the best place to enjoy yummy and pocket-friendly food. The chocolate ice-cream here comes in basic cones but the taste is definitely superb. Indulge your chocolate ice-cream fantasies at Saras Parlour in Malviya Nagar or C Scheme!

    Saras Parlour

  6. NIBS

    Nibs is all about chocolate so the chocolate ice-cream here has to be incredible. The rich chocolate flavor at Nibs Café will satiate your taste-buds like no other ice-cream. The good thing is that there are two Nibs Cafes in Jaipur- one in Hotel Ratan Niwas Hathroi and the other new one near MGF Metropolitan Mall in Baisgodam !

    image1 (19)

  7. Softy Corner

    This popular place is located in the narrow lanes of Raja Park. Softies are reminders of our childhood and a chocolate ice cream entices too much. Their chocolate chips ice cream is definitely the highlight and will cool you down just at its first sight.

    Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 😀

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