A Unique Event For All Book Lovers In Jaipur – Book Barter Social

Are you one of those who would hide under a blanket and read through the night in just a flash of torchlight ? Or are you the one who would wait for holidays just so that you could sit in your bed all day and finish reading all your favorite books? When you pick out an old book from your little beautiful library today, do you sometimes wish that you could talk about it with someone as vividly as you talk about it to yourself? Well, here’s your chance 🙂


Yes you heard it right ! With Jaipur Beat as the digital media partner, an event called ‘Book Barter Social’ is being held in Jaipur for all the bibliophiles who will get to be in one room with a mind full of stories and a heart full of life along with some beer and snacks to keep them going 😉


You might have talked about your books with a friend or a sibling, but to truly bond over book love, there is nothing like discussing it with a stranger 🙂 In partnership with Truly Madly – one of India’s best dating and matchmaking apps and Let’s Barter India Facebook which runs letsbarterindia.com  to revive the age old tradition of bartering and provide a platform for like minded individuals to connect, this event is taking place at Marriott Hotel on 18th June.

cover photo-01

The event is a golden chance for all you bookworms sitting in the pink city to step out with your favorite book, and get ready to meet a lot like you who are awaiting to share their stories, journeys and their beloved books with you !!

So what exactly do you have to do? 

You don’t have to pay anything and just register on the following link and we will get back to you with a confirmation.


So pick up your favorite book and come down to Lounge 18, Marriott hotel from 7 pm-10 pm on 18th June, Saturday to gift your darling book to someone and walk away with the beginning of a new story for yourself 🙂

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