The Faluda Trail of Jaipur

Blazing heat and soaring temperature accompany summers especially when you are in Rajasthan but they have their own boon. Since it is the time of the year when you just want to become best friends with your air conditioners, Jaipurites have an alternative which will bring down their body temperatures within minutes. Yes, you have read it right! The scrumptious and mouth watering Faluda ice creams act as the most effective summer coolers and are found all across the city, but have you tried having your most loved summer cooler at the following places?

 1. Jal Mahal Ice Cream, M.I. Road

Serving varieties of tempting Faluda ice creams for more than 25 years, Jal Mahal ice cream parlour has been one of the most loved places in the city. And if you are there, you just cannot afford to miss the special gulkand faluda ice cream 🙂 So just in case you are planning to have this desi ice cream for a refreshing break from this heat, Jal Mahal Ice Cream is the place for you.


2. Indian Ice Cream, Link Road

What can be a better place to have the delicious faluda ice cream than the Indian Ice cream which has been serving us with amazing summer cooler for more than 35 years? Being one of the oldest in the city, it is unique in its own way. Serving Faluda with special Rabri and this is not all, various sizes and flavors of ice creams are there too to make you want more.


3. Sahu Matka Kulfi and Ice Cream, Tonk Road

For all the lovers of Matka Kulfi, this ice cream parlor can be your next paradise. Its special faluda kulfi is one of its kind serving faluda with ice cream, matka kulfi, rabri and fruity syrups all in one. It is not only yummy but even beautiful to look at. Who would want to miss the chance to have all the delicious stuff being served in one cup?Apart from the special faluda kulfi, the parlour also offers a great variety of this desi delight which is so tempting that you would never wish to step out 😀

Beat the heat with these amazing faluda ice creams because summer is a lot more than air conditioners. What are you waiting, step out of your house and relish this Indian Ice Cream 🙂

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