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5 Events in Jaipur to Attend this August

July is over, but there is no end to the events happening in Jaipur. With the very starting of August there are many social events which should be on your checklist this month. So, we are listing here some of the events which you all should surely attend.

1. Teej Festival

teej 2

This festival is celebrated all over India but has an immense importance and excitement in Jaipur. Teej is celebrated very passionately in Jaipur and falls in the monsoon months of July-August. The mesmerizing procession of Goddess Parvati winds magnificently through the Old City of Jaipur via Tripoliya Gate (City Palace), Tripoliya Bazar and Gangauri Bazar with chariots, decorated camels, dancing folk artists, brass bands and royal palanquins for two days i.e 5th & 6th August, 2016.

2. Hackathon’16

hackathon 16 jaipur

Attention! All the technical freaks, who were waiting from too long to learn about hacking, this event is perfect for you all. The event includes Phishing, Keyloggers, Trojans & RAT, Firewalls, Google hacking, Website hacking, etc. It will be happening on 15th August and will be coming to your college soon 😉

3. Jewellers Association Show


The Jewellers Association Show (JAS) is initiated by The Jewellery Association, Jaipur. The show gives you all the variety of gemstones and the most authentic jewellery collections by the country’s leading manufacturers. It is considered as India’s largest jewellery and gemstone show. So, what are you waiting for? Be prepared for JAS which is from 20th – 23rd August at Jaipur Exhibition & Convention Centre.

4. Rajasthan Style Fest


Well, this event is already in motion and you should be there before it is over 😉 The Rajasthan Style Fest is the best platform for all the bloggers, models, photographers and designers. The event has been ongoing from 23rd July and will get over on 13th August, there are various venues – Holiday Inn, Diggi Palace, Blackout, OTB and TBD. You should definitely be there and have a great time.

5. Ugesh Sarcar Live Concert

ugesh sarcar jaipur

Do you believe in magic? Well, believe it or not, Ugesh Sarcar is a well known mind magician who has the ability to control your mind. You might think it’s a myth, but Ugesh Sarcar makes it happen 😉 So, on 27th August, he is coming to blow your mind at Deep Smriti Auditorium. Hope you all would believe in some wonders afterwards 😉

See you all, happy august!

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11 Hindi Movies that happily flaunted Rajasthani fabric!

Rajasthan is a state that is filled with varied colors in terms of everything- food, dresses, jewellery, festivals etc. The clothes produced here are not just famous within the state but throughout which has been a major reason why various movies have used Rajasthani fabrics like bandhej, block print, batik print, lehariya.  They not only define the rich tradition of Rajasthanis but also the vibrant culture of its state.

Some of the movies that involved Rajasthani fabric are-

  1. PK
    The movie that ironically got famous because of its much controversial poster with Aamir Khan holding the transistor, also showcased Rajasthani culture in the song, Tharki Chhokro, and even Sanjay Dutt was seen wearing also wears the traditional pagdi, dhoti and kurta for the movie.


2. Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya
Remember the first time you saw the video of ‘Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki’? The song wasn’t original, nor were he lyrics, but it was the beautiful Alia Bhatt running in a colorful leheriya dupatta combined with a white patiala suit that took your heart away 😉 Apart from this one scene, she was seen wearing all kinds of Rajasthani leheriya viz. shirts, kurtis etc throughout the movie.


The lady of her times, Kajol or her character Simran with those specs and curly frizzy hair reminds us of the old days when she carried a lehariya dupatta on white kurti in various scenes.


4. Hum saath saath hain
Mhare hibda me naache mor , tak thaiyya thaiyya .. This song was shot in Rajasthan and in fact proper Rajasthani ghaghra choli with all the accessories were worn by all the three actresses- Tabu, Karishma and Sonali Bendre.


5. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
In this movie, Princess Maithili aka Sonam Kapoor wears a lehariya saree when she drives with the actor Salman Khan in a car. And Anupam Kher wore a Rajastani turban in one of the scenes.  Also, the actor in side role wears a bhandej shirt.


6. Vivah
Both the sisters wear famous Rajasthani block print kurtis that add colors to their lives and fill in the void that persists in their lives with the loss of one of the girls’ father and the other being chained in whims of society.

7. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
The much popular train scene of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where Anjali in her blunt cut is all set to abandon the childhood love of her life for her another friend Tina and while leaving from the station her red bandhej dupatta leaves her arms to rest in Shahrukh’s abode signifying belonging.


8. Shudhh Desi Romance
Major part of the movie was in fact shot in Rajasthan where proper desi attires couldn’t have been missed as they form a very integral part of our culture.

9. Paheli
Amongst all the Pahelis this movie, the one thing that shined was Rani’s bandhej sarees and the dhoti and turban worn by our very own favorite actor, Shah Rukh Khan.


10. Jodha Akbar- Based on historical romances, Jodha Akbar had its scenes shot in Rajasthan when proper costumes belonging to the state were highlighted to reflect the rich historical background that it carries!


11. Lagaan
Gracy Singh with Aamir Khan, A movie that showed how India was bounded by the chains of colonizers whose rampant behavior had to be tolerated at all times. But in all this chaos, Bandhej wasn’t missed in the village girl look of Gracy Singh !


We had a great time hunting this down. Hope you liked it too.

Khamma Ghani! 🙂

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Jaipurites connected with a cause!

If we look around, there are many Jaipurites who are contributing towards the betterment of our society selflessly since decades. We salute each face in the crowd who are contributing for their unselfish motives.

But here we have a group of 10 Popular People Of Jaipur who are together to take upon the responsibility for bringing the positive change.Influencitial peiple .JPG

These are the people from different walks of life and needs no introduction. They are entrepreneurs, corporate bigwigs, designers, astrologers gathered to join hands for the welfare of the society. The string of people including Rajiv Arora, Apra Kuchhal, Meera Kataria, Rishi Miglani, Surbhi Gupta, Nirmala Sewani, Sunita Shekhawat, Vijay Golecha, J.D. Maheshwari, and Dr.Gunjan Jain, are gearing up to bring a positive change in the society.

Steered by  Gaurav Pratap Singh and Vishal K Swami, “the idea is to weave the network of famed personalities of the city, who are already contributing to the society in their own way. And when they come together not only will the platform grow bigger, but the amount of work done as a service to the society will also augment, as they have the capacity to put forward a strong message for the betterment of the society.”

Issues like organ donation, corruption, cleanliness, education, art and culture, are some of the causes that need more and more attention. And even as we work on these on our own level it is important that we unite together and fight together, so as to achieve better results- says Meeta Kataria

Part of this cause, politician Rajiv Arora, said, “I liked the concept that we should all unite and work for not just one cause but various causes. It is like ‘More the merrier’. If we can create awareness over issues that demand attention, and if we can support a cause that is beneficial to the society at large than we will certainly make a difference.

We believe that these top shots of Jaipur will definitely fight for the betterment of the society and keep Jaipur at priority!

We wish them all the Good luck!

News Courtesy: Namita S. Kalla

(A proactive and experienced writer. In the past she has worked for various newspaper publications and has also freelanced for different magazines)

Catch your Pokémon in this Pokémon special Menu at The Lalit Jaipur

As the Pokémon Go fever ceases to stop and is on an all-time rise with people crossing borders and getting arrested while chasing their Pokémon, one of the best hotels of Jaipur – The Lalit, in perhaps a first, has started a special menu on the lines of this trend and it’s called ‘Pokémon Special‘ 😀


Just in case you ain’t acquainted with this game or let’s say this crazy rage right now, this location based augmented reality game has been developed by Niantic for iOS and Android operating systems. This game requires you to travel everywhere the game takes you and catch your Pokémon and kill it virtually with the Poke ball !

So, to make this excitement flow to the indoors as well, Lalit’s special Breakfast menu comes with an exciting line up of dishes especially targeted for kids ! For starters, have a look at these cute Pokemon bell cupcakes which look like the Pokeballs and are a sheer delight to have 😀


When we talk about breakfast, the first thing that comes to our heads is eggs ! Remember the famous question – How do you like your eggs ?  Well the good news is that whichever kind of eggs you like, none of them have escaped the magic of Pokemon 😉


Pikachu toast, poached eggs and sunny side up, all of them are delicacies which bring an instant smile on your face by just one look, so imagine how you’d feel like when you first bite into this ? Like you feel when you catch a Pokémon :p Also, at the live counter, don’t forget to order a special Jiggly Puff Omelette to begin your day with 🙂

We tried this one, and loved it !


Let us tell you, that this menu has more surprise to it ! When asked a child his favorite animal at the breakfast table, he doesn’t know that he is soon to witness it on his Pokofamily Animated pancake 😀 These pancakes are made in the shape of a kid’s favorite animal be it giraffe, rabbit, bear etc !


Also, for someone with an Indian taste, Lalit is serving Oriental Pokemon Rice with Mezo Soup which is on the main course menu. In this, the rice is served in a bowl which is shaped in the form of Pokémon. Other than this, the interesting things seen on the menu and the counter are marshmallows, Pork Ball Muffins, Piplup French Toast, Pork Ball Pops an these amazing Pokemon cookies 😀


Apart from exploring this innovative and happy menu, you can also host a birthday party with  Pokémon theme at The Lalit and give your child the best present he can dream of 🙂

Chef Sunil Jhajori preparing the special Pokemon Menu at The Lalit Jaipur







Welcome the new Resto Bar in town – Barcelos !

Being a hard core foodie living in the pink city, do you sometimes crave to have a fancy place where you can sit by the bar and order your drink along with your favorite non vegetarian delicacy ? Well, we got good news for you 😀 Enter your favorite place World Trade Park, walk into the Food Street and voila ! Named after a Portuguese town, there stands Barcelos – a South African restaurant chain that serves the world’s best flame grilled peri-peri chicken and other delicious things with a Portuguese twist, launched in Jaipur today.


Already popular in Delhi Khan Market & Hauz Khas and Kolkata, Barcelos has now stepped inside our beautiful pink city beaming with the young crowd looking for such a hangout every weekend. Are you thinking what is in it for you ? Let us elaborate !


Doing complete justice to its name, the place has an exhilarating Portuguese touch to its inviting and well-lit ambiance beating the conventional dingy setting of the majority of resto bars. The wood planks and the artifacts displayed comprise to the comfort and pique of every visitor and even the passers by. The interiors of the restaurant ooze rarity with a large space, a bar on one side and kitchen on another, some random sketches, vivid graffiti, ancient clocks and some interesting stories to read on the walls. Also, the varied varieties of peri-peri sauce dispensers on each table add to the authenticity and uniqueness.




To fulfill your urge for gastronomical stimulation and satiating all the flavors that your tongue identifies viz. sweet, sour, bitter, Barcelos adds one more flavor to this – Peri – Peri ! Begin with a Kiwi Kooler and the grand cum delicious Arabic Mezze Platter if you are in for a great snack that might not lead to any dinner tonight 😉

image1 (23)

If you are a non veg lover, that too the one who likes it spicy, there is no place better than this and nothing better than the Peri Chicken wings. You shall also try the Chicken Espetada which we absolutely loved during our visit.


Also, missing the tiny little yet filling Mini Colour Burgers is a big NO ! They are colorful, joyous, and last but not the least, delicious till the last bite.


Now for your sweet tooth, they have the classic Brownie with ice cream which will mark a perfect end to a perfect evening unless you want to head to the bar, have few drinks, and then begin with the delights mentioned above 😉


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7 Reasons Why Rajasthanis Love Saawan So Much

Rajasthan is a land of many festivals. We enjoy our festivals with great pomp and fervor. As the state is all about colors, there is no wonder that it becomes even more vivid during festivals. Rajasthanis have a special place for Saawan in their hearts as the whole month is full of festivities. Saawan can be touted as the longest festival as every day is a celebration in this month. Besides sprinkles of rain, here are more reasons why we Rajasthanis go crazy about Saawan-



Saawan is the time when the lovely ladies of Rajasthan can show their love for lehariya every single day. Women adore this traditional print but cannot wear it all the time as no one wants to commit the fashion faux pas of repetition. Saawan is the perfect excuse to flaunt vibrant Lehariya prints every day.




This month brings back Jhoola on trees. All of us love to swing high on the jhoolas and our inner child becomes really happy in Saawan. Swinging on decorated Jhoolas with friends makes this rainy month special.


3.Mehendi and Bangles

Mehndi JB

The custom of henna comes back in Saawan. Hands adorned with fragrant orange colors look just beautiful. Every lady loves the jingling sound of bangles but hardly anyone wears them in today’s times. In Saawan, women get to indulge in their love for colorful bangles without having to worry about dress codes.



sawan bhado park

The weather turns cooler and there is greenery everywhere. This makes for the perfect setup for picnics with family and friends. So many well maintained, lush gardens in Rajasthan make picnics marvelous.




Ghewar is a delicacy that makes Rajasthanis wait one whole year before they can gorge on it again. We love to gorge on the decadent flavors of this sweet every day in Saawan month.


6.Saawan Ke Geet

festivals (1)

Dancing on the tunes of Saawan Aayo Re is always fun in this rainy month. Songs related to Hindola (swings), teej, Sawan Ke Jhoole Pade flow in the air of the state throughout Saawan. Ladies sing these folk songs while enjoying rides on a swing.




Teej brings all elements of Saawan together. The festival which pays tribute to Nature is all about women enjoying themselves. They dress up in lehariya, apply henna, bedeck themselves with jewellery and sing while swinging on beautiful jhoolas. Then there is teej procession which splashes cities with many more colors. The dances and other folk performances in teej procession lure not just Rajasthanis but people from every corner of the world.

What’s not to love about Saawan!


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Take a Spiritual Break at ‘Khole ke Hanumanji’ in Jaipur

Click to view image gallery-

A Pilgrimage in Jaipur-Khole Ke Hanuman Ji

After months of hot days and nights we all just love the open skies ready for the downpours. Any Jaipurite would love to explore the city during this time. A ride to Nahargarh, Jaigarh or Amer Fort is the all time favourite. But there is one more place famous for its religious prominence since time immemorial- ‘Khole Ke Hanumanji’ which is preferred by locals especially during Monsoon months.

Khole Ke Hanuman

Situated on Jaipur Delhi bypass ‘Khole Ke Hanuman ji’ dedicated to lord Hanuman is one of the oldest temples in the Pink city. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes the place is favorite amongst locals to host feasts on occasions. This soul-soothing destination which is sat on the hill offers natural beauty to delight your eyes.

Khole Ke Hanuman


Khole Ke Hanuman 2

On one side chanting of hymns, ringing of temple bells and the serene sight makes way to your soul while on the other the tempting aroma of traditional Rajasthani dal Baati fills up your taste buds.

Khole Ke Hanuman 3

The onset of Monsoon sets our mood to visit this place, where every local waits for the invite for ‘Goth’ (a sort of picnic) where people invite family and friends to celebrate any occasion or when their wish gets fulfilled.

Khole Ke Hanuman 4

During this time the traditional cuisine of Rajasthan Dal Batti Churma is being served as Prasadi. Apart from Dal Bati Rajasthani Gatta Masala, Kadhi, Mirchi Ke Tapore and vareity of Choorma’s served on plate are relished with every bite.

Khole Ke Hanuman dal baati

In recent times there has been a lot of development catering to modern tastes. The traditional way of having Prasadi  was to sit on the floor but now it has been changed into table chair sitting arrangement. Also, the city  Development Authority have developed this place with market area, proper facilities of parking, drinking water, covered places for dining and around 20 plus kitchens inside the premises.

Khole Ke Hanuman 1

Have you got your invite from your near and dear ones at Khole ke Hanumanji?

If not, don’t worry, you can book your kitchen and invite your friends and family to take the blessings from lord Hanuman 🙂



6 Photographs Of Jaipur On A Beautiful Rainy Day

With the sweet arrival of monsoon, comes some dreamy sights and the places which signify the pink city look even more beautiful through these tiny raindrops falling from the sky ! You don’t believe us, have a look 🙂

  1. World Trade Park


  2. Paanch Batti after a shower of rain


  3. Sanganeri Gate in the drenched walled city

    sanganeri gate

  4. Trimurti Circle and its glorious reflection


  5. The vivid gate of haunted Chomu Palace


  6. Last but not the least – The bheeghi bheeghi walls of Jalmahal Palace


    Enjoy the weather because finally – Saavan aaya hai 😀

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12 Movies in Bollywood that were shot in the Most Scenic Locations of Jaipur

We’ve all heard about the heritage and traditional locations in Jaipur which gave it the name Pink City. So bring out your explorer animal inside you and go for that weekend getaway that you always keep planning.

Search out, go to these places and be the hero of your life! And be sure to tell me how much have these following changed since the last time I visited them 😉

12.) Bhool Bhulaiya (2007)  : We all remember this movie as it still gives us chills while watching it 😉 Even though Maunjulika got out of Vidya Balan real quick, she might come in your nightmare sometimes. This movie was shot in Chomu Palace, Jaipur which is really beautiful property to visit and spend time in.


11) Shudh Desi Romance (2013)  : “Gulaabi yeh sheher”, oh yes, this song was shot in our gulaabi pink city which was filmed in Jaipur at many places. The shooting of the movie was also in Jaipur at Albert Hall, Raj Mandir and Nahargarh which are the most beautiful tourist attractions of Jaipur.


10) Delhi 6 (2009) : Sasural genda phool! The song which gets the thumping started from everyone was shot at Sambhar, Rajasthan. Sambhar lake, its beauty and not to mention its scorching heat makes it an arguable getaway. But try it out in winter, and who knows you might find your hero there 😉


9) Bol Bachchan (2012) : Abhi’s love for Jaipur is not a surprise, given that he owns Jaipur Pink Panthers, and a part of him has been in Jaipur always (from an interview), Chomu Palace to be accurate. This movie is first in our list, for which you don’t have to drive miles to visit the shooting location. So maybe a semi planned day could turn into something like this!

bol bachan

8) Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (1998): Bade miyan toh bade miyan chote miyan subhanallah! Waahwaah ! Sorry we can’t help it whenever I read these lines! Casting  Anupam Kher, Raveena Tandon, double role of Amitabh Bachchan and Go Go Go Govindaa. This one location no one should miss at all as it brings back all the fond memories of majestic couple of Raveena and Govinda. Shot at Jaipur Palace this one should be at the top of your Bucket List!

bade miya chote miya

7) Jodha Akbar (2008) : The most beautiful movie of all the times had various scenes shot in Amber Fort. Although, after so many controversies the movie was not even released in Jaipur but still it holds the beauty of our pink city.

jodha akbar

6) Zubeidaa (2001)  : The film garnered the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi and also Karishma Kapoor won the Filmfare for best actress. A scene of the movie was shot in Narain Niwas Palace.


5) Paheli (2005) : We all know the movie was not a big commercial hit but it was India’s entry for Oscars and moreover, the locations in which certain scenes are shot are worth going to. Paheli was shot entirely in Rajasthan in a matter of 45 days! Yes, that’s a record! One of the scenes were shot in Chand Bhaori, the famous stepwell in jaipur and also in Narain Niwas Palace. Enough said, GO NOW!


4) Khoobsurat (2014) : This very “khoobsurat” movie starring Sonam Kapoor and the Pakastani charming actor Fawad Khan was a typical fairy tale kind of a movie 😉 One of the scenes of the movie was shot in Amber Fort.


3) Mughal – e – Azam (1960) : Remember the song “deewani mastani” from  Bajirao Mastani of Deepika? Well, that song was a tribute to “Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna kyaa”  which was shot in the replica of the epic historical place Sheesh Mahal in Amber Fort.


2.) Bajirao Mastani (2015) : As Deepika Padukone stated, she was in 10th grade when she heard about Bajirao Mastani. But who  thought because of the cast changes that teenage girl would be the main lead in the movie after so many years 😉 The graceful dance by Deepika on the song “Mohe Rang Do  Laal” was shot in Amber Fort which is one of the famous forts in Jaipur.

Bajirao1 (1)

1.)  Rang De Basanti (2006) : No surprises here if you are from Jaipur, Masti ki Paathshaala at the top of Nahargarh is something which is a second habit of us Jaipurites. Nahargarh fort it is!

rang de basanti

GO GO GO now!

That’ll be all!

(Written by our intern- Kashish Agrawal)