Abhaneri- Your Weekend Getaway!

We know you must have started planning for your weekend already 🙂

In this rainy month of July, when most schools have re-opened & college vacations are coming to a close, we take you guys to Abhaneri, a village in the Dausa district 95 km from Jaipur, which is an apt place to hangout with your friends or family on a weekend in this jolly weather.

IMG_1161 copy

The village lies on the Jaipur-Agra road and is famous for it’s Chand Baori step well & Harshat Mata Temple.

About Abhaneri-

Abhaneri was originally named Abha Nagri, which means “city of brightness” because on a full moon day the reflection of the moon light falling on the water of the step well illuminated the entire city.  But due to mispronunciation, the name was changed. The city is now in ruins, but it attracts tourists from across the globe.

IMG_1105 copy

As you leave Jaipur, you’ve to go through the tunnel that’s been constructed to shorten the distance to reach the Jaipur-Agra highway from Jaipur. Here’s a glimpse of how the tunnel feels if you haven’t been through it yet. 🙂


Following the tunnel, we get to the highway, where the awesome weather with the mesmerizing rains adds to the affection for the ride. This ride to the countryside and the picturesque view gives you a break from the mundane.

IMG_0043 copy

In about an hour and half we reach our desired destination.  The step well and the Temple are built hand in hand there.  The Chand Baori has been made up as a picnic spot too so if you want to get a day off for enjoying and relaxing with your family, this could be it!

Also, there is no entry fee to be paid for the step well. You may find guides there who’ll tell you about the history and the features of the well. The step well consists of around 3,500 narrow steps and over 13 stories and hence is covered by fences from all the 4 sides. Lots of artifacts and souvenirs are also kept there. Such wrecks of the temple remind us of ancient India.  As a matter of fact, even on a Sunday, the place isn’t crowded that much!

IMG_1155 copy

Harshat Mata Temple, dedicated to the goddess Harshat Mata, serves as the other tourist attraction of Abhaneri. It is a temple at a raised platform and is surrounded by certain rocks of different shapes and sizes.

IMG_1247 copy

The weather along with blissful ride will surely make your day. Also, if you are a photography enthusiast or a historian or have a love for heritage, then it’s a must visit place for you. So, what are you waiting for?

Get set for the upcoming weekend and be sure to make it a memorable one. 😉

(Blog and Photographs by an Intern at Jaipur Beat-Pranay Hajela)

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