Take a Spiritual Break at ‘Khole ke Hanumanji’ in Jaipur

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A Pilgrimage in Jaipur-Khole Ke Hanuman Ji

After months of hot days and nights we all just love the open skies ready for the downpours. Any Jaipurite would love to explore the city during this time. A ride to Nahargarh, Jaigarh or Amer Fort is the all time favourite. But there is one more place famous for its religious prominence since time immemorial- ‘Khole Ke Hanumanji’ which is preferred by locals especially during Monsoon months.

Khole Ke Hanuman

Situated on Jaipur Delhi bypass ‘Khole Ke Hanuman ji’ dedicated to lord Hanuman is one of the oldest temples in the Pink city. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes the place is favorite amongst locals to host feasts on occasions. This soul-soothing destination which is sat on the hill offers natural beauty to delight your eyes.

Khole Ke Hanuman


Khole Ke Hanuman 2

On one side chanting of hymns, ringing of temple bells and the serene sight makes way to your soul while on the other the tempting aroma of traditional Rajasthani dal Baati fills up your taste buds.

Khole Ke Hanuman 3

The onset of Monsoon sets our mood to visit this place, where every local waits for the invite for ‘Goth’ (a sort of picnic) where people invite family and friends to celebrate any occasion or when their wish gets fulfilled.

Khole Ke Hanuman 4

During this time the traditional cuisine of Rajasthan Dal Batti Churma is being served as Prasadi. Apart from Dal Bati Rajasthani Gatta Masala, Kadhi, Mirchi Ke Tapore and vareity of Choorma’s served on plate are relished with every bite.

Khole Ke Hanuman dal baati

In recent times there has been a lot of development catering to modern tastes. The traditional way of having Prasadi  was to sit on the floor but now it has been changed into table chair sitting arrangement. Also, the city  Development Authority have developed this place with market area, proper facilities of parking, drinking water, covered places for dining and around 20 plus kitchens inside the premises.

Khole Ke Hanuman 1

Have you got your invite from your near and dear ones at Khole ke Hanumanji?

If not, don’t worry, you can book your kitchen and invite your friends and family to take the blessings from lord Hanuman 🙂


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