Welcome the new Resto Bar in town – Barcelos !

Being a hard core foodie living in the pink city, do you sometimes crave to have a fancy place where you can sit by the bar and order your drink along with your favorite non vegetarian delicacy ? Well, we got good news for you ūüėÄ Enter your favorite place World Trade Park, walk into the Food Street and voila ! Named after a Portuguese town, there stands Barcelos –¬†a South African restaurant chain that serves the world’s best flame grilled peri-peri chicken and other delicious things with a Portuguese twist,¬†launched in Jaipur¬†today.


Already popular in Delhi Khan Market & Hauz Khas and Kolkata, Barcelos has now stepped inside our beautiful pink city beaming with the young crowd looking for such a hangout every weekend. Are you thinking what is in it for you ? Let us elaborate !


Doing complete justice to its name, the place has an exhilarating Portuguese touch to its inviting and well-lit ambiance beating the conventional dingy setting of the majority of resto bars. The wood planks and the artifacts displayed comprise to the comfort and pique of every visitor and even the passers by. The interiors of the restaurant ooze rarity with a large space, a bar on one side and kitchen on another, some random sketches, vivid graffiti, ancient clocks and some interesting stories to read on the walls. Also, the varied varieties of peri-peri sauce dispensers on each table add to the authenticity and uniqueness.




To fulfill your urge for gastronomical stimulation and satiating all the flavors that your tongue identifies¬†viz. sweet, sour, bitter, Barcelos adds one more flavor to this – Peri – Peri ! Begin with a Kiwi Kooler and the grand cum delicious Arabic Mezze Platter if you are in for a great snack that might not lead to any dinner tonight ūüėČ

image1 (23)

If you are a non veg lover, that too the one who likes it spicy, there is no place better than this and nothing better than the Peri Chicken wings. You shall also try the Chicken Espetada which we absolutely loved during our visit.


Also, missing the tiny little yet filling Mini Colour Burgers is a big NO ! They are colorful, joyous, and last but not the least, delicious till the last bite.


Now for your sweet tooth, they have the classic Brownie with ice cream which will mark a perfect end to a perfect evening unless you want to head to the bar, have few drinks, and then begin with the delights mentioned above ūüėČ


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