Catch your Pokémon in this Pokémon special Menu at The Lalit Jaipur

As the Pokémon Go fever ceases to stop and is on an all-time rise with people crossing borders and getting arrested while chasing their Pokémon, one of the best hotels of Jaipur – The Lalit, in perhaps a first, has started a special menu on the lines of this trend and it’s called ‘Pokémon Special‘ 😀


Just in case you ain’t acquainted with this game or let’s say this crazy rage right now, this location based augmented reality game has been developed by Niantic for iOS and Android operating systems. This game requires you to travel everywhere the game takes you and catch your Pokémon and kill it virtually with the Poke ball !

So, to make this excitement flow to the indoors as well, Lalit’s special Breakfast menu comes with an exciting line up of dishes especially targeted for kids ! For starters, have a look at these cute Pokemon bell cupcakes which look like the Pokeballs and are a sheer delight to have 😀


When we talk about breakfast, the first thing that comes to our heads is eggs ! Remember the famous question – How do you like your eggs ?  Well the good news is that whichever kind of eggs you like, none of them have escaped the magic of Pokemon 😉


Pikachu toast, poached eggs and sunny side up, all of them are delicacies which bring an instant smile on your face by just one look, so imagine how you’d feel like when you first bite into this ? Like you feel when you catch a Pokémon :p Also, at the live counter, don’t forget to order a special Jiggly Puff Omelette to begin your day with 🙂

We tried this one, and loved it !


Let us tell you, that this menu has more surprise to it ! When asked a child his favorite animal at the breakfast table, he doesn’t know that he is soon to witness it on his Pokofamily Animated pancake 😀 These pancakes are made in the shape of a kid’s favorite animal be it giraffe, rabbit, bear etc !


Also, for someone with an Indian taste, Lalit is serving Oriental Pokemon Rice with Mezo Soup which is on the main course menu. In this, the rice is served in a bowl which is shaped in the form of Pokémon. Other than this, the interesting things seen on the menu and the counter are marshmallows, Pork Ball Muffins, Piplup French Toast, Pork Ball Pops an these amazing Pokemon cookies 😀


Apart from exploring this innovative and happy menu, you can also host a birthday party with  Pokémon theme at The Lalit and give your child the best present he can dream of 🙂

Chef Sunil Jhajori preparing the special Pokemon Menu at The Lalit Jaipur






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