Jaipurites connected with a cause!

If we look around, there are many Jaipurites who are contributing towards the betterment of our society selflessly since decades. We salute each face in the crowd who are contributing for their unselfish motives.

But here we have a group of 10 Popular People Of Jaipur who are together to take upon the responsibility for bringing the positive change.Influencitial peiple .JPG

These are the people from different walks of life and needs no introduction. They are entrepreneurs, corporate bigwigs, designers, astrologers gathered to join hands for the welfare of the society. The string of people including Rajiv Arora, Apra Kuchhal, Meera Kataria, Rishi Miglani, Surbhi Gupta, Nirmala Sewani, Sunita Shekhawat, Vijay Golecha, J.D. Maheshwari, and Dr.Gunjan Jain, are gearing up to bring a positive change in the society.

Steered by  Gaurav Pratap Singh and Vishal K Swami, “the idea is to weave the network of famed personalities of the city, who are already contributing to the society in their own way. And when they come together not only will the platform grow bigger, but the amount of work done as a service to the society will also augment, as they have the capacity to put forward a strong message for the betterment of the society.”

Issues like organ donation, corruption, cleanliness, education, art and culture, are some of the causes that need more and more attention. And even as we work on these on our own level it is important that we unite together and fight together, so as to achieve better results- says Meeta Kataria

Part of this cause, politician Rajiv Arora, said, “I liked the concept that we should all unite and work for not just one cause but various causes. It is like ‘More the merrier’. If we can create awareness over issues that demand attention, and if we can support a cause that is beneficial to the society at large than we will certainly make a difference.

We believe that these top shots of Jaipur will definitely fight for the betterment of the society and keep Jaipur at priority!

We wish them all the Good luck!

News Courtesy: Namita S. Kalla

(A proactive and experienced writer. In the past she has worked for various newspaper publications and has also freelanced for different magazines)

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