8 Reasons why Jal Mahal is Everyone’s Favorite Hangout Spot in Jaipur

On a beautiful day, when you think about hanging out with family/friends, the one spot that you always think of is Jal mahal palace ! Located in the middle of Man Sagar lake in Jaipur is Jal Mahal which is a famous spot for tourists as well as locals. This place is not just about the Lake palace but also has a various reasons why it remains so popular and close to the heart of Jaipurites 🙂

  1. Mughal Style Architecture: Jal Mahal is an architectural beauty built in the Rajput and Mughal style which is adored by everyone visiting the place. The view is always different and looks even more beautiful at night when the Palace lights are turned on !


Also, newly made gates and sculptures make it look even more beautiful now!

IMG_2954 (1)

2. Landscape: The aura and vast landscape of the place is such that people get attracted to it and find one reason or another to visit it. The weekends are mostly surrounded by a lot people seen relishing the landscape that looks more like a vivid painting ❤


3. Vendors: Jal Mahal is always surrounded by a lot of vendors offering eatables like chana jorgaram, popcorn, bhutta, coconut water, lemonades and even candy floss! Not just this, there are those offering flutes and various games for kids and some local shopping for jootis etc.

IMG_2956 copy (1)

If you want to buy some high-end stuff then right opposite to Jal Mahal is Dastakar Bazaar which offers hand printed clothes.


4. Migratory birds: The Lake is a paradise for the bird watchers because it is a habitat for a lot of migratory and local birds like flamingos, coot that keep settling here.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.34 copy

5. Morning walk: A lot of people also come here for a refreshing morning walk and jog wishing to start the day on a fresh note in the arms of both natural and historical blend. People often offer bread crumbs and grains to the flock of birds there.


6. Amer Fort: Those coming to visit other Forts of Jaipur can also spend some time here as it comes on your way giving you an option to adore this along.


7. CCD: Coffee lovers can also take a sip at a nearby CCD which has a rooftop area where one can comfortably sit and enjoy the view with coffee in hand.


8. Decorated camels: As you walk along the Jal Mahal roads, you will find some interestingly decorated camels on which you can take a ride while enjoying the view around.

Camel copy

Jal Mahal is definitely a place that will always be an integral part of our lives. Don’t you agree? 🙂


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