10 places to chill in Jaipur this Friendship Day

Friendship Day is all about celebrating the day out with your friends, chilling and enjoying every tiny bit of it. Although we know that when friends are together the place doesn’t really matter so just so you have a rocking day here’s a list of all the cafes that you can spend time at. 🙂

1.Tapri Central– Located in front of Central Park, this is one of the places that are adored by everyone. From maggi to pizzas, they serve scrumptious food to eat with an amazing view. It has both indoor and rooftop areas serving as the perfect place to hangout with friends.

tapri 2

2. On The House– Also called as OTH, set in the European style this place is located near Crystal Palm mall. They are famous for their scrumptious Falafel and wide array of cuisines. It is loved by many and in our opinion is worth visiting.

3. Waylay– Sitting under the personalized domes, this is the place where all your friends can sit together without being interrupted by anyone. Perfect for Friendship’s day, right? It is located on JLN Marg in front World Trade Park.


4. Skylights Cafe– The cafĂ© is one amongst the best having a surreal ambience with wide range of food varieties like Italian, Indian etc. Also, they have both indoor and outdoor sitting areas where you can have the time of your life.

taco platter

5. Home CafĂ©– As the name suggests, this cafĂ© has a cosy ambience just like we have at our homes. If you are one of those looking for such a place, then situated in C-Scheme Home Cafe can be the one that you can visit to celebrate with your besties.


6. Curious Life– Serving the freshly brewed and tastiest coffees, this place is the one that you can’t miss. It is filled with the aroma of coffee and is based in front of Deer Park in C-Scheme with a serene ambience.

7. NIBS– All the choco-lovers, NIBS is a muse for you all. From the ambience to the presentation techniques, this place will make you fall in love with itself. You will visit it over and again. It has its branches in C-Scheme and Gopalbari.


8. Brown Sugar–  With Brown Sugar serving the best cakes, they also have a lounge in c-scheme which has both inner and outer spaces to sit. They serve various cuisines which tastes delicious like Baked Pasta.
brown sugar

9. Padao– Situated in Nahargarh, you’d love to spend time with friends with a spectacular view in front of view in this lovely weather. They serve various dishes which you can relish sitting atop on the mountain.


10. Barcelos– The newly opened place in World Trade Park is a lively place which will make you feel like in heaven with the tastiest of food.


Hope you all have a great day and the best place to enjoy with your friends! 🙂


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