6 Things To Gorge on Janmashtami

It’s the day to wish our favorite Lord Krishna a happy birthday today as it’s Janmashtami 🙂 To honor this day, a lot of people keep a fast which they open only at 12 a.m. as that’s when Lord Krishna is supposed to have taken birth. Since you stay hungry all day, there are few snacks which come to your rescue both to extinguish your hunger and to appeal to your taste buds 😀

Here they go !

  1. Kuttu ke Laddoo
    Some buckwheat flour or kuttu ka atta is the standard aata used in food made on fast days. But if you haven’t ever tried, the laddoos made with this aata are even yummier than the normal ones 😉 Try them today !

    kuttu laddu

  2. Dhaniya ki Panjiri

    A traditional Indian whole wheat flour or atta based sweet prepared in the Northern states of India especially Punjab and Rajasthan, Panjiri is prepared as a ‘prasad’ but is something which you can’t stop at just one bite 😉
    It usually includes whole wheat flour or aata, sugar, nuts like almonds, pistachios, green cardamom, dhaniya and desi ghee to keep you in good spirits all day !


  3. Fruit Chaat
    A classic item for healthy fasting, fill it up with more bananas and feel an instant wave of energy flowing in your body today 😀

    fruit chaat

  4. Coconut Barfi

    When Lord Krishna could not keep his hands off the milky sweets, how can you ? A perfect dish to keep your sweet tooth happy today is the coconut barfi especially made on Janmashtami when the coconuts are also sweeter and better 🙂


  5. Sabudana Khichdi

    These scrumptious, healthy and low calorie sabudaane, when tossed into a bowl full of khichdi with vegetables, potatoes, and sendha namak, turns into a whole meal which you will want to keep eating !!


  6. Potato Chips

    We know that no one can eat just one 😉 So fry them in less oil, sendha namak and enjoy these homemade chips that will remind you of childhood today 🙂

    Happy Janmashtami 🙂

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