7 Types of Teachers We All Had

School and College are the best part of one’s life. The memories you make here, you cherish them for lifetime. And it is not just your friends, but your teachers as well who make the journey worthwhile. Today on the occasion of Teacher’s’ Day, we’ve listed the 7 types of teacher we’ve all had, at some point in our lives. Have a look!    

1. The one who let you fall in love
This is for that one teacher who taught us how important it is to fall in love with yourself and others as well. They were the ones who actually made us realize the importance of love and friendship in our life. Any problems with best friends or with that special one, that had the perfect solution for everything. They even made us realize that, it is with the power of love that we can conquer any battle.


2. The one you had a crush on
We’ve all had that one teacher whom we had a major crush on. Not only did the boys loved being around her but she was also a role model for the girls. Although not all of us had such a teacher, Main hu Na gave us major teacher goals and made us dream of having a teacher like Miss Chandni. *Aisi teacher hoti to kabhi class miss na kare* But in reality, many of us had to settle for a Mrs Kakkad. 😉


3. The one who got you
There was always that one teacher who understood us better than anyone. No matter what problem we’re facing, we knew he/she got our back. He/she taught us that it was okay to be different and made us love our flaws. And that was not all, he/she even knew how to make us laugh. What a complete package!


4. The one who had very interesting methods of teaching
We’ve all come across a teacher who had a very unique methodology of teaching. She was the one who made learning fun for us with her new innovative ideas. Classes were no longer boring and we always looked forward to attending her class. 😉



5. The one with dreamy eyes
There was always that one teacher who was very popular among the students. He was like an icon for all. His positive attitude, his charming personality and those dreamy eyes made him everyone’s favourite. Not only did the boys want to be like him but even the girls couldn’t help swooning over his personality.


6. The one who never smiled
Didn’t we all had a very grumpy teacher who never so much as even hinted a smile? Just one look from that teacher and it would scare the hell out of us. He was the reason we would ask our parents to not attend those PTMs because he wouldn’t stop complaining about us. And if we ever saw him outside the campus with his family, there’s only one thought that came to our minds *Kaise jhelte hai gharwale inhe?*


7.The one who didn’t know a thing about their subject
*Ma’am, would you please answer this question of mine?* *Good question, Beta! I’ll get back to you on this tomorrow* Admit it, we’ve all had this conversation with our teachers at least once. These were the ones who never taught us a single word outside the content of our textbooks. While many of us had to hear *Beta exams mein aise questions nahi aate*, the rest of us are still waiting for that *tomorrow* to get our answers.  😛

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Every teacher has some quality that makes them unique in their own ways. They can never be replaced as they’ve a huge contribution in making us who we are today. A big thank you to them all from the bottom of our hearts. Do let us know about the types of teachers you had. HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY !! 😀

Written by our intern: Avni Mehta


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