Rambagh Palace’s Steam Lounge Bar Launches its New Menu!


Some call it the pink city; some call it the Paris of India, but the truth remains that Jaipur is as wholesome as an apple pie. The city oozes joy and is a palette of a thousand colors, each one of which has its own story to tell. But midst all this, it’s Jaipur’s tryst with royalty that shines in its forts & palaces with their intriguing tales, some of which have been heard, and some still stay unveiled.

Like a surreal slice of royalty on a busy road of Jaipur, stands the magnificent Rambagh Palace, which looks like it has been plucked out of a Karan Johar movie set. As you set your foot inside the lavish premises, a mysterious passage on the right hand side leads you to ‘Steam’, a life-size steam engine themed lounge & bar on wheels, and trust us, you are in for a very fancy ride. Making way through the bushes, when you step on to the station like setup, the welcoming breeze and warmth of service crew will prep you for a special evening ahead.



So when we were invited to taste the new entries in their menu last night, we were quite ecstatic and curious to see what could have been added to the existing array of luscious dishes and exotic drinks. We stepped inside the bogie to see the tastefully crafted interiors done in rich sun lemon with hints of cobalt blue adding to the regal side of this steam engine. As we sat and gazed through the glass windows at the station outside, we were presented with a sumptuous menu which has been aptly and cleverly named in railway lingo, yes!


Appetizers become ‘Green Signal’ and while we gave ours, we received a delish platter of Hummus bi tahina and pita bread along with Chicken Harira soup. The queer combination of Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine gave us the splendid kick start that our tummies needed that evening 😉 Other options on the menu were a potpourri of Indian, Arabic, Mediterranean and French delicacies making the foodie experience also a multicultural fiesta.


We went through the ‘Narrow Gauge’ with some steaming ‘Sigara borek’ filled with feta cheese & spinach taking our taste buds on a walk through the streets of Turkey! Through all this, we especially enjoyed the legen -wait for it- dary steam locomotive as they called them – the Italian classic with a little twist – Steam Special Pizza. With fresh cheese, little chunks of chicken tikka, mint and coriander, this Italian favorite made Steam a gourmet haven for us forever. To give it company, they served us an interesting new cocktail – ‘Orange Mint Spritzer’ that literally raised our spirits 😉




After all this, it was time for the ‘Final stop’ aka desserts. Being high on sweet tooth, we ordered a plethora of bonne bouches. Highly recommended is the oh-so-soft melt-in-thy-mouth New York Cheese cake & Ommali – an Egyptian style bread pudding served with palace made cinnamon ice cream that will put a perfect end to a scrumptious evening and make you look forward to the next one very soon.

Watch the video of ‘The Steam Experience’ here



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