8 Places In Jaipur You Must Visit To See Diwali Lighting

Diwali is just 2 days away and we know you are busy with cleaning, shopping, getting houses renovated/painted, or organizing Diwali parties 😉 In this busy schedule of yours, pause for a second and think what makes Diwali so special. New clothes, a nip in the air, the faint smell of crackers, noise and excitement all around, and …lights !! We all light up our houses on Diwali in different ways, but every city has its own way of lighting itself up every year. Among all these cities, Jaipur shines in a way that it feels like it’s truly welcoming Lord Rama after his 14 years of exile and dancing in joy and festivity. So let’s look at few places in Jaipur that you must not miss to see this Diwali 🙂

  1. Johri Bazaar
    Johri bazaar, the market that is famous all over the world for its scintillating jewellery, especially made and found in Jaipur, is seen gleaming with lights on Diwali.c360_2016-10-27-22-10-42-888
  2. World Trade ParkNot a newbie anymore, World Trade Park stands as one of the most posh places in Jaipur to shop, eat, watch movies, hang out and what not. However, it comes as no surprise that WTP wraps itself in the spirits of Diwali in its own elite and glittering way.wtp
  3. Trimurti CircleThe circle dedicated to the martyrs of police force, is decorated subtly with flowers and is not to be missed as it is one of the most famous landmarks of pink city.trimurti-circle
  4. Motisons JewellersHaving one of the fanciest buildings in Jaipur, Motisons Jewellers leave no stone unturned when it comes to the festival of lights. Just like their gorgeous jewellery and interesting building, their Diwali lighting also stands out and makes a lot of heads turn !motisons
  5. Amer fortAlthough Amer fort is well lit all year round and stands as a symbol of pride and history in Jaipur, it oozes a different level of aura altogether on Diwali with its yellow sandstone shining brighter and looking like a golden castle in pink city.amer

    6. Raja Park

    An always crowded area of Jaipur, because of its versatility as it has the power to provide anything to a person ranging from a basic panipuri to a perfect wedding dress, Raja Park gives the feel of a beaming street lit on the festival of Diwali.


    7. Albert Hall Museum

    The State museum of Rajasthan is lit in all the colors that one can only wish to see in a rainbow and even the pigeons that love to rest here are compelled to sit down and admire this exquisite architecture.


    8. GT Bazaar

    The gem of Malviya Nagar for all the foodies and shopaholics, GT Bazaar is lit up and glowing like a thousand stars are falling from the sky to bless the earth this Diwali.

    So keep all things aside, and take out some time to soak into the actual essence of Diwali – the festival of lights 🙂


Maniharon ka Rasta – The Lane of Jaipur Where Bangles Clink & Crockery Cackles

To keep you completely updated in the herculean task of Diwali shopping, gifts, crackers, clothes let us give you the lowdown on what your beautiful city offers, day by day and lane by lane. In the times of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal, nothing can take away the feeling of actually going to the market, taking in the sights and the sounds of a market decked up to take in the festivities. Bargaining on the prices, sharing the traffic woes, cribbing about the state of politics, hearing an anecdote about a tourist from France who bought 100 dozen lac bangles over a cup of tea with the shop owner, while he entices you with his varied wares is an experience which actually unboxes Zindagi.


Today, we take you to ‘Maniharon ka rasta’, a rasta so named after the profession it housed. The Bangle makers lane. The multi-colored vibrant Lac Bangles considered really auspicious for married ladies look amazingly beautiful with the festive clothes.


With millions of color combinations and precious, semi-precious stone embellishments, they are a delight to see and a sheer pleasure to watch. With most Manihars and Maniharins sitting at their shops with their stoves, wooden mallets and raw lac resin, getting one made to your design and specification is a must have experience. Not only do they make bangles but also keep earrings, finger rings, toe rings, anklets, nose rings and souvenirs done in Lac to complete your repertoire.



You can also buy a huge variety of Crockery for gifting purposes from the many crockery shops housed in this lane for Diwali. It also houses some of the older dry fruit shops of Jaipur selling top quality wares, with winters around the corner, this is the best time to stock up on your dry fruits list.


Keep shopping Jaipur, after all, the festivals are all about mingling with people and the Bazaars of Jaipur Capture this essence effortlessly 🙂

A very Happy Diwali to you all 😀


Creating Art Over a Cup of Tea – A Painting Workshop by HobbMob in Jaipur

A cup of masala chai, special vada pao, a brilliant artist and table full of vivid colors !! Sounds like a happy person’s heaven, ain’t it? This heaven was witnessed in this very life at Jaipurites’ favorite tea house in town – Tapri Central.

To pull you out of your regular jobs, school life, college life and home chores, a self-taught artist and writer – Era Tak stepped in to teach painting and splash some flying colors in pink city. A painting workshop called ‘Art from the Heart’ was organised yesterday by a unique venture – ‘Hobb Mob’.


A writer cum artist cum filmmaker, Era Tak is nothing short of an epitome of versatility. Facing the beautiful interiors of Tapri, she positioned her empty canvas and squeezed acrylic paints onto a palette. Soon she began to put together her intense art and talent on the canvas while teaching each one of her students how to paint, one stroke at a time. People from all walks of life could be seen sitting in that workshop, smiling, painting, and having the time of their life, playing with colors and pouring all their creative juices on their little canvas.



Apart from this masterpiece, there could be seen few paintings kept in the shelves of the tea house, symbolizing some intriguing emotions of life. An array of paintings where a woman’s face could be seen half covered with veil belonged to the series ‘Parda – A Veiled Saga’. Another painting romanticized love and depicted the concept of soulmates.



The students were a mixed bag – school students, college students, jewellers, housewives, children, and two women who belonged to U.S.A and are staying in Jaipur to learn Hindi and engage in all kinds of activities that are being carried out in Jaipur. The best part was that along with painting this art from the heart, they enjoyed some delicious snacks and masala chai at Tapri, and later, they could take their pieces of art home as a Diwali gift 😀


Founded by  Vaibhav Nagori and Rajvi Nagori, HobbMob is a creative community where skills, minds and people connect. This amazing concept brings both experts and enthusiasts together and help them to teach people a new skill or acquire a new skill, vice versa. This new venture is based on the idea that everybody has something new to teach and learn. Hobbmob wants to promote creative talent and support people in doing what they love to do based on a strong belief that art brings people together 🙂


Photo-Art Exhibition in Jaipur – A lovely walk into the Monochrome dreams and Colorful Reality


What kind of movies do you like more? Black and white or colour? When you have a colouring book in hand, do you admire it just the way it is, or do you love to surround yourself with lots of crayons and spill all the colours on to the paper? To talk to these two categories of people, two ace photographers of Jaipur viz. Rajan Bhatt (Founder of Mool Foundation) & Gaurav Hajela (managing partner at Pathfynder Solutions) got together to organize a juxtaposing photo-art exhibition displaying an array of breath-taking photographs by the theme ‘Monochrome Dreams, Colorful Reality’. As the theme and name of the exhibition suggests, there are no points to guess that this one was a fusion of black & white and colourful photographs.


Now like they say, it’s not just the destination that is important, but the journey is what sometimes that counts as much. Located in one of the most peaceful and posh localities of Jaipur, Mool Foundation was an absolute delight to the eyes the moment one stepped inside its premises. A little garden on the right hand side along with a long pathway with colourful designed scooters parked as props, led to the gallery. The scooters themselves were the objets d’art to begin with. Painted with eccentric deigns and sketches of Bollywood actors took people back to the era of 70s and served as the foreground for some pictures hanging behind them as teasers 😉


Few steps away were the gallery which was divided into two sections. The left hand side exhibited an array of black and white pictures depicting the beauty of everyday life by Rajan Bhatt while the right hand side exuded a palette of colors filled in life by celebrations clicked by Gaurav Hajela.

The inauguration ceremony of Photo-art exhibition was done by Lamp Lighting graced by renowned photographer Sudhir Kasliwal, the founder of Aayojan School of Architecture – Kiran Mahajan, founder-director of Rajasthan University’s Master in European Studies programme and HOD of Dramatics at Rajasthan University, and Center for French and Francophone Studies – Dr. Asha Pande, Principal of The Palace School – Urvashi Warman and other eminent faces of Jaipur.


The constant flow of visitors was followed by a gala evening in the garden with a dreamy setup, some music and a great stand-up comedy show put up by few boys who made the evening filled with soft tunes and loud laughs.


The second day of the event was teeming with some great artists and beholders who walked along the walls covered by the intriguing captures admiring the simple moments that make each day, each minute and each second of a life worth living and relishing without trying too hard to stay happy. Be it the smiling girl during holi celebration or a crowded street of Delhi, a wedding in Prague or a monk child playing cricket at Ladakh, all the photographs contained moments that were special and worth getting enchanted by.



The day was followed by a private ‘Wine & Cheese’ event along with some very fine music played by the young talented boys and girls.



The last day saw the most crowd as it was a Sunday and people came in one after another to not just see but also talk about the art behind the exhibition and the respective photographs.


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Get ready to ‘Paint it Red’ with Hobbmob in Jaipur

Here when we are chasing life with our boring routines, Hobbmob, a creative community gives us a chance to reboot ourselves through creativity. Hobbmob is coming up with an exciting event for pink city tomorrow i.e. 25th October. The event revolves around fun, creativity, friends and creating an amazing masterpiece. For people who somehow left their passions just because of unavailability of a suitable platform, there is hope again to get back to their passions. So what is this about ? Hint – It will bring the ‘Taare Zameen Par’ for you 😉


You got it right – Painting it is !

Creative networking – For Pink City

In order to reach out to people with this amazing concept, Hobbmob is organizing ‘Art from the heart’ in Jaipur. It gives Jaipurites a chance to spend time with friends and family in a unique and creative atmosphere and do something that truly comes straight from the heart. You now get a chance to hang out at your favorite place – ‘Tapri Central‘ with your favorite people and learn a new art or may be practice an already existing talent cum passion inside you while sipping on Tapri tea.

All you need to do is book your tickets @ https://in.bookmyshow.com/events/art-from-the-heart/ET00047701 and join Era Tak, an internationally renowned artist & painter, who will be your guide and instruct you through a step by step process in creating your own painted masterpiece.


About Hobbmob

Well without making it sound more philosophical then it is, we wish to introduce the people of pink city to Hobbmob – a creative community, where skills, minds and people connect. An amazing concept that will bring both, experts and enthusiasts together, and help them to teach people a new skill or acquire a new skill, vice versa. This new venture is based on the idea that everybody has something new to teach and learn. Hobbmob wants to promote creative talent and support people in doing what they love to do. Hobbmobb also believe that art brings people together. Hobbmob in short is a community for creative networking.


The Founders

Vaibhav Nagori and Rajvi Nagori, founders at Hobbmob, have both at one point realized that it is difficult for people to locate a platform to help them follow their passions. Vaibhav, an electrical engineer with huge experience in International business technology had many passions and has even crossed borders to pursue them. Rajvi Nagori, a financial economist from Boston, believes that people have many passions to pursue however; they do not find a suitable platform to pursue them. Backed with this idea she wishes to create a happy place where people can come and share their skills and creativity.



How it works

Hobbmob, as we all have learned by now, is a creative platform and for all the people of Jaipur who wish to benefit from this community, can very easily become a part of Hobbmob society. One just needs to select his/her Hobbcalling from the list of activities mentioned by Hobbmob, get details about the classes in detail and register for it. Similarly, the experts in creative field can also easily use this platform to reach out to people who wish to learn from them and spread their work. All they need to do is upload their profiles on Hobbmob, show people their work, set their classes and start training.

So to experience this one of a kind networking activity, Jaipur gets a chance to learn to paint. So book your tickets now at Book My Show and learn a new art.

Jaipur, gear up for some creative week ahead.

P.S. – The tickets are inclusive of all supplies so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Date – 25th October, Tuesday
Venue – Tapri Central, Jaipur
Time – 3 PM – 5 PM

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Color Strokes- A curated arts, crafts, music & food pop-up exhibition at Diggi Palace

img_4842-jpgA pleasant almost-winter Jaipur afternoon when the sun catches the deepest of hues of all the kaladeiscopic colors, which is the Color strokes exhibition. As you walk up the rough stone pathway leading up to the understated and traditional architecture of Diggi palace ,the venue of the exhibition, you little expect to be met by a burst of colors, life, and animation as you enter the serene premises.

Multi-coloured marquees and ‘Thelas’ laden with paper lanterns, desserts, jewelry, bags, apparel and what not make the ambiance incredibly carnival like and happy. The theme this year could easily be called Women power or Millennials of Jaipur. A wonderful example of how the air of the city of Jaipur is so steeped in culture and art that most of the exhibitors we met were young women entrepreneurs (with an exception of few creative young men) based out of Jaipur who took up design as a passion and started their venture only a few months to a maximum of 1-2 year back.


The delightful products displayed scream out their passion yet one could see that a lot of time and effort has gone into craftsmanship and detailing. Be it a custom made Jootis, quartz and agate stone coasters, recycle- paper lamps and stationary, painted glass bottles, brocade cows on Banarasi hand woven silk sarees , Gota-Patti chappals, gold-plated silver jewelry detailed with precious stones and enamel painted , wooden clutches, cushion covers and bags with pop art of Jaipur , the emphasis is a new spin on ‘hand-made or hand-crafted.





With a famous tarot card reader, a caricature artist and a cool pop-up café, it is an afternoon spent well.





We have picked out a few can’t- miss, must-visit kiosks for you to check out this weekend.
1. Mode Art – With the Chinese lights flooding the markets, these beautiful hand-made colorful paper lamps are your best alternative to make your Diwali green and ‘made in India’.

2. Rangat – A young Architect , wowed us with her hand painted many-hued faces on glass bottles.
3. Ektaara – Incredible Rajasthan inspired block print, Bagru, Bandhej on indo-western silhouettes.
4. Finesse – A very contemporary and international take on the fabrics and textures of Rajasthan.
5. Tilfi- A mother –daughter duo with their Hand woven sarees from Banaras with their brocade cows and elephants.

img_4995-jpghand made, eggless desserts in Jars and cups; brownies and swirly cup cakes.

7. The Trinket Room – Traditional Gold plated silver jewelry with precious stones.
8. Eclectic Design – Wooden, acrylic engraved and block printed clutches.
9. Kanish – Precious and Semi-precious stone accessories like coasters and clocks.
10. Papyrus Arts – Hand made paper products with ‘mantra’ graphic art.
11. Chikudi – Rajasthani prints and Gota-Patti Chappals.




This is just in time for your Diwali shopping , with just one more day to go, Jaipur you just can’t miss out on this affaire de Coeur with the crafts.



3 Day Photo-art Exhibition ‘Monochrome Dreams – Colourful Reality’ to begin in Jaipur on 21st Oct


Monochrome represents Simplicity!

Perhaps the reason why the world of dreams that represents our simplest desires, appears Black & White, and the worldly realities, on the other hand, a complex structure of colors and actions. Thereby making our lives a fine blend of black, white, shades of grey, and all the different colour schemes.

To portray a myriad range of such perspectives, Photographers Rajan Bhatt & Gaurav Hajela have put together ‘Monochrome Dreams | Colorful Reality’, a photo-art exhibition, at Mool Foundation, starting Friday, October 21, 2016. 

While the former zoomed his lens in and out to seize the seemingly ordinary, the latter focused on capturing the voyage that is life; and together they have attempted to celebrate ‘who we are’ – a look at our lives through a lens, capturing its various shades.


The canvas of life gets painted through the strokes of every day living; strokes that transform the faint sketches into an eternal painting that is life, a metaphor to a never-ending show. But what are these strokes?
Rajan Bhatt
Rajan Bhatt

To Rajan, they seem to originate from the ordinary and mundane every day moments of life that flash with mesmerizing and significantly BIG spurts of joy.

He goes on to say, “As life on earth continues for me, a lethargy, a been-there-done-that laissez faire routine has set in. Fewer things excite me, and boredom now envelops me faster than it did a few years ago. But somewhere, deep inside, the urge to capture what seems BORING to most, and yet must be fascinating to some, doesn’t let me rest. The mundane becomes exciting in the blink of a flash, the flash of an eye.”

Perhaps life is what happens, one boring moment after another, while we are waiting for the big moment to happen and Rajan’s photographs, like magic created by simple reflections in a puddle, like shadows trying to narrate a story, truly reflect the essence of these emotions and feelings, which today, almost every other person can be found experiencing.


Amidst the quotidian routines and everyday chores, what motivates one to get up in the morning and live life like there is no tomorrow? It isn’t a wait or hope for something huge that will sweep them off their feet, but the magic that lies in escaping the monotony and feeling alive in the small celebrations that life offers, if one has the eye to see it”, says the lens man Gaurav Hajela.
Gaurav Hajela
Gaurav Hajela

Celebrations don’t really need to be grand to experience the real joy that life has to offer, they can lie in the sight of a little child excitedly playing on the street, two ladies walking by and breaking into carefree laughter, people splashing buckets full of colors at each other or a couple sitting close to each other and watching the sun go down by the lakeside.

“From filling the black and white coloring books with our favorite colors to growing up waiting for the varied festivals, life has been nothing but a world full of colors and celebrations. That is why one’s eyes and soul yearns for magical landscapes, honest smiles, cultural hues and a blend of all things that make the world a kaleidoscope of celebrations,” he went on to share.
As you’d walk along the walls covered by his captures, you’d find yourself thinking about how it is the simple moments that make each day, each minute and each second of a life worth living and relishing without trying too hard to stay happy.

The event will be followed by a stand-up comedy show ‘Funsum Three’sum’ from 6:30 p.m. onward at Mool Foundation, Jaipur ! 
We suggest you to not give this a miss as the art-pieces will not only take you on a visually satisfying journey, but will also make you travel in the depth of the moments witnessed and lived by the two photographers. And who knows, you might end up discovering your own inherent way of celebrating the ordinary, and life at large.

Date – 21st Oct – 23rd Oct’16
Time – 10 AM – 5 PM
Venue – Mool Foundation, 67 Bajaj Nagar Enclave, Jaipur
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Jaipur’s Affair with Mega Crockery Sale Ends

An amazing ten day crockery extravaganza ended on a successful note with amazing response from customers. The mega crockery exhibition cum sale by Bharat Fine Bone China started on 1st October, where different types of crockery were exhibited for sale. From cups and saucers to gold and platinum plated dinner sets it was a huge crockery affair. Not only was this the biggest celebration of kitchenware but it was the biggest sale of the year too, with crockery available at amazing discounts.


Everybody who visited the exhibition went out with something or the other. It was for sure an amazing delight and many those who visited the exhibition were amazed by the collection that they had seen there. The best element of the exhibition was the showcasing of those crockery wares that is not readily available in the markets.


Their gold and platinum plated collection that is used only for exports was exhibited for the people of Jaipur.  Not only this, their ‘HoReKa’ collection, which is meant for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering was also placed in the exhibition for sale. The denizens of pink city definitely got hold of amazing offers and value for money at this one of a kind exhibition. This was definitely one amazing crockery carnival and for sure the people who attended it will agree with the same.


We are sure that Jaipur city is eagerly waiting for the next edition of the exhibition.

Jaipur · World Food day

‘World Food Day’ Celebration by TEDX Jaipur

United Nations marks 16th October as the World Food Day– a day of action to eradicate hunger from the world. Food is truly a heart connection and to think that about 805 million mouths go hungry in this world is truly heart wrenching.

On the occasion of World Food Day, TEDX Jaipur found an innovative yet fun way of getting this very serious message across. Jaipur Beat was invited by TedX to explore and discuss while mingling with Jaipur’s community and raise the concern over this serious issue amongst all of us.



At OTH Cafe in Jaipur today on 14th October 2016, TEDX brought together people from various walks of life to understand sustainability in food and initiatives to reduce food wastage. Keeping it in light mood, all the guests were made to engross in exciting and fun filled activities.

Food lovers don Chefs aprons and hats to truly appreciate food by preparing delicacies from around the world. The room was soon filled with a happy, busy energy with everybody preparing food, a La Masterchef’.



There was but one rule – ‘Clean plates’ to drill the point across of ‘no wastages’. One prepared only as much as one could finish eating. With sliders, Couscous salad, Bruschetta and muffins on the list, the emphasis was on healthy, nutritious and bite sized foods.

ted x.JPG


Ms Darmendra Kanwar and Ms Aparna Sahai too graced the event and spoke about how food sustainability as a concept is an inherent part of Indian Culture and psyche and how understanding it and implementing the same either through a collaborative and on an individual level is the only responsible way ahead.

We believe  that every effort counts and these small initiatives could really add up to become a sizeable contribution towards the society. As is so wisely said ‘We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children’.