9 Tattoos That Tell the Tales of Navratre

Hi, Jaipur, A very happy Navratri to you. While you read up or get gyaan from all and sundry on what to eat, sleep and dance during this amazingly auspicious and colorful time of the year, we have put together for you yet another way of celebrating Navratri this year !! Now the words ‘ Navratri and Tattoo’ may seem like very unrelated words to be put in one sentence, let alone an article, but here we are taking the very meaning of Navratri literally skin deep.

Each of the 9 days of Navratri is represented by a goddess with a quality associated with her and deeply imbibing those qualities is what the celebration is all about, be it through prayers, meditation or fasting. The first three days represent Ma Durga / Parvati , the next three are for Ma Laxmi and the last three days are for Ma Saraswati. So we figured a very cool way of permanently etching these qualities in ourselves ( literally) which is also an ancient practice in the country called ‘Godna’, Inking or Tattooing 😀

You can do it in many ways, through a Mandala or a yantra tattoo or a Shloka tattoo , an abstract or an art tattoo. A complete yantra tattoo is considered the most powerful of the tattoos.

We have picked a few tattoos representing the 9 goddesses and what they stand for…

Happy Inking guys!


1. Shailaputri – Radiance – Strength , Commitment, and composure


2. Bramhacharini – Organization -moving in infinity


3. Chandraghanta – Intellect -steadfastness and beauty of the mind


4. Kushmanda – Nourishment -Creativity and prana


5. Skandmata – Expansion – skill , innocence , courage and compassion

6. Kaatyaayni – Uniqueness -Union with oneself


7. Kaalratri – Passion -deep rest and dynamism


8. Mahagauri – Bliss-purity, innocence, and elixir of life


9. Siddhidatri – Spirituality – all desires and powers naturally.


So this Navratri, do something different 🙂

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