Festive Season in Jaipur – A tale of Nostalgia !


The season of festivals is already here; the happiness is in the air! The weather is pleasant enough with mild showers allowing you to switch off your air conditioner for some time. No doubt, the month of October brings a much welcome change not to just the weather, but also our lives.  Starting from observing Navratre to Dussehra , Karva Chauth and Diwali celebrations, this is going to be the time when Jaipur gets transformed into the one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

How delightfully we remember cherishing old times when during Navratre, a visit to Shila Mata temple at Amer fort to take her blessings for the happiness and well being was an obvious ritual followed by one and all.

We still ponder about the long disorganized queues we had to take to reach the Amer temple. But over the time, all this was so effectively controlled by administration and today going to the temple is such a comfortable experience allowing us to watch religious faiths and fêtes from very close corners.

When festivals knock your door, the first thing you do is run to shop ! Also, after a long pause of ‘Shraad’ when shopping is considered inauspicious, this season brings a sigh of relief to all the shopaholics and the ones who truly need it. Much before the introduction of “Mall Culture” and the ‘Big Online Sales’, the biggest shopping festival that used to happen in Jaipur was “Jayanti Bazaar Shopping Carnival” where huge set of people used to shop for electronics. Then happened ‘A Touch of Class Exhibition’ a shopping fair at Amroodon Ka Bagh where all and sundry can pamper themselves with fancy shopping.

Coming to the social side of the season, Raas Garba that was predominantly an affair of Gujarat slowly immersed in Jaipur’s own ethnicity. The craze has gone so far now that all open lawns/grounds have converted into Garba ground. One could see the vibrancy and euphoria when men & women of all ages and groups gracefully move on the beats of music in honor of Goddess Durga. No doubt, Jaipur airs beauty and splendor at this time.

We still remember the dramatic representation of Ramayan during Ram Leela in each and every corner of the city with loud speakers on and that aroma of ‘Baad Ki Bhuni Moongfali’.  Who can forget the long wait for the Chief Guest so that Ram ji can conquer Raavan at the Adarsh Nagar Ramleela ground followed by amazing firework show?

Jaipur’s night view has its own charm since times immemorial. Every year on Choti Diwali/Roop Chaudas, we are excited for a late night drive in the walled city to see the Diwali decorations, even if it means being stuck in traffic jams for hours, it is always worth the hassle.  Keeping alive that tradition, decorations at few new buildings such as World Trade Park and Motisons are the added attractions that we have started fancying over the years.


Alas! The only thing that has not changed is the wait for ‘Diwali Milan’ or ‘Diwali get-together’ where we catch up with all our friends and relatives over a taash game, chitchat, leg-pulling while enjoying the feast.

So guys, best of the year is right here 🙂


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