6 Reasons why you should not miss the ‘Mega Crockery Sale’ in Jaipur

Diwali is probably the most opportune time when people redo their homes and decorate it with new accessories. Kitchens are definitely the most important and even auspicious place in one’s home. To brighten up your kitchen with new accessories, Ceramic Tableware Pvt Ltd has come up with an amazing exhibition of its crockery line, Bharat Fine Bone China at Rajput Sabha Bhawan, Jaipur.


One of the leading brands in crockery, Bharat has its presence all across the country. All of you definitely have one or the other piece from their crockery line in your kitchens already. Here is why you should not miss this sale:-

1) The King Size Dining Sets

Yes, Bharat Fine Bone china has dining sets of 58 – 60 Pieces, the biggest you have ever seen. Not only this you can dine like a real king or queen in their dining sets. As these sets decorated with pure gold and platinum. Now this is royalty isn’t it?


2) The Swarovski Connection

Ceramic Tableware Pvt Ltd definitely takes designing to the next level with their Swarovski decorated crockery. It is not everywhere that you find such a huge commitment to design especially when it comes to crockery.


3) Variety, Simplicity & Design

The combination of design and simplicity is very hard to find. But this exhibition exudes immense variety and designs in its crockery but yet keeps it subtle. With kitchenware ranging from Cup & Saucers sets to Lemon sets and soup sets, you will find it all at one place.


4) Diwali Gifting

When in doubt about what to gift friends for Diwali, gift kitchenware, because you can never go wrong with crockery. You can easily find the best coffee mug sets and pudding sets to give to your closest friends and family members at the exhibition.


5) Touch of Luxury

How many times does it happen that people visit hotels and restaurants and are captivated by their crockery? Very few people are aware that Bharat has its own range of kitchenware for hotels, restaurants and catering. Luckily for us this exhibition also houses this luxurious range as well, which is otherwise meant only for hospitality industry.


6) Huge Discounts

We did save the best for the last. Not only this exhibition brings with it variety, design, luxury and what not but also comes along with huge discounts. Well it definitely cannot get better than this.


For sure you are not going to wait anymore to go and splurge at this exhibition. Hurry the exhibition is on till 10th October.

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