10 Sins to Drop Immediately for the sake of your city 

Today when the priority of the government is Swachh Bharat and Smart cities, in order to support them in this endeavor it is very important for all the citizens to drop certain habits and acquire some. On this festival of Dusshera, which symbolizes victory of good over evil, we bring to you 10 practices that you should give up immediately to make Jaipur a clean and green city.

1.) Traffic Sense – Everyone is in a hurry to reach their destinations and there is hardly any reason why they shouldn’t. However, the honking, the screaming, breaking traffic rules or swearing and cursing is not going to make the journey any faster.  So, you better quit it as fast as possible.


2.) Littering at Public Places – Imagine the hard work you put in to clean your houses on Diwali. Now imagine the hard work that will go in cleaning the whole city and then maintaining it that way. Let’s save the government all that effort and avoid littering our city.


3.) Spitting on roads – It is harmful for people who chew tobacco and it’s harmful for the whole city when they spit it out on the roads of our ‘Pink City’.  Quit Spitting in public or even better quit chewing Tobacco.


4.) Ruining government property – Before you take government property for granted remember a lot of your tax money has gone into creating it and a lot more is going to be spent on maintaining it. Hope this will be a reason enough to maintain government property.


5.)  Not contributing to a safer Environment – We are dwellers of the same city and we all owe a responsibility to each other, to make this society a safer place to live in. When we stop ourselves from speaking against any act that is not favorable to the society we become as much responsible for the act as the culprit himself. So let’s raise our voices in favor of well being of our city.


6.) Not caring about public transport – Let’s take a minute and think about the various comforts that have been provided to us in form of public transport. Now that we realize its importance, let’s take a vow to do our bit and maintain the facilities provided to us in exchange for so little.


7.) Not contributing to a peaceful Society – The primary factor to create a better city is to give up on practices that are hindrance in maintaining peace of the city like picking up fights unnecessarily, dropping garbage outside someone else’s house, etc.


8.) No Citizen participation – As much the citizens of a city are aware of their surroundings and participate in the upkeep of their city so much the city is bound to grow.


9.) Breaking the law – By no means is it possible to not follow rules of law and then expect the betterment of the city ? A city’s growth rate is directly proportional to the abidance of law by its citizen.


10.) Practicing intolerance – Accepting people as they are and accepting differences does not only make a city a better place but also makes one a better person. Practicing tolerance comes with its own benefits.

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