‘World Food Day’ Celebration by TEDX Jaipur

United Nations marks 16th October as the World Food Day– a day of action to eradicate hunger from the world. Food is truly a heart connection and to think that about 805 million mouths go hungry in this world is truly heart wrenching.

On the occasion of World Food Day, TEDX Jaipur found an innovative yet fun way of getting this very serious message across. Jaipur Beat was invited by TedX to explore and discuss while mingling with Jaipur’s community and raise the concern over this serious issue amongst all of us.



At OTH Cafe in Jaipur today on 14th October 2016, TEDX brought together people from various walks of life to understand sustainability in food and initiatives to reduce food wastage. Keeping it in light mood, all the guests were made to engross in exciting and fun filled activities.

Food lovers don Chefs aprons and hats to truly appreciate food by preparing delicacies from around the world. The room was soon filled with a happy, busy energy with everybody preparing food, a La Masterchef’.



There was but one rule – ‘Clean plates’ to drill the point across of ‘no wastages’. One prepared only as much as one could finish eating. With sliders, Couscous salad, Bruschetta and muffins on the list, the emphasis was on healthy, nutritious and bite sized foods.

ted x.JPG


Ms Darmendra Kanwar and Ms Aparna Sahai too graced the event and spoke about how food sustainability as a concept is an inherent part of Indian Culture and psyche and how understanding it and implementing the same either through a collaborative and on an individual level is the only responsible way ahead.

We believe  that every effort counts and these small initiatives could really add up to become a sizeable contribution towards the society. As is so wisely said ‘We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children’.


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