3 Day Photo-art Exhibition ‘Monochrome Dreams – Colourful Reality’ to begin in Jaipur on 21st Oct


Monochrome represents Simplicity!

Perhaps the reason why the world of dreams that represents our simplest desires, appears Black & White, and the worldly realities, on the other hand, a complex structure of colors and actions. Thereby making our lives a fine blend of black, white, shades of grey, and all the different colour schemes.

To portray a myriad range of such perspectives, Photographers Rajan Bhatt & Gaurav Hajela have put together ‘Monochrome Dreams | Colorful Reality’, a photo-art exhibition, at Mool Foundation, starting Friday, October 21, 2016. 

While the former zoomed his lens in and out to seize the seemingly ordinary, the latter focused on capturing the voyage that is life; and together they have attempted to celebrate ‘who we are’ – a look at our lives through a lens, capturing its various shades.


The canvas of life gets painted through the strokes of every day living; strokes that transform the faint sketches into an eternal painting that is life, a metaphor to a never-ending show. But what are these strokes?
Rajan Bhatt
Rajan Bhatt

To Rajan, they seem to originate from the ordinary and mundane every day moments of life that flash with mesmerizing and significantly BIG spurts of joy.

He goes on to say, “As life on earth continues for me, a lethargy, a been-there-done-that laissez faire routine has set in. Fewer things excite me, and boredom now envelops me faster than it did a few years ago. But somewhere, deep inside, the urge to capture what seems BORING to most, and yet must be fascinating to some, doesn’t let me rest. The mundane becomes exciting in the blink of a flash, the flash of an eye.”

Perhaps life is what happens, one boring moment after another, while we are waiting for the big moment to happen and Rajan’s photographs, like magic created by simple reflections in a puddle, like shadows trying to narrate a story, truly reflect the essence of these emotions and feelings, which today, almost every other person can be found experiencing.


Amidst the quotidian routines and everyday chores, what motivates one to get up in the morning and live life like there is no tomorrow? It isn’t a wait or hope for something huge that will sweep them off their feet, but the magic that lies in escaping the monotony and feeling alive in the small celebrations that life offers, if one has the eye to see it”, says the lens man Gaurav Hajela.
Gaurav Hajela
Gaurav Hajela

Celebrations don’t really need to be grand to experience the real joy that life has to offer, they can lie in the sight of a little child excitedly playing on the street, two ladies walking by and breaking into carefree laughter, people splashing buckets full of colors at each other or a couple sitting close to each other and watching the sun go down by the lakeside.

“From filling the black and white coloring books with our favorite colors to growing up waiting for the varied festivals, life has been nothing but a world full of colors and celebrations. That is why one’s eyes and soul yearns for magical landscapes, honest smiles, cultural hues and a blend of all things that make the world a kaleidoscope of celebrations,” he went on to share.
As you’d walk along the walls covered by his captures, you’d find yourself thinking about how it is the simple moments that make each day, each minute and each second of a life worth living and relishing without trying too hard to stay happy.

The event will be followed by a stand-up comedy show ‘Funsum Three’sum’ from 6:30 p.m. onward at Mool Foundation, Jaipur ! 
We suggest you to not give this a miss as the art-pieces will not only take you on a visually satisfying journey, but will also make you travel in the depth of the moments witnessed and lived by the two photographers. And who knows, you might end up discovering your own inherent way of celebrating the ordinary, and life at large.

Date – 21st Oct – 23rd Oct’16
Time – 10 AM – 5 PM
Venue – Mool Foundation, 67 Bajaj Nagar Enclave, Jaipur

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