Get ready to ‘Paint it Red’ with Hobbmob in Jaipur

Here when we are chasing life with our boring routines, Hobbmob, a creative community gives us a chance to reboot ourselves through creativity. Hobbmob is coming up with an exciting event for pink city tomorrow i.e. 25th October. The event revolves around fun, creativity, friends and creating an amazing masterpiece. For people who somehow left their passions just because of unavailability of a suitable platform, there is hope again to get back to their passions. So what is this about ? Hint – It will bring the ‘Taare Zameen Par’ for you 😉


You got it right – Painting it is !

Creative networking – For Pink City

In order to reach out to people with this amazing concept, Hobbmob is organizing ‘Art from the heart’ in Jaipur. It gives Jaipurites a chance to spend time with friends and family in a unique and creative atmosphere and do something that truly comes straight from the heart. You now get a chance to hang out at your favorite place – ‘Tapri Central‘ with your favorite people and learn a new art or may be practice an already existing talent cum passion inside you while sipping on Tapri tea.

All you need to do is book your tickets @ and join Era Tak, an internationally renowned artist & painter, who will be your guide and instruct you through a step by step process in creating your own painted masterpiece.


About Hobbmob

Well without making it sound more philosophical then it is, we wish to introduce the people of pink city to Hobbmob – a creative community, where skills, minds and people connect. An amazing concept that will bring both, experts and enthusiasts together, and help them to teach people a new skill or acquire a new skill, vice versa. This new venture is based on the idea that everybody has something new to teach and learn. Hobbmob wants to promote creative talent and support people in doing what they love to do. Hobbmobb also believe that art brings people together. Hobbmob in short is a community for creative networking.


The Founders

Vaibhav Nagori and Rajvi Nagori, founders at Hobbmob, have both at one point realized that it is difficult for people to locate a platform to help them follow their passions. Vaibhav, an electrical engineer with huge experience in International business technology had many passions and has even crossed borders to pursue them. Rajvi Nagori, a financial economist from Boston, believes that people have many passions to pursue however; they do not find a suitable platform to pursue them. Backed with this idea she wishes to create a happy place where people can come and share their skills and creativity.



How it works

Hobbmob, as we all have learned by now, is a creative platform and for all the people of Jaipur who wish to benefit from this community, can very easily become a part of Hobbmob society. One just needs to select his/her Hobbcalling from the list of activities mentioned by Hobbmob, get details about the classes in detail and register for it. Similarly, the experts in creative field can also easily use this platform to reach out to people who wish to learn from them and spread their work. All they need to do is upload their profiles on Hobbmob, show people their work, set their classes and start training.

So to experience this one of a kind networking activity, Jaipur gets a chance to learn to paint. So book your tickets now at Book My Show and learn a new art.

Jaipur, gear up for some creative week ahead.

P.S. – The tickets are inclusive of all supplies so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Date – 25th October, Tuesday
Venue – Tapri Central, Jaipur
Time – 3 PM – 5 PM

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