Photo-Art Exhibition in Jaipur – A lovely walk into the Monochrome dreams and Colorful Reality


What kind of movies do you like more? Black and white or colour? When you have a colouring book in hand, do you admire it just the way it is, or do you love to surround yourself with lots of crayons and spill all the colours on to the paper? To talk to these two categories of people, two ace photographers of Jaipur viz. Rajan Bhatt (Founder of Mool Foundation) & Gaurav Hajela (managing partner at Pathfynder Solutions) got together to organize a juxtaposing photo-art exhibition displaying an array of breath-taking photographs by the theme ‘Monochrome Dreams, Colorful Reality’. As the theme and name of the exhibition suggests, there are no points to guess that this one was a fusion of black & white and colourful photographs.


Now like they say, it’s not just the destination that is important, but the journey is what sometimes that counts as much. Located in one of the most peaceful and posh localities of Jaipur, Mool Foundation was an absolute delight to the eyes the moment one stepped inside its premises. A little garden on the right hand side along with a long pathway with colourful designed scooters parked as props, led to the gallery. The scooters themselves were the objets d’art to begin with. Painted with eccentric deigns and sketches of Bollywood actors took people back to the era of 70s and served as the foreground for some pictures hanging behind them as teasers 😉


Few steps away were the gallery which was divided into two sections. The left hand side exhibited an array of black and white pictures depicting the beauty of everyday life by Rajan Bhatt while the right hand side exuded a palette of colors filled in life by celebrations clicked by Gaurav Hajela.

The inauguration ceremony of Photo-art exhibition was done by Lamp Lighting graced by renowned photographer Sudhir Kasliwal, the founder of Aayojan School of Architecture – Kiran Mahajan, founder-director of Rajasthan University’s Master in European Studies programme and HOD of Dramatics at Rajasthan University, and Center for French and Francophone Studies – Dr. Asha Pande, Principal of The Palace School – Urvashi Warman and other eminent faces of Jaipur.


The constant flow of visitors was followed by a gala evening in the garden with a dreamy setup, some music and a great stand-up comedy show put up by few boys who made the evening filled with soft tunes and loud laughs.


The second day of the event was teeming with some great artists and beholders who walked along the walls covered by the intriguing captures admiring the simple moments that make each day, each minute and each second of a life worth living and relishing without trying too hard to stay happy. Be it the smiling girl during holi celebration or a crowded street of Delhi, a wedding in Prague or a monk child playing cricket at Ladakh, all the photographs contained moments that were special and worth getting enchanted by.



The day was followed by a private ‘Wine & Cheese’ event along with some very fine music played by the young talented boys and girls.



The last day saw the most crowd as it was a Sunday and people came in one after another to not just see but also talk about the art behind the exhibition and the respective photographs.


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