Creating Art Over a Cup of Tea – A Painting Workshop by HobbMob in Jaipur

A cup of masala chai, special vada pao, a brilliant artist and table full of vivid colors !! Sounds like a happy person’s heaven, ain’t it? This heaven was witnessed in this very life at Jaipurites’ favorite tea house in town – Tapri Central.

To pull you out of your regular jobs, school life, college life and home chores, a self-taught artist and writer – Era Tak stepped in to teach painting and splash some flying colors in pink city. A painting workshop called ‘Art from the Heart’ was organised yesterday by a unique venture – ‘Hobb Mob’.


A writer cum artist cum filmmaker, Era Tak is nothing short of an epitome of versatility. Facing the beautiful interiors of Tapri, she positioned her empty canvas and squeezed acrylic paints onto a palette. Soon she began to put together her intense art and talent on the canvas while teaching each one of her students how to paint, one stroke at a time. People from all walks of life could be seen sitting in that workshop, smiling, painting, and having the time of their life, playing with colors and pouring all their creative juices on their little canvas.



Apart from this masterpiece, there could be seen few paintings kept in the shelves of the tea house, symbolizing some intriguing emotions of life. An array of paintings where a woman’s face could be seen half covered with veil belonged to the series ‘Parda – A Veiled Saga’. Another painting romanticized love and depicted the concept of soulmates.



The students were a mixed bag – school students, college students, jewellers, housewives, children, and two women who belonged to U.S.A and are staying in Jaipur to learn Hindi and engage in all kinds of activities that are being carried out in Jaipur. The best part was that along with painting this art from the heart, they enjoyed some delicious snacks and masala chai at Tapri, and later, they could take their pieces of art home as a Diwali gift 😀


Founded by  Vaibhav Nagori and Rajvi Nagori, HobbMob is a creative community where skills, minds and people connect. This amazing concept brings both experts and enthusiasts together and help them to teach people a new skill or acquire a new skill, vice versa. This new venture is based on the idea that everybody has something new to teach and learn. Hobbmob wants to promote creative talent and support people in doing what they love to do based on a strong belief that art brings people together 🙂

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