Maniharon ka Rasta – The Lane of Jaipur Where Bangles Clink & Crockery Cackles

To keep you completely updated in the herculean task of Diwali shopping, gifts, crackers, clothes let us give you the lowdown on what your beautiful city offers, day by day and lane by lane. In the times of Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal, nothing can take away the feeling of actually going to the market, taking in the sights and the sounds of a market decked up to take in the festivities. Bargaining on the prices, sharing the traffic woes, cribbing about the state of politics, hearing an anecdote about a tourist from France who bought 100 dozen lac bangles over a cup of tea with the shop owner, while he entices you with his varied wares is an experience which actually unboxes Zindagi.


Today, we take you to ‘Maniharon ka rasta’, a rasta so named after the profession it housed. The Bangle makers lane. The multi-colored vibrant Lac Bangles considered really auspicious for married ladies look amazingly beautiful with the festive clothes.


With millions of color combinations and precious, semi-precious stone embellishments, they are a delight to see and a sheer pleasure to watch. With most Manihars and Maniharins sitting at their shops with their stoves, wooden mallets and raw lac resin, getting one made to your design and specification is a must have experience. Not only do they make bangles but also keep earrings, finger rings, toe rings, anklets, nose rings and souvenirs done in Lac to complete your repertoire.



You can also buy a huge variety of Crockery for gifting purposes from the many crockery shops housed in this lane for Diwali. It also houses some of the older dry fruit shops of Jaipur selling top quality wares, with winters around the corner, this is the best time to stock up on your dry fruits list.


Keep shopping Jaipur, after all, the festivals are all about mingling with people and the Bazaars of Jaipur Capture this essence effortlessly 🙂

A very Happy Diwali to you all 😀

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