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Jaipur’s Affair with Mega Crockery Sale Ends

An amazing ten day crockery extravaganza ended on a successful note with amazing response from customers. The mega crockery exhibition cum sale by Bharat Fine Bone China started on 1st October, where different types of crockery were exhibited for sale. From cups and saucers to gold and platinum plated dinner sets it was a huge crockery affair. Not only was this the biggest celebration of kitchenware but it was the biggest sale of the year too, with crockery available at amazing discounts.


Everybody who visited the exhibition went out with something or the other. It was for sure an amazing delight and many those who visited the exhibition were amazed by the collection that they had seen there. The best element of the exhibition was the showcasing of those crockery wares that is not readily available in the markets.


Their gold and platinum plated collection that is used only for exports was exhibited for the people of Jaipur.  Not only this, their ‘HoReKa’ collection, which is meant for Hotels, Restaurants and Catering was also placed in the exhibition for sale. The denizens of pink city definitely got hold of amazing offers and value for money at this one of a kind exhibition. This was definitely one amazing crockery carnival and for sure the people who attended it will agree with the same.


We are sure that Jaipur city is eagerly waiting for the next edition of the exhibition.

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‘World Food Day’ Celebration by TEDX Jaipur

United Nations marks 16th October as the World Food Day– a day of action to eradicate hunger from the world. Food is truly a heart connection and to think that about 805 million mouths go hungry in this world is truly heart wrenching.

On the occasion of World Food Day, TEDX Jaipur found an innovative yet fun way of getting this very serious message across. Jaipur Beat was invited by TedX to explore and discuss while mingling with Jaipur’s community and raise the concern over this serious issue amongst all of us.



At OTH Cafe in Jaipur today on 14th October 2016, TEDX brought together people from various walks of life to understand sustainability in food and initiatives to reduce food wastage. Keeping it in light mood, all the guests were made to engross in exciting and fun filled activities.

Food lovers don Chefs aprons and hats to truly appreciate food by preparing delicacies from around the world. The room was soon filled with a happy, busy energy with everybody preparing food, a La Masterchef’.



There was but one rule – ‘Clean plates’ to drill the point across of ‘no wastages’. One prepared only as much as one could finish eating. With sliders, Couscous salad, Bruschetta and muffins on the list, the emphasis was on healthy, nutritious and bite sized foods.

ted x.JPG


Ms Darmendra Kanwar and Ms Aparna Sahai too graced the event and spoke about how food sustainability as a concept is an inherent part of Indian Culture and psyche and how understanding it and implementing the same either through a collaborative and on an individual level is the only responsible way ahead.

We believe  that every effort counts and these small initiatives could really add up to become a sizeable contribution towards the society. As is so wisely said ‘We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children’.



Rashtriya Amrita Haat – A Cultural Shopping Extravaganza at JKK, Jaipur

Jaipur is a city full of culture hues, handicrafts, artworks, festivals and all things colorful, but it only gets better and happier when the festival of Diwali is just few days away. So what do people do at this time? Clean their houses, get them painted, and do their favorite thing – Shopping 😉 To cater to their needs, the department of women and child development hosted a week-long exhibition – Rashtriya Amrita Haat at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur.


Held from 6th Oct – 14th Oct, Amrita Haat displayed 126 stalls showcasing a terrific array of products manufactured by women’s self-help groups from six states viz. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand & Punjab.



Inaugurated by Women & Child Development Minister, Anita Bhadel, the exhibition was a palette of colors and a perfect place to shop at if you want to catch a whiff of various cultures blended and borne by some beautiful and unique products.




The culture of Rajasthan was seen beaming in the cheerful puppets, pretty tie & dye clothes like dupattas, sarees, kurtis & skirts, bangles, Rajasthani jutis, Diwali decoratives etc. Other things displayed included handloom and terracotta items, handicraft goods, artifacts, marble products, artificial jewellery, diyas, designer candles, clothes with zari work, paper mache items and decorative objects are on display at the haat in a rural setting.


Nukkad Natak.jpg
Nukkad Natak

The stalls could be seen handled by women, old couples and children which makes the effort a special one. It had a great footfall with a lot of people shopping passionately especially for new clothes and home decor as Diwali is around the corner. Apart from shopping, people could be seen enjoying the ‘Nukkad Naatak’ and to end it all with a great taste, they could be seen relishing the incredible variety of food including chaat, continental and Indian food 🙂


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Jaipur’s Knight gets shining Armor for city’s less fortunate

Many a times, people see others who are less fortunate than them and sympathize with them as well as plan to do something for them one day when they have enough resources. In such times it is great to hear stories about people, who move out of their comfort zone to help their less fortunate brothers and sisters, without any resources but a strong will to bring a change in the society.

One such story is of Ashwini Parashar, a 3rd year medical student of S.M.S. medical college, Jaipur. Recently we learned that he goes around the streets of Jaipur city at night and helps those in need, by distributing clothes among them. Ashwini sources old clothes, gets them cleaned and ironed and then distributes them among the needy.


On being asked how this initiative started he mentioned that while having tea with his friends at a tea stall, late night, he saw a poor man sleeping in his innerwear. He approached him and asked him if he didn’t have clothes to which the guy replied that obviously he doesn’t. Ashwini arranged some clothes for him and that was when it struck him that there may be so many people in the city just like that man he had helped. From that day onwards there was no looking back. Ashwini started collecting clothes and distributing them.


Another reason that has given him encouragement to pursue this is the deteriorating situation of medical ethics. He expresses his grief over the fact that due to certain activities, like strikes by Doctors or greedy practices by a few among this huge community, people have started doubting the integrity of this profession. Ashwini believes that this practice of his can bring about a change in that attitude.


Many people have joined Ashwini’s initiative, after learning about his mission some doctors from Delhi have said that they are happy about it and they will initiate it in the national capital as well. Ashwini himself is very excited that people are coming up to help him in this endeavor. He says that name and fame doesn’t affect him, all he cares about is that this initiative should not stop. He states that he wants to pursue this forever, the arrangement of his service may change in future but he is never going to give up on this ever.

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10 Sins to Drop Immediately for the sake of your city 

Today when the priority of the government is Swachh Bharat and Smart cities, in order to support them in this endeavor it is very important for all the citizens to drop certain habits and acquire some. On this festival of Dusshera, which symbolizes victory of good over evil, we bring to you 10 practices that you should give up immediately to make Jaipur a clean and green city.

1.) Traffic Sense – Everyone is in a hurry to reach their destinations and there is hardly any reason why they shouldn’t. However, the honking, the screaming, breaking traffic rules or swearing and cursing is not going to make the journey any faster.  So, you better quit it as fast as possible.


2.) Littering at Public Places – Imagine the hard work you put in to clean your houses on Diwali. Now imagine the hard work that will go in cleaning the whole city and then maintaining it that way. Let’s save the government all that effort and avoid littering our city.


3.) Spitting on roads – It is harmful for people who chew tobacco and it’s harmful for the whole city when they spit it out on the roads of our ‘Pink City’.  Quit Spitting in public or even better quit chewing Tobacco.


4.) Ruining government property – Before you take government property for granted remember a lot of your tax money has gone into creating it and a lot more is going to be spent on maintaining it. Hope this will be a reason enough to maintain government property.


5.)  Not contributing to a safer Environment – We are dwellers of the same city and we all owe a responsibility to each other, to make this society a safer place to live in. When we stop ourselves from speaking against any act that is not favorable to the society we become as much responsible for the act as the culprit himself. So let’s raise our voices in favor of well being of our city.


6.) Not caring about public transport – Let’s take a minute and think about the various comforts that have been provided to us in form of public transport. Now that we realize its importance, let’s take a vow to do our bit and maintain the facilities provided to us in exchange for so little.


7.) Not contributing to a peaceful Society – The primary factor to create a better city is to give up on practices that are hindrance in maintaining peace of the city like picking up fights unnecessarily, dropping garbage outside someone else’s house, etc.


8.) No Citizen participation – As much the citizens of a city are aware of their surroundings and participate in the upkeep of their city so much the city is bound to grow.


9.) Breaking the law – By no means is it possible to not follow rules of law and then expect the betterment of the city ? A city’s growth rate is directly proportional to the abidance of law by its citizen.


10.) Practicing intolerance – Accepting people as they are and accepting differences does not only make a city a better place but also makes one a better person. Practicing tolerance comes with its own benefits.


Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is surely a Plusworthy phone

So amidst huge noise and fanfare, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were finally launched on 7th Oct at 7 PM in India. There was unprecedented rush at leading Apple stores with people standing in queues for hours to lay their hands on the latest and supposedly the best iPhone till date. While some were lucky to get it the same day, others were bit disappointed for not getting it on that very day. I was lucky to get my iPhone 7 plus on 8th Oct morning. And was I glad ?



I was using iPhone 6 Plus for last two years which was space grey in color.  I ordered a Silver color for iPhone 7 plus and frankly the first look of the front was just the same. For a while it was difficult to even imagine that this is a new model from Apple. It is only when you flip it to the backside that you see what this is. First is the absence of Antenna lines. The phone is totally clean from the rear side and the most notable difference is the camera, a big camera with two lenses. The top looks the same with no variation; the sides are also similar as in iPhone 6s Plus but there is a huge change at the bottom. There is NO headphone jack and both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus come with stereo speakers.  Both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus comes in Rose Gold, Gold, silver and newly launched Black & super shiny Jet Black. The thickness is just the same and even the weight feels the same. 




Jack of none

Both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus do not come with the headphone jack. This means you cannot use your existing 3.5 mm headphones. But don’t get disheartened as Apple ships these phones with a lightening to 3.5 mm adapter and hence you can connect your old headphones easily with it. The sound quality has improved now with stereo speakers and is also loud enough to be heard in a room. However it takes some time to get used to this as I still find out old iPhone 6 Plus’ ring tone better than this new one. The headphones with this adaptor sound great however there was some hissing sound when the noise reduction was enabled. I have disabled the noise reduction from the headset and now these headphones are sounding much better. Apple is also launching bluetooth wireless headphones called Airpods by the end of this month. 




Apple uses the same 4.7” and 5.5” Retina display in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as was used in 6s series. However the brightness is now increased from max 500 cd/m2 to 625 cd/m2. And seriously this phone comes with some brightness. It’s not possible to keep it with more than 50% brightness as it feels and looks very bright. Viewing in bright sunlight is also quite possible now which was a challenge earlier in my iPhone 6 Plus. But Apple has now made this display slightly towards the warmer side (yellowish) and as a professional photographer I am a bit disappointed with this change. 


 Done and dusted  

Both the models are now splash, dust and water resistant. I have used my iPhone 6 Plus for two years during Pushkar fair in Rajasthan which is extremely dusty. Further, have seen the lens of the same 6 Plus catching moisture in Goa. The new iPhone 7 series will now have no such issue. But that does not mean that you should swim with this phone in your hand 😉

 Processor, Battery and Capacity

The iPhone 7 series comes in the capacity of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. They have discontinued the 64GB model. Apple never discloses the size and specifications of the battery used however both iPhone 7 and 7 plus gets boost in its battery performance. Although I have only used my 7 plus for one day only and hence its battery is yet to be optimized, but still I can very clearly make out that this is definitely far better than my earlier iPhone 6 Plus. And this phone is fast and pretty fast. The iOS 10 works beautifully on iPhone 7 plus and the performance till now is pretty impressive. The iPhone 7 series uses 64-bit A10 processor, which makes its performance way better than its predecessors. 


The biggest improvement of all. This changes the way a smart phone will be perceived from here on. The iPhone 7 series uses the same 12MP camera but that is it. Every thing else changes in this new model. iPhone 7 plus comes with dual wide angle and telephoto cameras at aperture f/1.8 and f/2.8 respectively.  The 7 Plus also comes with 2X optical zoom and digital zoom upto 10X. I tried clicking pictures in various zoom combinations and the result is simply impressive. Not too much distortion happens even when we are using the digital zooms. Both the models come with optical image stabilization. The camera on iPhone 7 plus is a game changer. And for those who want to know, it can capture 4K video @ 30f fps and 1080p video @ 60 fps and comes with 2X optical zoom and 6X digital zoom in video mode as well. 



There are phones and then there are iPhones. With iPhone 7 plus, Apple has once again raised the bar in the premium smart phone category. Yes this phone looks almost like iPhone 6s Plus but what it’s capable of doing is to be seen and experienced. It has bridged the gap between the camera and camcorder by this powerful smart phone. If you can afford it there is not doubt you shouldn’t buy it.


Calzone- A very fine dining experience in Jaipur

Eating out in itself is such a luxury and if you are going out to a place where you already know that you will be treated with lip smacking dishes, well then it becomes even more flattering. This is how one feels when one is dining out at the newly opened restaurant Calzone, Rooftop & Lounge at Vidhyadhar Nagar.


We can definitely guide you through our experience of binging at this amazing restaurant. The restaurant bears a beautiful and tranquil ambience.  The interiors are well planned to maintain the privacy of guests. The seating area is divided beautifully in sections with each section having space for 8 people parted further into half. The décor is contemporary and elegant.

Moving on to food, we began with a mocktail, ‘All Round’ from their party menu; yes they have a different and elaborate menu for people who wish to host parties there. So, if you are planning a birthday party or your next kitty you can definitely count on Calzone.


Next we were served with an assorted platter of starters including Panner Tikka, Hara Bhara Kebabas and Tandoori Aloo. Well we all know that Paneer Tikka and Hara bhara kebabs are everybody’s favorite when it comes to starters. What captured our attention was Tandoori Aloo, which was more like tasty bowls of potato filled with stuffing of paneer. Well the starters were appetizing enough to leave us wanting for more.


While waiting for our main course we learned from their general manager that Calzone has just opened up 3 months back and is getting a huge response. Pretty soon, as if in answer to our greedy bellies’ desire we were served with Chinese main course consisting delicious Fried Rice and Chilly Paneer.


As they say, keep the best for the last. After having such a scrumptious meal we were not in a position to have more. But then we saw sizzling brownies with vanilla ice cream atop served on a wooden platter coming towards us and we just couldn’t say no. Well whatever you may have desserts always end up winning the first place in the whole menu.


We definitely had a sizzling end to our meal and we are sure that you will have the same experience once you visit Calzone. Don’t wait for it.