5 Rajasthani Folk Dance Performances that Rocked Delhi Airport in ‘Spread The Light’ Campaign this Diwali

Dance is a form of celebration and the folk dances that are deeply rooted in our tradition always make celebrations lively and colorful. Probably this was exactly what was on the mind of organizers of #Spread The light event that took place at Delhi Airport. Let us give you a view of how our folk dances enhanced this event 🙂

  1. Ghoomar – One of the most well known folk dances of our state, Ghoomar is a dance performed by women through various hand movements, while forming circles. Ghoomar is a dance of celebration done mostly on festive occasions.

2. Bhavai – A folk dance that is performed by men and women, balancing a number of brass pitchers or earthen pots on their heads while they balance themselves on a brass plate.

3. Tera Tali – Tera Tali is another famous folk dance which women perform wearing a lot of cymbals in different parts of their body.

4. Kalbeliya – While all other folk dances of the state are performed wearing colorful and beautiful skirts and blouses, women performing Kalbeliya wear black Skirts and blouses. This dance is mostly performed by tribe of the same name, Kalbeliya.

5. Chari – Chari, another dance performed by women in groups, is called so because of the women dancers carrying a chari (pots) on their head while performing this dance form.

Hope these performances have put you back into mood of celebration 😉

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