With Demonetization, comes the new face of Jaipur!

It is almost 20 days and we all are struggling with Demonetization effects. Undoubtedly, the normal life is now NOT so normal. We could sense little unrest amongst the citizens; some struggling with long ATM queue, some due to wedding at home, for some it is loss of business season, some busy with ‘parking money’ safely: P, for some it is a big struggle to get acquainted with digitalization.

Let’s see how our city Jaipur is affected by this-

  1. Biggest Jewelry Show JJS Cancellation-

Jewelry is synonymous to Jaipur but it too has lost its sheen with the sudden cancellation of one of the most spectacular show in entire Asia- Jaipur Jewellery Show. The show’s 14th edition was scheduled for 23-26 Dec 2016 where 750 plus booths were supposed to exhibit their stalls. A big time loss for entire Jewellery industry. Though the show is of Jewellers an elite segment of the society but there are many dwellers of the city that are employed under this sector and they are the one who are hard hit. Majority of International tourists flock in to witness this amazing show but unfortunately this year it is not going to happen.


2. The Awkward Silence in the Bazaars of Jaipur

Always buzzing Johri Bazaar of Jaipur suddenly lost its charm and one could sense the awkward silence pervaded in this area. The vacant roads are telling some sad story, which Jaipur is not, used to grasp.



3. No More a home for Destination Weddings

When it comes to vivid and a versatile royal wedding in India, Jaipur is nowhere behind with best wedding venues but this year not only the place has lost the label but there is a drastic slow down in the entire wedding sector.
Traders in the wedding business have been equally hit by the crisis. From caterers to decorators; florists to beautician to daily laborers of this industry all got a real hard blow.

Chomu Palace.jpg

4. Season’s Sabse Sasti Sabzi

Sunday Morning witnessed fewer crowd in mandi. There was drastic cut down on the rates in vegetable markets and in major mandis of Jaipur, Sabji walas were ready to even offer credit and some how wanted customers to “over buy” the vegetables as the stock at the end of the day is almost like a loss for them. They confessed that there is a sharp drop in the sales but were overall happy and were ready to wait for some more time as they felt this is right step.

sabji mandi.jpg
Mandi Near Laxmi Mandir

 5. The Emerging New Tag Lines

Well, you can’t stay out of business for a lengthier time. The leading news papers of the city comes with latest advertisements of multiple brands with new tag lines to attract customers. So even if you don’t have cash at least these ads allow you to take some easy breathe 🙂

tag lines.jpg

6. Say No to “Padharo Mharo Desh’

With changing logo of Rajasthan Tourism, the time has changed too. We are no longer greeting guests like earlier. The city hotels that are expected to be in full occupancy during this time of the year have already received many cancellations from national and international tourist.

Not to miss- Jaipur is one such city where more than locals, tourists are seen on the streets during the peak season! But unfortunately not this year 😦




 7. Long ATM Queue

During winter months, normally people used to linger on Gajak shops or Kachori shops in Jaipur but the demonetization effect, one can witness more crowd at ATM’s. It’s more than 20 days but there is no end to queues.



8. Deserted Roads and Empty Restaurants

Always brimming with heavy traffic, the famous JLN, MI Roads of the city gave a deserted look on Saturdays’ and Sunday’s. The city restaurants where getting a table are a tough fight on a usual weekend was waiting for guests to serve.

jln9. Major Cash Crunch

On one end where everyone is struggling with cash crunch and cutting down even the smallest need but on the hand other there is sudden influx on Petrol pumps and Liquor shops. The best time to stock it up: P

All said and done, the move Demonization has hit every one from middleman to elite class in one or the other way. But overall the move is welcomed by one and all as every Jaipurite is against Black Money and corruption.

A real test time for all and awaiting some relaxation from standing in long queues for our hard earned money. Not to forget, the impact does not affect just one person or one industry but it passes through all of us even to those people who were never meant to be targeted by this move.

Jaipur faces real test now.





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