The Silver Haven in Jaipur that is still a secret!


When one counts and lists all the incredible bazaars of Jaipur, one market which is often forgotten but one that we can’t stop gushing about is the Chameliwala market of Jaipur.
Enjoying the warm embrace of sun on a sunny winter afternoon, as you walk past some of the oldest and the biggest restaurants, bakeries and Jewelry shops in town on MI road, well fed and happy with life, we were suddenly intrigued by this small derelict board proclaiming ‘Chameliwala Market’. Right opposite the Nawab Kallan Khan Mosque, abutting a petrol pump is this blink- n- miss lane that does not give a clue to the haven it is about to lead you to.


In Picture: Balaji Silvercrafts
As you reach the end of the lane, shops displaying their bejeweled wares in glass windows start appearing on either side. The lane gives way to an open area with multiple shops and a maze of lanes leading to undiscovered wonders. With intricately hand-crafted necklaces, rings, bangles, traditional Taaviz, Hansli, Bajubandh, Rakhri, Mandli, Kangan, Kadi, Choker, Rose-water-sprinklers, traditional hookas, decorative Itardans, Pandaans, Sarotas, for cutting beetle-nuts and many more arte-facts in all things silver, surround you from all sides. Big and small shops, some many storied some on high plinths and a few even in basements are laden with thousands of beautiful treasures that this market holds. Silver traditional jewelry, tribal jewelry, Tibetan jewelry, Contemporary pieces, big chunky pieces, small delicate and intricate pieces detailed in meenakari, gem laden silver ornaments, pure silver kaarigari, you will find them all here.
Rajasthan has been traditionally known for its silver fetish and kaarigari. With both men as well as women in villages donning the same, there are as many as 30-40 kinds of special silver Jewelry pieces each with its unique name worn by Rajasthanis to adorn various parts of the human body.


This market also has specialized shops dealing with only precious & semi- precious gem stones, from Amethysts, to Rubies, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, Rose quartz, Turquoise, Agate, Coral, Sapphire, Emeralds , Pearls, you name a gem stone and you will be pointed towards shops which specializes in it and more.
Idols completely handcrafted in silver, enameled in meenakari, studded or entirely carved in precious-semi precious stones, this market is actually Jaipur’s wholesale silver and gems stone market with their wares being supplied all across Jaipur, India and overseas.


Even though it is a wholesale market, it is also a fun DIY (do it yourself) market for buying and creating customized Silver jewelry as you can go to specialized shops to buy raw gem stones, and then go to the next shop to get it dressed, faceted etched or cut in a particular way and another to have it set in your favorite silver ring, necklace or bangle to match your clothes or design.
A silver haven with hundreds of silver and gemstone shops, you can spend an entire day going through this market and discover treasures you couldn’t imagine. This is one Jaipur bazar is your one-stop-shop for all thing silver. Shop to your heart’s content, Jaipur.

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